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Question for those who post on this site...?

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  • Question for those who post on this site...?

    Hi all.. I'm a regular visiter to this site.. Don't post often, as sadly I rarely have much to say that would be of interest!.. But I've been here since the early 'Green & Black' days (for those who remember that!) And can also remember when the links page looked like it was a swimming pool...I'm sure there are one or two here who can remember those days too! (Aloo? Do you go back that far?!)

    Anyway, wasn't here to reminisce..!

    I just wanted to ask the forum why the photo boards seem so very dead?... There seems to have only been one post since August, and that a reply thanking the only other poster from this year!

    For instance, no drunken wettings have been shared since December 2022!.. Are girls not getting drunk anymore?!

    Or, are all the pictures being posted somewhere else?...

    Just wondering...

    As a long term visiter, I'll finish by saying thank you to all of those regular posters who have kept this site alive.. Thank you to WetSet for creating the space in the first place, and for continuing to host it.. When I fist went on line, all those years ago, when Noah had a Myspace page, there were zero options in the world if you wanted to find the kind of content that is on here. You were very much alone and thinking that no one else was like you at all...so this has been a safe haven to visit all that time, and although I don't contribute often, I am always grateful to those who do...

    Thanks Wet community!

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    Hi Ridcully,

    I also remember the old black and green forum. I think I've been her since 1996 or something. I wonder if this old forum design still exists? I think the design was based on the Usenet format.

    I also would like to thank Wet Set for making all this possible. I've always felt at home here, although I don't interact much. I'm not a native English speaker and try to slow down my busy live a bit by staying away from the Internet and streaming media as much as possible. And yes, finding out that I was not alone with this interest was also a relieve for me, although I knew these fetishes existed from a book by Nancy Friday I found in the main city library. It included some reactions from readers about witnessing pee accidents, diapers and plastic pants.

    I think the photo-board is almost dead, because you can post images on the regular board too. I often post some screenshots from the content I post, for example. Plus there are so many other image and video sources, these days.

    Let's keep the board alive!
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      Hi Ridcully, I do indeed go back that far and thanks for remembering me! The green and black days seem so recent, yet so long ago…

      I was a bit later than some onto the forum. In the summer of the Y2K I was a 16 year old living at home in the UK and my parents got the internet for the first time. That old dial up tone… I was just finished with school, just starting sixth form and not many years grown out of adolescent bedwetting at that age. I didn’t realise at the time that I would soon discover I wasn’t totally done with the habit, as sixth form meant an introduction to underage drinking (considered very normal in UK culture back then, not sure if it still is). The results were frequently the same on a Saturday morning.

      i think it was something around bed wetting which I initially asked Jeeves, unaware it would open up this whole new online world to me. Not even sure what prompted me to check whether the internet was familiar with wet pants, but I did and never looked back. It wasn’t actually Wetset which I found first, it was the old Skymouse forum, but it wasn’t long before I found my way here.

      I don’t recall posting much in the early days but I definitely remember being relieved to discover I wasn’t the “only one” who either did it or liked it, and enjoyed the postings of others. Napoleon III and his weird obsession with Britney Spears which did actually throw up some rather suspicious looking photos from genuine fan sites.

      For me the peak years were somewhere around 2005… webshots, early YouTube, and I was a 21 year old student so I had time to search for myself and it was a time of vast quantities of content, with little thought for security.

      Whilst I’m sure that drunk girls still wet themselves just as frequently as they did 15 years ago, the introduction of Facebook, Snapchat etc has taken much of the content away from public viewing, although both Twitter and TikTok has provided periods of renewed public postings on the topic. Alas adulthood eventually caught up with me and now married with young children, my spare time for internet searching is far less than it used to be.

      Hopefully the board will continue long into the future and big thanks to Lawrence for keeping it active with his posts.



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        Originally posted by Aloo View Post
        . Napoleon III and his weird obsession with Britney Spears...
        Oh my.. I had forgotten about him!

        And I do agree that 2004 - 2006 was probably the peak of activity, searchable in an easy way...

        And if you are married with kids, then I applaud you for remaining as active as you have been!..