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Petting Fluffy (the cat?)

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  • Petting Fluffy (the cat?)

    Cute little modern era erotic/ romance story?
    Ages are whatever you want them to be.. but generally you need to be 18 to legally get a tattoo - so there is that. If you live somewhere it isn't go nuts and think whatever you like.

    Petting Fluffy
    A boy and his pet cat fluffy meet a girl with something in common.


    Mike had an annoying sister, not much different in age, his mother had pretty much fallen pregnant not long after the first of them was born. Newly weds at the time.. probably went at it like rabbits. Not really unusual, he was old enough to understand such things, and young enough not to want to think about it. Both siblings attended a community college chasing prerequisites for higher education, although it was the weekend at the moment so Mike was doing his two favourite things - Playing video games on his handheld console, and absently playing with his senile old pet cat fluffy under the coffee table with his foot. The cat was sitting on the couch across busy batting playfully at his toe, and mock biting his sock. Ye Mike can multitask. Apparently a rare skill these days. Maybe he should become a drummer.

    Mike was feeling rather smug all told. He had grabbed a game from the console's online store that was so unpopular it had been given away free this week as a promotion. The reviews hated the game, it had a rating so low, that it appeard to have been universally down voted. The few streamers even trying the game all gave up before even completing the tutorial - which you couldn't advance in the game before finishing. The game was considered brutally difficult.. to the point the consensus was it was probably an unbeatable bug so literally nobody ever played it now. There was no word from the publisher so it was assumed abandoned.

    The thing was tho, the game had an M rating. Which was unusual as it was a jRPG top down style anime game, sure it had combat but it was so cartoonish it was laughable. Another thing people hated was the game took up altogether too much space on the limited storage of the handheld console. That was apparently the final straw for most people. Mike didn't really care - all his other games were on cartridges, and he only downloaded this one as it was free so it was not like he needed the space for anything.

    The reason he was feeling so smug was the intro video at the start of the game, the thing most players skipped; was way too overproduced. The game was top down, cartoon graphics, but the cut scenes were like a 4k hollywood blockbuster. He had actually watched it, and noticed something most people overlooked. In the background was several features that looked exactly like features found in the game dark souls. Also turning up the contrast on the screen also revealed some female characters tucked away in a corner of a scene wearing an outfit that was quite revealing, they only flashed up for a second but he spotted them.

    Most jRPG's typically take up at best 45mb, this one took up 45gigabytes, a thousand times the space. Considering the intro video.. it was probably all cut scenes. What if those sexy characters pop up later?

    So he was curious. He was young, single, straight and male. How could he not be. Plus in a shared household it was not like he could just jump on a device and watch porn. He had to get sexy eye candy where he could. For one the only device he had was this console, the internet on it was deliberately limited by the maker to make it impossible to see anything interesting. They had a shared household computer in the living room, but using that to look up erotic entertainment was not really an option either, the screen faced the hall, and either his sister or parents would have noticed.

    Not so impossible game..

    At first he found the game just as impossible as everyone else. But then it occured to him.. had the top down view been throwing him off.. what if the dark soul references in the cut scene was more than just artistic licence? He had spent a summer trying to beat Dark souls once.. he failed like most people, but he still got pretty far. On a whim he restarted the jRPG tutorial but this time tried the other keys in various combinations. They didn't seem to do anything.. until the tutorial directed him to collect an item. A trivial thing, which to all appearance was simply the tutorial to show the item indicator. After collecting it, he noticed his anime character now twitched when one of the shoulder buttons was pressed.

    This made him wonder. Next the tutorial moved him to the first combat encounter, the one everybody gave up at (it was literally unbeatable, as the enemy would one shot kill you) instead of just running back and forth at the enemy smashing the sword attack key like most players, he ran at the enemy, attacked and instead of running back when the enemy went to swing at him, he hit the shoulder button. The character twitched. The enemy rebounded back, and his character took next to no damage. It was a block or shield feature of some sort! He attacked again - watching with glee as the enemy health bar dropped, then blocked again. He did this a few more times until he messed up and took a one shot death again from the NPC. He tried again and managed to wittle down the enemy health until he beat it the second time.

    Sexy videos!?

    This triggered a brief cutscene; which apparently nobody else had seen; of his character in 4k photo realistic live action video battling, blocking and defeating the enemy. His contrast was still turned up so he also noticed a girl in the dark background standing on a balcony watching. You could see up her skirt. Painfully bright white knickers.. which at normal contrast level simply looked like a background light. The scene panned over and zoomed into the "light" and faded back to the game world again. Except with his contrast up what he actually saw was the camera zooming up her skirt to a glorious high quality pair of white knickers with a cameltoe and a wet spot. At normal contrast it would have looked like a street light with a filament. They had applied some diffuse light filter. Oh sneaky. He liked this game. They used real people for the cut scenes.

    This moved him to the next part of the tutorial, navigating some unusual environment, to collect another item. It took him a few tries as he had to avoid hazards to progress - which meant he had to sit through the cut scene a few times.. as the game had saved the moment he defeated the enemy; it would replay the cut scene each time he died in the tutorial. After so much close up panty shots his pants were feeling tight.. but he was now very motivated to reach whatever the next cut scene was.

    He was so motivated by the game and teasing his cat under the coffee table that he didn't immediately notice his sister Gloria walk in with her friend Cherry. After a few annoyed clearing of throats he paused the game and looked up at her. With a clearly irritated look at the cat taking up prime real estate on the couch, Gloria berated him, "Geezus Mike, if you used even half the time you waste on video games and playing with your cat on going out - you would probably have a girlfriend by now." Mike glanced apologetically at her friend Cherry. For some reason she had a thoughtful expression on her face.

    Gloria paused her tirade a moment to eye the console, then muttered under her breath, "if you spent that much time on her she'd probably have married you before the year was out.." Mike gave her a withering look and poked his tongue out at her, then returned his gaze to the console. Before he could unpause the game, Gloria stalked over and pushed the screen down angrily and annouced, "Cherry and I are going to watch a movie in here, if that is ok with you.." Mike looked up. From the look on her face it wasn't a question. He shrugged, "Whatever, fine with me"

    Gloria turned again to give the cat a glare, then grabbed the remote, killed the lights in the room and moved to a chair over to the side to turn the TV on and mess with the buttons until the movie she wanted loaded. Mike returned his attention to the game, which was self illuminating and gave it no more thought; just turned the screen contrast down slightly to suit the darker room.

    Cherry appeared to have moved to the couch next to his cat, but in the shadows and with his focus on the game he really didn't notice what she did.

    He returned his foot to teasing the cat on the couch from under the table and concentrated on working his way to the second item in the game.

    Wait.. the elves are doing what?

    Collecting the item triggered another cut scene. A couple of elf characters dressed in skimpy leather roman style skirt armour were in an arena circling around each other. The first one was the same girl from the balcony. She jumped and the other elf rolled out of the way. Another dark souls reference. The roll move. The next part of the game required rolling around avoiding traps and such, he discovered the other shoulder button triggered a roll move now. He failed a few times and had to sit through the elf cut scene a few times.

    He blinked with surprise and paid closer attention to the cut scene. It was only 3 seconds long so easy to miss. He dialed the contrast back up to full, getting a frustrated groan from his sister in response to the light. The main menu had an option to replay unlocked cut scenes; so he loaded it. Then watched the cut scene again. It was still too fast to really see much - but the replay feature had a slow motion, zoom, and pan option too. He used them.

    The first elf jumped foward, when the second elf rolled out the way, he was rewarded with a view up her leather skirt - which at normal contrast would have been obscured by shadow. Not with it turned up. Brown thong knickers. Cute creamy white bare ass. The crotch was darkened and after the 3rd replay he realised, with the help of zooming - they were soaking wet. Not just that, but from the looks of it, the effort of rolling had made her piss herself, a couple lines of liquid could be seen rolling off the interior of the leather skirt and thrown into the air by the athletic move. Nasty. He also noticed that the first elf having missed her target was now on her arms and knees on the ground, and for a moment you could see up her skirt too. Tanned skin. No tan lines, and no white underwear now either. Holy shit!. He paused and zoomed in on that right away. No hair either.

    Wow. This game rocks.

    He was surprised this game was even allowed on the console - but if nobody ever turned up the contrast, used the slo mo replay option, or could even beat the first tutorial; it would never be noticed. The video was so high quality that zooming in the replay gave photo quality detail, and with the contrast up you could see everything.

    It was basically pornography! His pants definately felt tight now.

    He resumed the game and this time managed to actually finish the tutorial. This triggered another cut scene set a moment after the elf scene. The two elves were again squaring off.. thunder raging overhead. The rolling elf was now standing, bouncing on her toes, with her legs apart waiting for the other elf to attack again. The other was glaring at her restlessly moving the sword back and forth between her hands as the camera circled around the outside of the arena to the flashes of lightning.

    Except with the contrast still up high, Mike could see that the girl bouncing on her toes actually had twin streams of pee - one running down the inside of her leg, the other falling free in the gap between her legs to pool together on the ground.. which was already pretty wet anyway, from the a storm raging in the sky.

    The camera panned the entire way around the arena once then the elves started clashing swords in a flurry of moves and strikes. Then an old man walked in with a staff, banged the ground and directed them to stop. The camera swung behind the elves showing the old man centre scene framed by both elves legs in an artful low angle shot.

    "Good", he grunts in a parody of every martial arts movie ever made, then both elves bow almost to the ground. Stalking off the screen to be replaced by a young adventurer walking in who consults the old man, who hands him the staff, then the camera follows the adventurer out into the world. The scene fades to the two elves sitting on a wall in the background waving at him as he walks down a stone path in the foreground.

    With the contrast up high however the scene played out a lot differently. When the camera circled the arena you could see up both girls skirts at it passed behind them. As the camera moved behind the girl with no underwear - the folds of her pink swinging labia skin was clearly visible, a single streamer of arousal forming a wet drip on one lip and across from her between her legs you could see the other girl had an obvious stream of pee falling between her legs in the background.

    Zoom zoom and more zoom

    In the replay screen Mike found he could zoom right in between her legs and see her clearly pissing her knickers. WOW. As the camera then swung around behind that girl - drips were still falling from her brown panty crotch between her legs, although the stream had ran dry by that point. The angle gave a nice siloutte of the cameltoe caused by her wet labia lips on her pissy fabric - which he could zoom right in on until it filled the entire screen. It became transparent in the slow motion with each flash of lightning too.

    Mikes cat was getting more aggressive than usual too. He had paused his toe teasing while he zoomed in on the slow motion crotch replay. In the dark fluffy started biting and pulling at his toe until he started wiggling his foot again. Dribbling on him too apparently, the toe of his sock felt wet now. Gah.

    He advanced the cutscene in slow motion some more. The elves were jumping around and there was numerous flashes up their skirt, and a few wardrobe malfunctions where nipples popped out or skirts rode up. No bra. In one particular scene that had simply been a momentary blur at normal speed and contrast, the slow motion revealed that the girl in the wet underwear had pinned the other girl on the ground with her wet ass on her face, and somehow during the attempt to escape the hilt of her two handed sword ended up sliding deep into the vagina of the girl with no underwear like a giant dildo. Actually oddly enough the frame rate was so high that in slow motion it literally looked like the girl was fucking the other girl with the handle, sliding in and out at least 10 times. The fight scene itself must have been sped up to make it blurry, but they left all the extra frames in. When her hold was finally broken, the girl with the wet underwear's knicker crotch had somehow slid to the side exposing her vagina to the camera, and the other girl was licking her lips like she had been eating her out the whole time in a 69. The hilt of the sword was shiny with wet too, either from sex juices or lube applied off camera. Dirty girls.

    There was no mistake this time, the cut scenes were literally soft core porn - but you couldn't tell unless you turned up the contrast and played it in slow motion. Mike was actually impressed they had somehow managed to sneak this onto the app store of the game console.

    The cutscene in slow motion from here played out almost the same, except the lightning revealed their breasts more as the armour didn't really cover them much and it was only shadow that gave the illusion they covered them at all. In high contrast you could see the nipples. The tip of the old mans staff too, never standing still enough to be obvious at normal speed - was carved in the shape of a penis. Or was literally a dildo attached to it. When the scene reached where the elves stood side by side facing the old man, zooming between either girls legs gave a full screen view of their crotches in photo detail. The tide mark on the brown knickers was very obvious, as was the fact they had slid to the side, and you had a clear view of both girls naked vaginas. Both seemed quite wet, and not from sweat, rain or pee. Class.

    These girls were horny.

    What really was the cherry on top was when both girls bowed you had completely exposed view of both of their asses and assholes. The skirts rode up entirely. No longer in shadow high contrast meant you could also see up both their vaginas somewhat too. The labia lips of the girl with no knickers seemed to have opened up somewhat.. and you could see how horny she was from the redness, lip separation and wetness. Also she had a little black buttplug up her asshole. Mike missed that entirely in the other scenes. With the contrast at normal it would all have simply been blacked out in shadow.

    Whoever made this game was really sneaky. Next the scene where they leave and the other man enters - In normal contrast it was backlit and just in shadow, but brightened the back of both girls skirts had ridden up and they were fondling each others exposed asses as they stalked off screen when the adventurer character walked into frame. The girl with no underwear appeared to have her hand in the back of the other girls brown knickers and seemed to be fingering her asshole. Zooming showed it in photo detail.


    The fade to black scene as the adventurer sets out held some secrets too. Zooming in on the girls revealed neither had underwear on now, you could zoom right in to both their vaginas and they started fingering each other just as the scene faded to black.

    WOW! Mike loved this game. The next level of the game started, and in the cartoony graphics the two elves jump off the wall and start following in a line behind the main character in the age old jRPG party style as he explores the map.

    OH.. this could prove interesting.. each cut scene seemed to be more daring than the prior.. and that dildo staff had some possibilities..

    Wait.. its dangerous to go alone..

    Fluffy was still being annoying, if he didn't move his foot enough the cat started biting at him until he did.. except... when he looked at the floor fluffy was sitting right next to his other foot purring and rubbing his ankle. So what pussycat was playing with his other foot.. Mike glanced furtively around his console. Gloria over to the side was distracted watching the TV, and Cherry... she was on the couch across from him watching the TV just as distracted as Gloria. Mike leaned forward just enough to see over the far edge of the coffee table.. his foot was between Cherrys legs! He kept peeking long enough to stop moving his foot a moment. Cherry responded by pulling her skirt back, exposing wet cotton knickers and reaching a hand in to claw at his toe with her fingernails until he started moving it again.. in a pretty good facimile to the sensation fluffy caused when play biting him.

    Holy shit, his sisters friend was pretending to be his pet cat to trick him into rubbing her pussy with his foot! Thinking back he wondered how this happened. Just after his sister had been yelling at him, Cherry had sat down in the dark.. perhaps she had pushed his cat off.. and without realising he had started rubbing her with his foot instead? Presumably she had not objected to the intimate contact and not wanting to interrupt it started pretending to be his cat?

    Lucky the room was dark, his pants were not only tight but painfully tenting now. Mike tried to return his attention to the game, but couldnt get his mind away from what his foot was currently rubbing against. Instead he covertly focused on moving it with more purpose against Cherry's wet crotch while pretending to play his game. She responded a few times with some half hearted pinching of his toe if he went "off target" and she started panting a little. He peeked at her face when enough light was thrown by the TV. Her face was red, her eyes half closed with a depraved look on her face, trying her best to pay attention to the TV.


    She started grinding back at his foot in a way that would have made it obvious his foot was rubbing a vagina had he not noticed already by now. Obviously panting, she closed her eyes and made a clipped moaning sound, which his sister Gloria mistook for a fearful squeek at something on the TV. "Oh come on Cherry it wasn't that scary..", observed Gloria. Cherry muttered some non-commital reply to Gloria, thinking not being high on her list of priorities that exact second. Mike couldnt resist snikering. Gloria glared at him long enough to snarkily say, "Get a girlfriend Mike.." Mike looked at her and poked his tongue at her again until she stopped looking at him. He noticed Cherry again regarding him out of the corner of his eye at his sisters remark.. he pretended to focus on his console and not notice.

    Mikes sock seemed a lot more wet now, it was making an audible sloppy wet sound as it rubbed Cherry now. She seemed to be winding her grinding down, clearly she had just wetly orgasmed.. all over his foot.

    Mike kept looking at the game screen, moving his foot in a playful way like he still thought the cat was there.

    Cherry having apparently recovered her wits seemed reluctant to stop him rubbing her, but with a sigh she sat up, extracted herself from his foot, stood; then play acted shooing his cat off the couch. Cherry asked about a drink, and Gloria waved in the general direction of the kitchen with some comment about soda in the fridge. Fluffy, who was actually on the floor next to my other leg at the time gave her a purplexed look, meowed then wandered over to curl up in the warm spot Cherrys warm ass had a moment ago been occupying on the couch and promptly took a nap. Mike spent the entire time pretending not to notice. Cherry legitimately thought she had gotten away with getting off on Mikes foot, thinking he mistook her for his cat the entire time.

    A very smug cat ate canary look on her face as she walked into the kitchen.

    Cherry returned a moment later with three drinks, handing one to Gloria, Mike, and keeping one herself. This time she did sit to the side on the couch. This put her to the side of the coffee table, which meant much to his amusement he now had a view up her short skirt to her sticky knickers. Not that he could see much unless there was a lot of bright light in a scene on the TV. He sipped the drink thoughtfully; stealing peeks every now again until he grew bored and ran out of soda.

    What game was i playing again..

    Returning his attention to his game he found a village, where talking to some elder triggered another innocent looking cutscene of his character kneeling in front of the elder talking about a quest, the staff resting lengthwise across his knees. Presumably his elf companions off to the side in the shadows, a slight profile of the sides of their heads showing in the shadows. By all appearances the pair seem to be standing with their back to each other in the side lines.

    Brightened and played in slow motion however, revealed both elves at each end of the staff Ass fucking themselves on it in the shadows. Jesus H Christ. So much for softcore. Both girls had busy fingers on their clits, but from the camera angle only the end of the staff sliding in and out of their asses was in any detail when zoomed. He could just make out mirrors at each end of the movie set tilted at the camera so he could see between the girls legs as they masturbated while they ass fucked the staff. The mirrors were tastefully incorporated into the movie set, even if their purpose was less than tasteful. Must have had one hell of a cutscene budget. He could zoom in on the mirrors but it was slightly out of focus. The ends of the staff however he could make out every detail on. It zoomed in enough for either girls asshole to fill the entire console screen. By the end of the cutscene both girls were leaking something wet on the ground between their legs. He could just make out the valley of their labia's below the staff penetrating them. Hard to say what, arousal, or simply fucking the piss out of themselves - but hot as fuck regardless. In the fuzzy mirror he could see it squirt out every few thrusts whichever girl he zoomed in on.

    Best game ever.

    Time for a break

    His sister and her friend kept watching their movie as Mike 'gamed', a while later his sister, who had been squirming for a while now; paused the movie and ran off to the toilet, the soda having made its prescence known. Cherry shrugged and waited, while Mike grabbed the empty glasses and took them to the kitchen to rinse them off. The running water sound reminding him that he too needed to pee.

    Must have had the same effect on Cherry too.

    When he returned Cherry was gone too, she was in the hall next to the bathroom dancing about grabbing at her crotch. He got a few flashes of her knickers too. Nice.

    He took the moment to remove his soaking wet sock. It had been fresh from the hamper when he sat down.. now it looked like a bucket of water had been dumped on it. He sniffed it. It smelt lightly of sex and slightly of saline. Damn that girl was wet. Lucky the couch was leather, no stain showed. He pulled off the other dry sock and tossed them both in the washing machine and headed towards the bathroom after he head a flush and the sink water running.

    Gloria passed him in the hall and poked a tongue at him on the way past. Mike rolled his eyes and continued down the hall to the bathroom. No sign of Cherry tho. She must have already gone to the toilet too. Ugh he really needed to pee badly now.

    The door was ajar, so he pushed it open, closed it behind him and locked it. Stepping around the shower stall to the toilet.

    He stopped in shock.

    Cherry was sitting on the seat with her legs wide open, skirt pulled up - urinating. She hadn't heard him come in, and her eyes were closed. He hadn't heard the sound of her pee because it was running down the side of the inside of the toilet silently. That wasn't the biggest surprise however.. with her skirt pulled up he could see she had a word in neat script tattood below her belly button just above her pubic hair. "Fluffy" he would have laughed at the obvious cooncidence, he had a cat called fluffy and Cherry called her pussy fluffy.. but Cherry it seems - had entirely forgotten to remove her sticky cotton knickers before sitting to pee.. and the reason her eyes were closed was she appeared to be lost in her own little world with a hand down her knickers rubbing herself as she pissed herself.

    Mike held his breath and didnt make a sound as he watched. Wow.

    Her rubbing was starting to make her squirm, presumably she was making progress - her knickers too wet to effectively direct the flow in her excited state started splashing randomly to hit the water in the bowel directly, the sound reminding Mike quite painfully he really needed to pee too, and right now.

    This was a problem as he could also feel the early tingles of his penis going hard at the view - that felt even more uncomfortable. When the dripping sound nearly caused him to have an accident in his own pants.. he pulled them open in a panic to pull his penis out.. he almost didn't make it. The moment it was free it sprayed - hitting the crotch of Cherrys pissy cotten knickers. Mike froze in horror - but she was apparently too lost in her own little erotic world to notice - the sensation simply blended in with her own bladder's warm flow through the fabric and the feeling of her rubbing fingers.

    He could see her fingers speeding up, and both of their flows began to stop. Hers stopped first, which is why at that moment confused as to why she could still feel pee running down her knickers she opened her eyes to look. She was well beyond the point of clear thinking at this point, being too close to whatever orgasm she was building to.. and her reaction was not to stop, tell him off or otherwise object.. but instead to speed up her rubbing, lean forward, grab the base of his shaft and pull Mikes still dripping and rapidly hardening penis into her mouth to start noisily slurping away at it enthusiasticly, like it was some tasty treat. She was clearly very inexperienced at head jobs but her enthusiasm kept it interesting enough it worked just fine.

    Mike mouthed the words "oh fuck.." as the sensation soon chased any other thoughts from his head too.. the pair of them noisily and wetly getting off a short while later.. she kept slurping until his penis stopped twitching, and he realised with shock she had sucked it all down and swallowed it too.

    Cherry sat back on the seat, a hand still sitting limply in her dripping knickers and closed her eyes to sigh happily.

    Mike, totally shellshocked sank down onto the ground, and just stared between her legs for a few seconds.

    "So...", he began.. lost for words. "So..", answered Cherry finally opening her eyes, her eyelids still showing a satisfied droop to regard him through the slit in her eyelids. She glanced down from his face, (which was at a very interesting level indeed right now - level with her crotch) down between Mike's legs, where his half hard penis was still showing. "...I hear you are single? So am I, You looking to change that?", she finished.

    Mike, eyes still glued between her legs mumbled, "..maybe?" She wasn't all that much different in age to him, and now that he thought of her as more than just his sisters friend, she was quite cute.. well he liked the look of her crotch certainly. Cherry pulled her hand free of her knickers, and looked at it. Trying to be non-chelont she asked, "...so give me a reason, should we hook up?" Tiring of staring at her sticky fingers, Cherry slipped them in her mouth to suck them clean then froze.. oops.. was that too much? She had been so distracted in her excitement she had just automatically done it.

    Mike opened and closed his mouth, unsure what to say, then when he saw her dirty hand go in her mouth, and her face go deathly pale.. he did the first thing that popped in his head. He leant forward, hooked his finger on her crotch elastic, pulled it aside with one hand, and with the other used his thumb and forefinger to spread open her pissy labia, to wrap his lips around her tainted cliterous and suck. She was so aroused at the moment it was peeking cutely from her cliteral hood a little. He tickled it with the tip of his tongue.

    The pet name for her vagina was appropriate too, she had the cutest fine fluffy hair between the tattoo and her cliteral hood. It tickled his nose.

    He kept sucking and teasing with his tongue until she was squirming nicely and he could no longer taste her pee. Then he stopped and leant back to look up at her with puppy dog eyes. Her eyes were closed again and she was panting nicely. Her breasts heaving up and down excitedly with each breath.

    She cracked open her eyes again, and wimpered, "don't stop.." trying to keep a straight face he kept looking up at her, and asked innocently, "Well? should we?" she grunted with frustration, and thrust her wet crotch at his face, and tried, somewhat unsucessfully to pull her knickers off. Mike reached up and helped slide them off to the floor, she lowered her crotch to remove her feet from the knickers and kick them with annoyance across the bathroom, then opened her knees and pulled his face between them.

    Mike gave her a few slow licks and teased her opening with a finger, then looked up again, in defiance of her insistant hands on the back of his head. "Well?", he teased. She had the most depraved look of need on her face looking down at him. He slipped his finger inside her vagina, meeting some slight resistance which his finger slid around with some exploring inside. She gasped and went pale.. but kept the depraved look. He curled his finger and tickled her inside, and took a few more teasing licks of her cliterous.

    She whispered something. "Whats that?", he asked with a grin, rubbing her with more confidence inside and giving her a few alternating sucks and licks. This time she mumbled a bit louder. He leant in and gave her a couple of painfully slow licks up the entirety of her labia then paused again - a finger still inside. She whispered a little louder, "yes". Mike gently sucked her clit again, until she started panting again, then gently slid a second finger inside, managing to get it too past the resistance(he was pretty sure she was a virgin at this point so was trying to be gentle) - curling it around to match the first, then pressed and thrust the fingers at a spongy section inside on the top.

    Cherry skipped a few breaths, so Mike sucked her clit while circling it with his tongue tip and pressing the same spot inside her. "Yes", she said again, a little louder, her eyes closing almost to slits as she watched him between her legs on the toilet. He stopped sucking again, "Sorry, didn't catch that?", Mike teased then leant in again and went all out sucking licking and circling her cliterous and labia with his mouth and tongue while getting more insistent with his invading fingers, this time she started moaning loudly, "Ok Yes, Oh god yes, YES".. he paused long enough to grin up at her, then said, "So.. I take that as a yes then?" he laughed, she gave him a filthy look (the good kind) and nodded at him enthusiastically so he leant in to start working her with his mouth and fingers again, this time he didn't stop.

    His fingers were making her jump a little with each thrust, and he was pretty sure he was hitting a certain very fun spot he read about in that disreputable biology book from the public library he sneaked home one time that his parents would likely not approve of. She was squirming like she needed to pee again. Definately the right spot then. Although Cherry could feel the sensation.. an embarassingly strong impulse like she was desperate to pee.. but the pleasure from his mouth chased any thought of stopping him from doing it from her mind.

    Feeling wicked, and since she was already so wet and slippery, Mike took one more liberty on his apparently new girlfriend, he slipped a finger from his other hand up her asshole to press through the shared wall inside her into the back of his first hand, which actually helped it press into the spongy spot better. Cherry jumped with surprise and squeeked in dismay.. the sound soon sliding down in octave to a wanton moan instead as this finger too started thrusting into her. She was panting now and squirming her hips around, too confused to decide what to thrust at.. the hand at the back, front, or his mouth.. the point was moot by this stage as with a loud moan she started climaxing - which turned into a shriek as his invading fingers caused her to start spraying liquid out into Mike's face too as she orgasmed.


    Mike was feeling too pleased with himself to realize, so Cherry caught him off guard when she suddenly stood up from the toilet, still spraying a little, causing his face and both hands to pop out of her, lifted her skirt - then stepped forward, and drove herself into a squat, directing his penis inside her tight wet spraying vagina as she sat down suddenly on his lap. She got a look of pain on her face a moment and cringed, the expression on her face appearing about the same moment he felt some sort of obstruction inside her resisting his intrusion inside her. The intrusion gave way, her body sliding down another inch - Cherry marking the moment with a sharp intake of breath and a look of pain a moment, as he slid fully into her. She closed her eyes almost in tears and leant in to devour his mouth in a lusty kiss, and started driving her crotch at his invading penis as she inexpertly but very wetly pashed and fucked him.

    The experience was all the more memorable as she had still been squirting at the time, and he could feel contractions inside her on his penis as she started to fuck him before her wet orgasm had even finished. She was also moaning into his mouth as she kissed him.


    They kept up at this for quite a while (well realistically it was probably only 5 to 8 minutes but to them it seemed like a lifetime) because she wouldn't stop until he pushed her back and warned her he was about to fill her with semen.. she gritted her teeth in irritation and nodded, a momentary thoughtful look on her face.. then she lifted herself up a little, rolled her hips a little then drove back down on him..

    Oh she was so tight.. he thought.. then shot his load into her.. realising with horror.. he may have just gotten her pregnant. She saw his look of fear and smiled at him.. a real heartfelt girlfriend like smile and gently grabbing one of his hands she directed it in the space between them, where she carefully pushed his finger into her vagina..

    Wait into her? He felt around, and discovered his penis was now up her asshole. Clever girl! He smiled with relief that soon became alarm again as, with a very evil non-girlfriend look at him she started grinding at him again.. things were way too sensitive to start doing that again! Now it was his turn to grit his teeth, she moved a hand between her legs to fondle herself and kept it up for a minute or so of glorious torture on his sensitive penis, until feeling the seizures inside her he realized she had just climaxed again. Then she gave him a much more slow appreciative kiss and a hug with him insider her until he went soft, then gently withdrew herself from his lap to sit on the toilet again.

    She sat there looking at him with a stupid grin on her face.
    He was pretty sure he had a grin just as stupid on his own face.

    A newly minted couple the both of them suddenly switched to a look of concern. Cherry was trying to push out the semen inside her, Mike carefully dabbing her with toilet paper and he noticed blood between her legs. Cherry too had noticed the state of Mikes clothes. They were saturated, and he had blood stains in his lap.

    The source of blood was soon found to be her vagina.. "So.. uuuh a virgin then?", he asked wistfully. She gave him an equally wistful look, avoiding his gaze a moment, "Not anymore..", she answered lamely. He gave her another gentle kiss and finished cleaning her up once the bleeding stopped.

    "I'll leave first.. and distract your sister so you can get changed..", she suggested. Mike nodded and waited a few seconds after she left the bathroom. He stood up to leave and noticed her wet pissy knickers sitting in a puddle on the floor next to the wall. She forgot her underwear.. he could feel a tingle between his legs. 'My girlfriend..' he tested the idea on his tongue a moment, deciding he liked the idea, then added again to himself, 'is wearing a short skirt... and not wearing any underwear'. He was pretty sure he was already in love with her at that thought.

    He wiped her wet smear of pee off the wall down to her abandoned pissy knickers, cleaned up the puddle then wrung them out over the toilet - making a good amount of splashing sounds.. enough had his sister been listening to think he was simply urinating at the moment. He sniffed them.. because.. why not? They had an oddly sweet smell almost like cut grass at the beach. It was nice. He pocketed the now merely damp knickers and peeked into the hallway.

    Cherry and Gloria were engaged in some heated debate about boy bands. Oh well, if she was perfect she wouldn't be his girlfriend. Then berated himself when he realised it was probably the distraction Cherry had promised, so he slunk like a burgular past them to his bedroom to change out of his wet stained clothes. He tried to pick pants and a shirt the same colour to throw his sister off then returned to the living room. He retrieved his handheld console but Cherry was giving him a cheeky look and patting the seat next to her, startling his pet cat fluffy, who gave her a look of indignation and moved to the other end of the couch to curl up again and lick its tail.

    Mike sat in the middle seat indicated and put his console on the coffee table, then leaned over and whispered, "you forgot your knickers" Cherry scooted over next to him and grinned. "Keep them", she whispered back with a suggestive wiggle of her eyebrow, followed by an even more suggestive wiggle of her ass; grinning some more. Mike realised she had scooted over onto his hand.. He carefully turned his hand, Cherry leaning over to the side a little to free it up, to curl his fingers upwards, which Cherry, sitting straight again now found between the bare cheeks of her ass. She smirked and squirmed until his finger was teasing her vagina then leaning a little on Mike as he fingered her; returned her attention to the movie.

    "So what is this movie about?", Mike asked innocently. His sister paused the movie and gave him an annoyed huff. "Like you care, you missed most if it already anyway.. why dont you just go back to playing with fluffy or your game?" Cherry couldn't help herself - she snickered, then said, "He is.." Mike nearly choked, and the pair of them ended up in a fit of laughter.

    Gloria gave them both a strange look. Glancing at the cat on the other end of the couch, the abandoned game console on the coffee table, and her best friend laughing over some joke with her brother she didn't understand. Also why was she so cosy up against her brother all of a sudden? "Mike you really need to get a girlfriend.. stop bothering my friend", she said at them angrily.

    Cherry to her credit attempted to pull herself together and give a straight face. It didn't last. She was getting very wet again, and Mike noticed. "How do you know I don't have one already?", Mike asked innocently. This time Cherry nearly choked, and gasping suddenly sat still to gave Gloria an odd grim sort of pained smile. The gasp of course in part being because Cherry was so wet, that Mike at the conclusion of his last statement had slid his thumb up Cherrys asshole to tickle her there too. The pained expression was all she could do to stifle the depraved moan that had nearly escaped her throat when he had oh so wonderfully violated her with his second finger.

    This boy was fun.

    She instead decided to simply squirm about on the seat like she had a cramp. Mike knew better. The squirming from where he sat had a much more definate purpose, as the movement caused his two fingers to alternate between thrusting in each of her holes. She was getting a lot wetter, he was glad the lights were off and the coffee table blocked his sisters view. He had an obvious tent in his pants. One of her hands found its way in his lap, and started discretely stroking it. Mikes eyes went wide.. but his sister was looking at the TV again. He gave Cherry a sideways glance then started moving his fingers a lot more inside her in retaliation.

    She liked that.

    This time she couldn't hold back the moan. Gloria puzzled, glanced at her a moment.. "Damn cramp..", Cherry said simply. Gloria nodded and returned her attention to the TV. Cherry covered her mouth with her free hand and tried to quiet her moans. It mostly worked but she was still taking loud breaths through her teeth. Luckily the movie had a particularly tense moment at this point, with loud thriller like music covering the sound, and the events justifying a few nervious breaths anyway had Cherry actually been paying attention to the movie.. which with her eyes now closed to breathily pant into her hand she most definately wasn't.

    A few annoying violin refrains in the movie later, Cherry climaxed wetly all over Mikes fingers. She lent over to pull his hand out, and pulled his tainted fingers to her mouth to suck clean while she kept eye contact with him. It was a particularly tense part of the movie and Gloria enthralled noticed nothing. Cherry taking advandage of her distraction moved her hand from Mikes lap, and slid it into his pants. Then with her other hand lifted her skirt up and opened her legs to show Mike her vagina, then using the free hand scooped up as much of her wetness as she could on her fingers then slipped her dirty hand into Mikes mouth as she fondled his penis with the other.

    Apparently Mike wasn't the only one who could multitask.

    Mike grunted at her intimate contact and tried his best not to bite her fingers he was presently sucking her juices off.. she withdrew her hand and scooped up some more.. she was quite wet and had it to spare, then returned this too to his mouth to suck... this was too much for Mike and much to his embarrasment (and pleasure) he shot a load all over her invading hand. To her credit she used her hand to catch most of it as best she could to minimise damage to his underwear... then much to Mikes surprise, she carefully withdrew her sticky hand, holding it in a fist, then promptly in a move that would have made his pet cat proud, carefully opened it and licked it all off until her hand was clean.

    Mike was stunned.. she was licking his cum of her hand, and he was sucking hers off her fingers.. the pair of them at this point had no more fucks to give about what the world thought, and a few swallows and licking of lips to clean their mouth later - the pair were tangled up in each other making out in a passionate kiss.

    Gloria noticed that. She was about to tell her brother off for assulting her friend but realized Cherry was giving as good as she got.. she was into her brother. "oh my god Cherry.. did you just hook up with my idiot brother?", Gloria gasped in shock. Cherry broke the kiss long enough to give Gloria a big 'shit eating grin' and nod, then quite deliberately stuck her tongue out, and turned to resume the kiss like that. Mike devoured it appreciatiatively and kissed her right back.

    Gloria shuddered, although it was more for show, since as much as she played the role of annoying sister, she did actually care for the two of them, and the fact both of them had no romance in their lives up to this point did sort of make her sad. "Ugh.. get a room you too..", she said with annoyance. She returned to watching the movie, which at this point was nearly over anyway and ignored them until the credits rolled. She was smiling to herself however.

    Although the smile did sour a little.. when they took her up on her suggestion and snuck off to Mikes room together, where the wet noises they made behind the closed door made her glad their parents were not home at the moment.. and a little jealous. Her boyfriend never got that enthusiastic.

    She glanced at the game console. It was paused on one of the cutscenes, and Mike had left the contrast up. She picked it up and looked at the screen... no way.. is that what she thinks it is? She noticed the menu on the side showing pause, slow mo, rewind, advance and zoom controls. She clicked a few of them and gasped. Then thinking back to her rather unsatisfying boyfriend - looked around furtively, took the console to her room and closed the door to fill that unsatisfying void in her sex life on herself... Soon nasty sounds were coming from her room too.

    She never would have guessed it about the person involved.. but she was pretty sure she recognised one of the girls in the cutscene too... maybe she should have a chat with her later.

    ..Is this the end?