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Lucid Dreams: Pure Filth!

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  • Lucid Dreams: Pure Filth!

    The Lucid Dream.

    The best part about dreaming, is when you realise you are doing it.
    This is what this story is about. A dream that the dreamer changed.
    This story is Pure Absurd Perverted Filth. Don't take it too seriously.
    Dreams are weird and are not meant to make sense. Even less so since you can change anything about the dream world and invent your own entirely new reality. An imaginative enough person can live entire lifetimes in a single night. Time in dreams is meaningless while you slumber.

    Of course the trouble with knowing you are dreaming is your logical mind begins to intrude more and more; and you need to concentrate harder and harder to keep it all together, which only makes it slip through your fingers all the more as it starts to wake you up and interfere with important things like breathing or the rhythm of your heart.

    Eventually you are concentrating so hard, in the real world you are forgetting to breath, the dream loses definition wavers and fades while it drags you back to the waking world in a panic. Thus ends the fun, leaving you in the dark with a sore head unable to fall asleep again. The trick it seems is to only change single things, and let the environment adapt organically. Also even when you are sure it is a dream, try to be at least a little unsure to avoid attracting the attention of your logical mind too much, allow it some autonomy and the dream should settle and continue.

    Then you too perhaps might have a dream such as this.

    The meet up
    I had an all areas pass. The cosplay and entertainment convention was not due to start until the following day, but we had been given permission to look at all the displays before they opened. They trusted we would not mess anything up.
    Nobody was about, except us -

    I was wearing well.. ever changing clothes. In a dream from moment to moment what you wear doesn't seem to remain fixed, nor does your appearance. But you also don't notice the changes either, convinced at this point it is all entirely real. Dreams are like that. Some details don’t matter.

    With me is a girl with short black curly hair, light skin, wearing a slightly off white elastic tube top, with lots of underboob showing at the bottom, the shape of her nipples obvious. Covering her shoulders is a simple black open weave lace long sleeve top, unbuttoned and tight white denim shorts, which although they don't ride up at the bottom, is so form fitted it follows the crease of her ass all the way in allowing the viewer to appreciate every curve of her ass right to the gentle rise of her labia and the dimple of her inner thighs. On her legs, oddly enough she wears retro style black stockings, complete with garter belts that end before the bottom of her shorts. Every step she takes observed from behind is like poetry in motion. Lets call her Annie.

    There is also another boy; wearing simple canvass shorts and t shirt. Brown hair. Lets call him Tom. Tanned. Maybe of south American or African descent.

    With Tom is a girl, pretty much a walking talking Goldilocks fresh from the fairy tale. Her curly gold-red tinted hair sweeping down her back. Only she is slightly older with larger breasts and wearing a VERY short blue denim skirt, with straps like overalls at the top and a white skintight top that at first glance could be mistaken for bare skin. Only the fact her nipples are white too makes it obvious she has anything on there at all. Lets call her Goldi.

    There is another girl, lets call her Susan. Her hair more of a basic blonde, than the slightly red curls of Goldi. She has thin white leggings, a red jacket; unzipped, covering a simple tiny black lace bra that shows lots of breast skin. The leggings are so thin they are more like stockings, which makes it easy to see she has matching tiny lace black knickers cut so high at the back they look almost like a thong g-string.

    Finally with Susan, is another guy, a little toned, athletic type. Lets call him Mark. He just has baggy pants and a simple button shirt.

    So there I was with Annie, along with Tom and Goldi. Behind them is Susan and Mark. We are walking around the exhibition centre looking at the tables and stands; nobody to annoy us.

    We do the usual tropes of posing with the life size figurines, climbing all over the cool stuff like space ship movie sets and prop vehicles that normal visitors would not be allowed to touch.
    Some of my companions pretend to make out with dummies displaying some of the more raunchy up market costumes. The boys grope at the plastic breasts and grab the dummies ass, the girls rub their breasts on the male Dummies chest, kiss the plastic lips and grind their crotch into the plastic legs until they all have wet spots on their knickers and are panting a little from the friction. Everyone laughs.

    We stop at one stand and pull open a steamer chest. Inside is a variety of props and costume accessories. I drag out a screen accurate magic wand and a gas blowback movie prop blaster rifle which we all admire. The girls eye the wand and giggle, clearly other things on their minds. The guys play a bit with the blaster, firing off a few test shots to admire the realistic movement and sound it makes.

    We carefully place the items back and move on.

    The tell
    Growing bored we decide to head upstairs to the pool - Because of course the convention is hosted in a hotel, and it is summer.

    Here we don't necessarily have permission. The others head upstairs anyway to explore the open pool area. For some reason I don't immediately follow.

    Downstairs, I am confronted by some irate old man who attempts to chase me away, shouting and waving a dangerous looking metal topped cane. At this point the dream is in danger of going downhill and becoming one of those annoying "getting chased by scary thing” situations. After about two laps around the base of the stairs, I get annoyed and stop, jumping on a table to turn to face him.
    "Why are you chasing me", I demand, catching them clearly off guard. He splutters with confusion. Clearly this is off script, after a moment he insists “You are not meant to be here!” So I shoot back, "why the hell not? I dare say I have more of a right to be here than you do!" The guy splutters a bit more, then demands I prove it. I walk up to him and glare at him. He makes an odd sound and looks at me with a weird look on his face.

    It is then I realize, when I stepped off the table to glower at him I remained at the level of the tabletop. I was in the middle of the air! I look down in surprise, and the man looks back in fear, steps back and runs off down the hall, entering a room and slamming the door behind him.

    It takes me a moment to process.. how am I floating in the air? I experimentally move back and forth a couple of times to confirm what I am seeing. Definitely hovering. I think on it a moment and smile to myself. The only place I can ever fly is in dreams! I must be asleep. Time to have some fun then..

    The pool
    I turn and move up the stairs to the pool area. Everyone seems to be standing around talking. Annie seems to be standing over to the side undecided what to do. Likely waiting on the others; or me. She looks as good standing as walking.

    Now aware this is all a dream I join Annie, looking around curiously. Paying attention it is obvious. The mouths move, but nonsense comes out. Yet oddly I know what they say. If I focus the words become legible, even eloquent. I look around more, the voices sound of babble again. Any written text shifts and moves as if indecisive what it should spell. If I look at a particular word it seems to have at least some real letters - but if my mind wanders it becomes alien script, or my eyes slide off like I need glasses. Yet in this world it feels perfectly normal to work this way. Like I simply misplaced the item I need to be able to read it. Any particular sentence I force myself to read makes no grammatical sense just random words jumbled together..

    If i try to read an entire paragraph an echoing sound like voices whispering in the air narrates them for me but they still seem to slide around if I try to look at them directly. The text scrolls over the surface too as it is narrated. Freaky. Not all the whispers are even recognizable words, yet once again in this world that is normal, and has meaning. A meaning that is immediately lost to me upon waking. It only becomes frustrating when I am aware I am dreaming and want specifics, which seem to run counter to how this world actually works.

    At this point; pretty certain I am dreaming I try something that even if I had been drugged or worse should be impossible. I tell the world to pause.
    Which is exactly what happens next. Except for some randomness at the edge of my vision everything froze in place. I leave things like that for a while, to try to catch out any lie, but nothing happens. The water in the swimming pool is locked in place, none of my companions even blink or breath. It was like they had all turned into organic statues. Even the clouds froze in place and birds in the sky just sit there.

    I look at my companions. The boys seemed generic, vaguely familiar but also not. The girls seem more detailed and nuanced. More real. Made of idealized proportions of female anatomy. My imagination seemed to pick contours that appealed to me and conjured three entire girls with those dimensions. More than that, I sense different minds in each of the girls, even frozen I get the impression of the thought they paused at. The boys however, their minds are less complex. More like echoes of my own, but operating autonomously. With them I appeared to be experiencing their perspective too. Three different viewpoints at once for some things, as if I was at the same time all of them, and not. Other times they would fade from my perception. With them paused they were currently silent.

    That is so weird!

    What was even weirder however was although I could understand perhaps what the girls intentions, needs and desires were, they did not necessarily echo my own like the boys, some aspects were alien, even hidden from me. Perhaps this was my feminine aspect; long since suppressed by my primary male aspect; buried in my sub conscious? Ye probably overthinking that.

    Even frozen I could feel the girls gaze on me, as if they were simply humoring me and could at any time do as they pleased regardless of my wishes on the matter. That seemed new. My memories vague as they are in my dream state of other dreams was limited, but it seemed uncommon for there to be in effect self contained individuals outside of my own sense of self beyond background scenery.

    I turned to examine Annie in detail. She was a literal walking sex goddess. All the right curves, Lustrous shiny hair that spoke of excellent health and good diet. The white shorts were just tight enough to show off the appealing shape of her ass and hips, her top exposing her cute waist. Her stockings emphasized her legs; a perfect ratio to upper body and head size. The so called golden ratio no less. Her chest too was remarkable. The skin tight top told me everything I desired to know about her breasts, her breasts were comely indeed. Not too big or small, simply appropriate to her body size. Her face too was calm and patient, the eyes hiding a spark that every man wishes to see reserved for him in the gaze of a lover. The eyes seemed to follow me, adding to the impression she could overrule my mastery of the dream any time she liked.

    I took a step back to admire her, she really didn’t remind me of any one female I could recall. Bit of porn star here, high-school sweetheart there nothing definitive. She really did seem to be an original construct of my mind. Of course in the dream I knew her, but if I really pushed myself I realized outside of this dream no such girl existed. At least none I would ever meet. She was hot. So were the other two girls in their own ways.

    I decided Annie would look even better without the shorts on at all, so since it was my dream I leaned over to pull them down her legs, along with her underwear and remove them. I could have just looked at them and made them cease to exist, I had done as much in past dreams; but for some reason it seemed important to go through the motions of sliding them off her instead. More erotic? Or simply less jarring to the world. It usually gave me a headache to do it the other way, which risked premature waking from the dream. She permitted the action, but I could see the barest look of concern on her face, even frozen as she was, as if not entirely approving.

    I stepped back to admire her again. She did look much better that way. Other than her top, she was naked from her waist to her stockings now. She had one of those cute apple asses that look irresistible, and you just cant help but look at and smile, wondering why someone who looked like that would ever bother wearing clothes at all, it just felt wrong to cover it. Wow.

    Super lick-able down there too, even at the back. Two holes to taste. Totally waxed. She was even already wet. The impression I got was she would have liked getting licked that exact moment very much too. Her disapproval seemed more about being exposed for no good reason. Licking her would represent a reason. This dream world needed reason to function it seems, and little else. Interesting.

    I unfroze the world. The others resumed their background conversation, entirely unconcerned by Annie’s nudity.. probably because they intended to be just as naked shortly. The clouds started moving, the birds started flying and the water in the pool began gently moving again. Annie reacted to her missing shorts immediately. Squirming impatiently to look at me with annoyance and a little fear? She made no move to cover herself however. So so I tried to divine her intentions.

    I could feel her thoughts. Her fear wasn’t because someone had just suddenly removed her clothes, any reaction there was just window dressing to maintain the illusion of the world, no it was because under the rules of this world, if there was no logical reason for her to be exposed like that, it disrupted the dream world. This made her uncomfortable. Much better had I been engaging her in some sort of sexual act after exposing her as it would give her current condition purpose. But a figment of my imagination, standing around doing nothing like that bothered her, How Odd. Not like a figment at all. My limited access to her thoughts was little better than the level of basic communication. Apparently even my own sub conscious likes to keep some of its own secrets.

    I glanced behind me. The other two boys were likewise reaching to grasp the other two girls clothes in mock imitation of what I did with Annie. Mark had his fingers hooked in the waist of Susan’s leggings sliding one side partially down her hip along with one side of her black lace knickers, and Tom had lifted Goldies short skirt with one hand, and had likewise hooked a finger in her simple skimpy cut white cotton panty, and pulled it down enough to prove to anyone watching that her current hair colour was natural. Goldie and Susan both let them do it without objection, nor really any concern. If anything they moved so it would give the boys easier access to do it.

    Then both Tom and Mark paused the undressing of the girls, their clothes partially pulled down, but going no further. They all remained in that position talking to each other as if it was normal. I noted with interest that Susan seemed to have a small patch of pubic hair but the rest, what little was visible was entirely bald. Goldi, from what I could see had her pubic hair neatly trimmed. But not enough was visible to see exactly how neatly. I could intuit elements of each girls thinking. Each girls mind’s held subtle differences in what they wanted to get up to specifically, but all three girls were unified in one thing, they all wanted to do something sexual, and they would be up for anything. Yet everyone seemed to be waiting for me to make a move before deciding what.

    Anything? My favourite thing of all.

    The world was getting a little hazy like there was a risk of waking from it. It needed a reason why the girls would be removing their clothing, and why Annie already had, the anomaly seemed to be disrupting it. I looked again at Annie, actually I really wanted to lick her, both front and back, right in her holes, but I also wanted to play with her breasts, have her go down on me and kiss each other too. Or was that what SHE wanted and I was just picking up on it? I was normally not this keen to stick my tongue up a girls ass.

    When I previously had such dreams this is where the other males would come in. Where I couldn't decide what I wanted to do first, they would each engage in one or more of the activities with different or the same partner and solve the issue by doing all of them at the same time. I would experience activities all at once that each did, from each perspective as if at the same time I was only doing one particular thing at a time, but all of them too. It was one of those things that only make sense in a dream. If I thought on it later, my mind would furnish a time line, where I did first one thing then another. But in the actual dream where time is more abstract, I experiencing doing them all at once.

    The rules of the game
    I chided myself, here i am in a world of my own making, with my version of a perfect girl and just looking at her?

    I reached out and slid a finger into Annie’s wet vagina. Commenting, “wow you are so wet” as I did so. Actually impressed how real the dream felt in that respect. Not only was it wet, but soft, firm, warm and had a silky texture in all the right places. It seemed the more real individual things felt, the more real everything else became around me too, until I was soon having difficulty holding on to the idea it was a dream to begin with - which made it feel even more real.

    Annie seemed altogether too smug about the compliment too.

    Mirroring my own activities, Mark and Tom had now moved their hands into their respective partners underwear and was likewise fingering the other girls various holes behind me and making out. I could feel the insides of all three girls from three differing perspectives, and even felt a slight impression how the girls themselves felt with a finger within them, along with a strong undercurrent of approval. My sense of realism here presumably solidified the world, as I accepted the wet sensation, along with the fingering justifying Annie’s lack of clothes now, the world seemed more real again.

    Annie, exploiting the appeal of her wetness to me gave off a vague sense of desire to be licked, and perhaps stranger still gave me the barest hint of an idea of a way I could justify not only her lack of clothes, but all girls in the world. It would also justify licking her, or any other girl I encountered any time I pleased. It was an odd sensation as if she was a real person invading my dream to offer suggestions how to improve it in a way I would better enjoy. She seemed to imply I could define the rules under which the dream universe operated. She didn’t say so much as inspire the idea in me. Another one of those things that only make sense in a dream.

    The hinted concept intrigued me; and I found myself wondering just how far I could effect my dream world in this way. I paused the world again, withdrawing my wet finger from Annie to suck on it thoughtfully, enjoying the silky sugary flavour not unlike honey my dreams always gave girls private places. After thinking on it, I decided to give it a try. I picked something that sounded fun but wasn't a particularly dramatic change to see what would happen.

    “It is frowned upon to pee alone, even if that means you need to pee in public, or invite someone in the toilet with you to watch”

    I allowed the world to resume moving again, and slid my finger back into Annie’s wet vagina to play with it some more. There was a subtle change in the background sounds of the world, as if a million apologetic people suddenly needed to ask someone a favour. Annie was squirming much more nicely now as i fingered her too. I noticed my hand was getting much wetter and I looked between her legs, Annie its seems now really needed to pee, even letting out a small spurt of pee on my hand in the brief moment it took me to to thrust my fingers back into her, leaving a thin trail of wetness running down her inner thigh to create a shiny wet streak along thing inseam of her stockings. She had reacted to the fact she was not alone, to pee a little ON me in public. That was a nice touch. It seemed the dream world also recognised subtext and intent not just the wording itself of the rule. I kept fingering her wet (and now pissy) vagina as I looked around to see if anything else interesting happened.

    A man I had not previously noticed at the far end of the pool area reading on a banana lounge put down his book and walked up to a nearby female hotel worker arranging stock at a counter near him and whispered something in her ear. She nodded put down what she was doing and followed him, into the mens toilets. Together. A short while later the pair left the toilet, he appeared to thank her, then sat back down and resumed reading. The girl returned to her counter to resume her work.

    Ok maybe it was a slightly dramatic change then.. they had both entered the same toilet stall too, and the pair were complete strangers. The worker carried on without the slightest concern like joining a random man to watch him pee was an everyday occurrence.

    So my rule did have an effect on the dream world.
    Although the dream world naturally enforced rules that governed it, risking being abruptly woken up if I broke them, it seems I was also allowed to define those rules too. I liked that idea.

    I took a few more moments enjoying the feeling of fingering Annie while I thought up another rule to try, something even more fun. An idea, a really sexy one; possibly even inspired by Annie herself occurred to me so I paused the world again to give it a try too.

    “Everybody in this world doesn’t wear underwear normally, except while they urinate. Although in an emergency they can use other clothes, or go without, they prefer not to.”

    I un-paused the world again to see what happened. As the world altered slightly again to accommodate the changes, I felt another little leak of pee on my hand from Annie as i fingered her, as if to reward me, but this time she seemed to be making an effort to hold it in, even tho she clearly felt quite a lot of urgency in her bladder. I frowned a little, pissing herself fully on my hand as I fingered her would have actually been pretty hot.

    As if reacting to my thought; Goldi, still wearing knickers immediately started pissing herself in them, even with Tom’s hand in her knickers. The pee running down the inside of both legs and staining her socks - because of course why else would she be wearing knickers at that moment; but to piss in them? Which took some deliberate effort from her, with Tom's hand in there still stimulating her, it was quite difficult to ignore the pleasure and let go. Her skirt still held up by Tom, improved the view. Her pee stain spread slowly over the white cotton of her knickers, and started dripping on the floor between her feet. Being fingered, it went all over Tom's hand too, and because I shared all of Toms experiences, it was like Goldi was doing it to me. She continued to slowly drip pee as Tom's hand worked her.

    I looked over at Susan. Even with Marks fingers buried in whichever of her holes he was thrusting them into at that moment (possibly both at once, she seemed to be particularly enjoying herself); she too had immediately started leaking piss into her knickers. Even if it was unusual to also piss her leggings, she had of course suddenly discovered she had knickers on. In that world, that now meant she intended to pee, so she did, even with the leggings on over the top. The piss stain growing slowly to overflow onto Mark's hand and expand to drip down twin lines on her white leggings to the ground. Mark's thrusting fingers inside made her splash it all over them both too. The wetness also made them transparent. Yum!

    Another movement caught my eye, leaving Susan to drip pee on the ground, I turned to see what it was. The female worker at the counter, wearing a simple grey and black domestic worker, (maid style) skirt had stopped what she was doing, and started squirming and jumping about all of a sudden, as if suddenly reminded of something.. I turned to watch. The girl skipped over to the stranger from earlier and cleared her throat. He looked up from his book at her. She lifted her skirt to expose her simple brown panties to the man and a dark wet patch suddenly grew on her panty fabric as she immediately started pissing herself in them in front of him!
    Oh. Of course. When I had created the rule, and resumed the world, the girl had, like Goldi and Susan found herself wearing knickers - which she immediately associated with urinating and pissing herself, so she immediately did exactly that. It was like a girl with a weak bladder when she hears running water. The first rule had also applied here, so she made sure to do it in front of someone, publicly. Likely a scene repeating itself throughout the entire dream world by now.

    The workers pee made quite a mess of her leggings, even with a flap in the front presumably for toilet breaks which she didn't bother to use. It splattered everywhere, leaving wet marks on her skirt even with it raised. During the entire incident the man simply watched her calmly piss herself in front of him, moving his book a little every now and again to avoid pee splashing on it. His legs were covered in droplets of her pee, but he didn't seem to mind at all.

    He kept watching her until she ran out of pee. She smiled at him, gave him a little curtsy in thanks, then because the imperative to only wear knickers to pee themselves overruled basic modesty; and she had ran out of pee, she bent over in front of him to immediately remove the pee soaked knickers, giving the man (and myself) an eyefull of pissy wet bare ass and furry vagina (she didn’t shave or wax it seems) to enjoy.
    Since she also had to struggle to remove her wet leggings too she actually had her naked ass wiggling around in front of him for quite a while, probably longer than she intended - as being wet they were difficult to remove and clung at her skin. She turned to face him after finally getting them off, her vagina at eye level with him, then squatted down to work the soaking wet leggings back on again, minus her pissed in knickers without even trying to dry herself of pee.

    During the second part of the exchange, while she was exposing herself to him; from the mans perspective she had satisfied all the criteria for pee etiquette in the dream world, so the secondary concern of modesty now applied. Which meant he was quite enjoying the strip show, since it was actually a little bit naughty.

    With that she stood up again, the pair giving each other a respectful nod, and the man returned to reading his book like nothing had happened, well except for the bulge in his shorts. The girl then dropped her pissy knickers on the edge of her counter where anyone could see (and smell) what they were and what had happened in them, completely unconcerned. Her outfit was badly stained with and smelled of her pee too, which she seemed just as disinterested in. She had even returned to arranging the counter shelves, caring not at all that anyone who passed by would immediately know she had just pissed herself quite comprehensively making a complete mess of herself.


    That had worked surprisingly well. Since the dream seemed to work on the intention as much as the rule itself, it allowed some flexibility, such as Annie leaking a little piss on my hand without knickers on. If she got desperate enough she likely would lose control of her bladder and I would get my wish of it going all over my hand as i fingered her. Presumably that meant a girl could expose her vagina to spray it out for fun, or give golden showers or any other pee play activity, just by depriving herself of access to knickers. Hell if this world ever became real, kinky watersports here would probably be when girls deliberately misplace all their their knickers to facilitate accidents when not wearing any. I laughed at that.

    Susan and Goldi were taking their time wetting themselves, so I watched them as I continued to fingered Annie, the two girls seemed to be drawing it out with the pleasure of being fingered. I was no longer annoyed Annie refused to piss herself on my hand as I fingered her, I was enjoying watching the other girls do it too much.

    Looking at Annie, naked from the waist down, I thought of another fun rule and spoke it out loud.

    "girls usually leave the area between their legs uncovered, and the skin there is not effected by cold”

    I forgot to pause the world this time, Annie gave me an odd look, teasing me, "Your point being? Everybody knows that. In other news bears still shit in the woods too.." she leant in to kiss me, and returned to her previous position to enjoy my fingers some more.
    I blinked, the change had been almost seamless. The dream world immediately accepting the rule like it had always been in effect. I looked over at Susan, the only one with that part of her body currently covered.

    The change in position caused Annie's protesting bladder to leak a little more of her pee on my hand, confirming my earlier suspicion too.

    Susan’s leggings had a small growing rip over her vagina and ass, exposing her black knickers. After some particularly enthusiastic thrusts at Marks fingers, a patch of fabric fell to the floor, the ragged hole big enough to expose most of her knickers which were still slowly leaking pee onto the ground. The rest of her leggings seemed to fit perfectly fine with the hole there, like they had always been designed to be worn like that. Susan didn't seem bothered by the damage. She acted almost like that bit of fabric had been a factory defect in her leggings to begin with, and had expected it to fall off at some point.

    It seems my ‘usually’ wording made things flexible too. The female worker at the counter still wore her soiled leggings and they covered the area between her legs. Although it had the flap she had not bothered to open when she wet herself earlier. I looked over at the counter. She was still fussing, although she now seemed distracted by something. Making annoyed sounds, or thumping the floor as she worked.

    With this new rule, kinky girls would have the option to cover between their legs if they really wanted, likely as a kink, but most girls would not. I had created a world where every girl was bare assed with their vagina showing, and the kinky ones were the ones covering up!

    It would mean the more modestly dressed the girl in this world, the nastier and kinkier she actually was. They would stand out. The girls running around with no knickers close at hand, and covering up, likely with jeans on, or just flat out naked would be the most perverted girls, peeing naked or wetting their jeans instead. Which was saying something in a world where everyone is expected to only pee if they wet their underwear while doing it..

    I laughed again. What did that say about Susan and the worker in their leggings then? They both arrived at the pool covered up. Probably explained why the hotel worker was so quick to flash the man reading the book then. She was probably the dream worlds version of an exhibitionist. Susan is definitely kinky; she is in front of a public pool pissing herself and letting someone finger her while she does it!
    I laughed more. Now I was accepting the changes like they had always been that way too. If I was not careful I may forget it is a dream.

    A sound interrupted my thoughts, I looked over. The hotel worker had made a loud sound of annoyance. As I watched, I heard her groan, then exclaim, “these damn leggings are itchy” with that she sat on her counter, hiked up her skirt, pulled open the flap in her leggings and yanked at it until the entire panel ripped away leaving her bare vagina and most of the bottom of her ass exposed. With that she gave her vagina a quick caress, made a satisfied sound, and in a much more relaxed voice loudly exclaimed, “MUCH better..” then licked her fingers.. since her vagina was wet and now so was her hand, then slid off the counter again, turned around and started rearranging the bottom shelf. This of course meant I could now see her vagina up her skirt as she bent over.

    She was still so wet with pee I cold see the sunlight glistening off her pubic hair and skin from where I was. That gave me an idea for an even naughtier rule for this world.

    I froze the world again in place.

    “It is considered polite to immediately use your mouth on a sexually compatible boy or girl nearby to clean them if their genitals are wet for any reason. It is especially polite if they are still making them wet when you do! No Toilet paper allowed!”

    My intent here was that in this world toilet paper is only for wiping poo, for pee - oral sex and licking was the preferred method.. although I didn’t go into that much detail I trusted the system would correctly interpret my intent!

    I resumed the world again to see what would happen.
    At first nothing. Then the man reading the book put it down a moment to reach for his drink, noticing the hotel worker bent over fussing with the bottom shelf. He eyed her bare ass with interest then he suddenly exclaimed, “oh! Sorry! Didn’t see you there!” The hotel worker turned her head back at him, gave him an indifferent smirk, shrugged her shoulders then looked back at what she was doing, as if to say, don’t stress, it happens. Then as if anticipating the man’s next move, she stood her feet a little further apart and kept working.

    With that the man, apparently embarrassed by his bad etiquette, jumped out of his chair, then scrambled across to the girl at the counter, grabbed her ass, pulled her cheeks apart, then leaned in and started enthusiastically licking and sucking her wet skin and vagina clean.

    Although I had only just defined a rule I quickly paused the world and couldn’t resist adding another.

    “Everybody still responds sexually in a normal way. Walking around with their vagina exposed, getting licked, looked at or seeing another persons genitals is still a major turn on.”

    I resumed the world again.

    The man kept licking the hotel worker, but now she started panting and moaning as he did.

    MUCH better, I though.

    This of course was problematic for him, as the more he licked her the more she liked it, and the more horny it made her the wetter her vagina was. In the end the poor man had to lick her until she orgasmed on his face, then he had to lick that up too.. which thankfully seemed to be the end of it. Once satisfied her body calmed down enough not to add more wetness and the man was able to return to reading his book on the banana lounge in peace.. or so he thought.

    I was really starting to like this dream...

    The hotel worker turned, “Thanks for that!”, she said cheerfully.. then noticing a wet spot on the mans shorts.. he had actually been quite enjoying the task it seems, she skipped over, and without ceremony pulled his shorts down and immediately started licking his penis. He seemed to accept this, even adjusting his position to make it easier for her. Of course now he was in danger of emptying his balls at her, so she slipped his entire penis in her mouth and sucked until he did exactly that, and left it in her mouth until it went soft - allowing her to lick up any final dribbles. He nodded in thanks, pulled his shorts up and turned to the next page in his book. He had kept reading the entire time! The worker returned to the counter and finally satisfied everything was in order walked over to a nearby store room and went inside.

    ...make that really REALLY like this dream.

    I looked over at my companions, the new rule was causing them to alter their behavior too.

    Goldi it seems had finally almost emptied her bladder. Tom looked down in surprise at the pee on his hand as her pee slowed. With that Goldi asked, “Could you just..” Tom nodded, pulling her (now pee soaked) knickers all the way down finally so she could step out of them. Then looked at her clearly piss saturated vagina, and replaced the recently vacated knickers with his mouth to “politely clean” her..
    She didn’t object at all, permitting it as if expecting it.

    Interesting. But he probably would have done that even without the rules.

    I look over to Mark and Susan. She was still pissing, no sign of slowing yet but Mark suddenly stopped fingering her. She is wet, and still leaking, so he squats down and covers her pissing knickers with his mouth to suck and lick her.

    Oh Yum! Apparently Mark has better manners than Tom!

    Okay I admit, I am getting pretty excited. If I wasn’t sharing sensations with Mark and Tom, I would have been pretty jealous of that bold move.
    A little giddy I freeze the world again and speak the first sexy thought that pops in my head.

    “Oral sex, is considered a form of flirting.”

    I was thinking that if it is polite to lick someone when they are wet, then if they like the person and want to flirt, they can keep licking even after they are clean.

    I took a moment to catch my breath. It was weird experiencing things from three different perspectives, Tom and Mark right now had two very nice perspectives indeed, so it was a bit intense.

    I resumed the world and nearly creamed myself on the spot before I managed to regain my composure. Living through the multiple sensations of eating out two hot pissy girls while fingering a third is a bit much even in the most elaborate kinky daydream, let alone full color 3D touch and taste, in three places at once! I needed a moment.

    Tom and Mark are clearly feeling flirty, their licking is going above and beyond just cleaning the girls at this point.

    Mark leaves his mouth on her sucking until Susan finally finishes peeing, then he pulls off her leggings and knickers and starts pleasuring her internally with his tongue, leaving her naked from the waist down. That flirt!
    Actually if I understand this world, taking her leggings off too would be like getting naked in public in the real world. Susan is kinky even by this worlds standards then! But because he is also “flirting” she is allowed the break in etiquette as the flirting supersedes it?

    Tom does much the same thing, cleaning Goldi, then a moment later keeps licking her, since he is trying to flirt too.

    I can feel the pull of the same rule on myself now.
    Annie suddenly shifts position, standing so her wet vagina is spread open at me. Unable to resist being polite, I squat down to lick her as I finger her. Which only makes her all the more wet. I keep licking, which Annie now takes as flirting.. She glances between my legs, noticing I am hard with a bead of wetness on the tip of my penis. I look down in surprise, realising the dream had decided it should be sticking out of my pants now. Apparently the rules can apply to a limited extent to boys too.

    She pushes me to the floor, spins around, mounts my face and starts licking my penis clean, following up immediately by deliberately sucking on it.. apparently Annie is a big flirt too!.

    As I am lapping away a girl in a small red thong bikini walks into the pool area. She pauses to smile at all the “flirting” going on around the pool. Because of course now both Mark and Tom have switched position on Goldi and Susan and we are all now in the middle of performing a 69 with each of the girls themselves now.

    Looking up at the crotch of her sheer bikini walking towards me I quickly whisper another rule.

    “If you are in swimwear, you can pee anywhere, anytime, if it doesn’t cause injury or property damage, including on people if you want, and the mouth cleaning rule is entirely optional.”

    That rule means girls (or even guys.. I hadn’t specified gender!) can now wet themselves or engage in golden showers; purely for the fun of it.. without consequence, in theory, so long as they are in swimwear.

    She keeps walking towards Annie and I as we lick each other on the floor, and I hear a dripping sound. She steps over us and I get a face full of her pee! The girl is pissing her bikini bottom as she walks! She must be the fun loving type then.. I keep licking Annie anyway; its great, her sweet taste is now tainted a little with the bikini girls pee!

    The nearby storeroom door opens again, near the change rooms and a young girl, steps out holding a pile of towels. Behind her is the girl from the counter earlier gesturing at her. She is hard to make out clearly from my position, but she looks up, entirely unconcerned by all the oral sex (or flirting as she would see it now) and notices the girl in the bikini standing near me. As I lick Annie pee is still dripping on my face from her bikini as she bends over to adjust a banana lounge next to us.

    I suddenly feel a little concerned.. of course this world would have children too, but my rules complicate things. I pause the world to think. I look right at the young girl. Other than where she is looking, and the towels she is holding, she sort of has a “heat haze” making her features vague as if my dream cant decide how she should look yet. I think things over a moment and mutter one last rule, being very specific this time.

    “Children wear nappies here until the age of 16, after that it is entirely optional and they can associate with anyone appropriate to their age. Also all toilet etiquette is not mandatory for them to avoid age inappropriate behavior..”

    I unpause the world again, and look at the girl again.

    She is wearing overalls, with a hole cut out around her exposed vagina. No nappy, not a child then. She carefully puts the towels on a table, and runs over to the pissing bikini girl. Now that she is closer I see she is clearly late teens then, probably 18 or 19. She squats down with her ass over my face to lean in, pull the bikini girls ass cheeks open and start running her tongue up and down the length of her ass crack and as much vagina as she can reach from this angle.

    Oh well, I did say optional while in swimwear. This girl must simply be really courteous.

    Her face blocks the flow of pee from the red bikini onto me, most of it running down the girl in overalls tongue now, to overflow down her breasts; no bra under there, then under the overalls. The bikini girl stops messing with the lounge and leans over more to make it easier for the girl in overalls to lick her. This causes the girl in overalls to lean over more too, placing her exposed vagina and ass over my eyes as I lick away at Annie.

    The scenery in the dream is nice too.

    Annie starts going wild, sucking my penis with more enthusiasm as she orgasms on my face, then moves position slightly to lift herself off my tongue for a break as she recovers. I give Annie a few last licks, taking care of the last of her wetness, then scoot my head back a little for a better angle and start looking up at the vagina and asshole of the girl in overalls. She has the slightest dusting of brown downy fur on top, and seems to have shaved the rest. Some of the bikini girls pee finds its way through the overalls to drip from between her legs.. Her fabric is also quite wet with pee now too, she is horny too.. I see her juices surge and bubble from her labia; mixing with the pee to drip on my face. Apparently she was REALLY into licking this girl. Since she is so wet, from a variety of sources, I start licking her. It was after all the polite thing to do….

    Brave new world
    The combined taste of the two girl’s liquids on my face reminded me of salted caramel. The sweetness of the juices surging out of the girl in overalls, and the saltiness of the pee from the girl in the bikini dripping down from above to mix with it.

    Between Annie’s stimulation, two bare girls asses over my face and the detached third person impressions of what Mark and Tom were feeling with Susan and Goldi on their faces too, I had reacted much the same as Annie shortly after she climaxed, and Annie found her mouth full of my sperm, licking at it, sucking the last out and swallowing it all with that smug look still on her face.

    I had the strangest sense of disorientation; just for a moment, a passing thought occurred to me. Is this actually even my dream? I kept getting odd flashes of thoughts other than my own. Mostly from Annie, but sometimes the other girls too. Thoughts that were completely alien to me, almost like it was in another language.

    The strange moment passed, but now that I was aware of it, the world now had a slight note of discord to it, like a musical instrument that is almost out of tune but not quite.

    For the moment Annie decided I was clean down there, so she climbed up to sit down to watch me lick the wet girl in overalls. She smiled a secret little smile to herself every time my tongue brushed the girl in overalls asshole. Like that was her favorite part. A few times I even slipped my tongue deep inside and Annie got this wonderfully perverted look on her face when I did.

    The girl in the bikini noticed my abandoned penis and shifted herself around, the other girls mouth still licking at her ass, following it around as she moved, until the bikini girl is bent over me with the overall girls tongue buried inside one or the other of her holes, then Bikini girl started sucking on my penis!

    Oh this girl is a flirt then! I would lick her back, to reciprocate but overall girl is so into licking bikini girl she leaks wetness constantly, not to mention bikini girls pee is still running down the young girls body keeping her vagina constantly wet as it drips between her legs to where I am licking.

    In the new position the overall girls vagina is now planted firmly in my mouth instead of her asshole as she sits on my face lapping away at the bikini girl. She stops a moment to turn and look at me, realising I had gone beyond polite cleaning to oral sex now. Which as far as she was concerned meant I was flirting shamelessly with her. Technically she was still wet, so I was perfectly justified to lick her all I wanted but she felt otherwise.
    Another anomaly there?

    She looked back at me and started to say, “I am flattered by your flirting but I prefer girl…” I take the opportunity to suck her clitoris between my lips and circle it with the tip of my tongue. The girl stops mid sentence to gasp at the sensation with a sudden intake of breath, then exclaims, “you know what, fuck it, don’t stop that feels great” before turning to drive her tongue again into the pissy wet ass of the bikini girl in front of her, who seemed to be of the same opinion about the girl in overalls from the happy sounds she made in response to her while sucking me.

    Annie, busy enjoying the show of “flirting”, so much she had started rubbing herself, noticed her shorts and knickers sitting discarded on the ground. She stood and grabbed her knickers, ignoring the shorts. She looked again at the various “flirting” groups and turned to face me again. She stepped over, pulling her panty up on the way, patted the girl in overalls on the ass, and squatted so her knicker covered vagina snuggled into the overall girls ass crack above my face, pushing her forward a little. In the new position I can now only reach the overall girls asshole with my tongue, which seemed to be Annie’s intent I realise from the mischievous look she is giving me from above, but I don’t mind. This dream is hot, and girls ass here tastes like melted butter, the lightly salted variety. It is like licking popcorn at the cinema!

    Annie presses her crotch deeper into the ass of the overall girl and starts pissing in her knickers. The urine filled her crotch, then exploded out to run down the ass crack of the girl in overalls, and drip on my mouth.
    Hawt! Each lick tasted of chicken soup and salted butter now.

    Overall girl surprised me too, with the feeling of wet panty fabric pressed into her ass, she is reminded of her need too. She began pissing on my chin. ‘Holy fuck!’ I think, as I grabbed both girls asses to reposition them such that both of them dripped piss on my mouth at once as I ran my tongue back and forth between both of them. I lapped pee from the back of Annie's panty fabric over her ass, and off the girl in overalls asshole. Twice the ass licking it seems. Annie seemed particularly smug about it too. The depraved activity meant my mouth tasted strongly of warm chicken noodle soup now more than melted butter. What appealed most of all, was the pee still had the SMELL of pee in the dream, so it was still super kinky and appealed to my fetish.

    It seems the dream even interprets the /contact/ of underwear as motivating someone to piss themselves too, even a 3rd party. Naughty.

    The liquid flowing from Annie started getting a sweet edge to it as she peed, what she was doing must have been turning her on like crazy to be so wet from it, I could notice her juices over the taste of her pee.

    “Fuck ye” I think, as for the second time in the dream I fire off another load, this time down the throat of bikini girl, who reacted by swallowing it then cumming wetly all over overall girls tongue. Bikini girl is a squirter it seems. Annie leaned over, her and overall girl still squatting over my face to both join in licking bikini girl while she orgasmed. She positioned her face up a little, so she could drive her tongue deep into bikini girls asshole.

    Annie had ran out of pee, but forgot to remove her panty, enjoying herself too much with the ass of the bikini girl to remember, but it was steadily filling with a warm creamy mess from her excitement so I licked and sucked it through her fabric, between licks of the girl in overalls. I guess the dream counted it as pee? Or maybe it was taking the view that it was simply super kinky and allowed it?

    Overall girl noticed Annie tongueing the asshole of the girl in the bikini so she untied the bikini bottom to assist Annie to access it better, throwing it on the ground. The girl in overalls then adjusted her position to start hammering her tongue into bikini girls vagina at the same time too.

    Bikini girl, still climaxing and spraying on the pair of girls faces, reacted to the joint violation of both her holes with some delightfully perverted moaning sounds, on top of the wet licking and slurping sounds the girls working her ass were already making. Once she stopped cumming, both girls kept licking her, riding her ass until bikini girl orgasmed two more times. It took so long, she had sucked another load of my sperm down her throat by then and both Annie and overall girl had both gotten off on my mouth twice themselves..

    ‘Best dream ever’, I think, as I licked my lips.

    Finally satisfied all of us withdraw then stand up. Bikini girl doesn’t bother to put her bottom on again, nor does Susan bother with her leggings, both girls bottomless. Goldi too, having finished pissing all over Tom had removed hers too, her short skirt making her effectively bottomless too. All of us turn to Annie, her knickers are still soaked with pee, she had apparently stopped earlier on purpose, as we watch more pee dripped out!

    Feeling flirty, or just polite.. All the girls and myself take turns kneeling in front sucking and licking at the crotch of Annie’s dripping knickers until they are clean.. Out of her mind with lust at this point, Annie rips them off, throws them on the floor and demands, “Enough with the flirting, I want to fuck, right now.” With that she pushed me to the floor and sat on my penis, grinding her hips at me relentlessly.

    The Bikini Girl and Overall girl watched, getting so turned on they both ended up wet with excitement. Of course polite society required them both to immediately put their mouth to it, so they promptly dropped to the floor in a 69 and started licking each other.

    Annie watched them drop to the floor. She mumbled something incomprehensible that sounded like “wee” and “derriere” and I noticed another moment of discord.

    I gave her a suspicious look as she bounced erotically on my lap. She had a look of complete innocence.. which considering what she was doing, seemed out of place. Her eyes said different. They were heavy with lust as she watched the girls licking one another.

    I looked at the two girls myself, which was awkward on my back.
    From my point of view, it was particularly nice as the girls ass I was looking at was positioned such a way she could eat out the other girls asshole too if she wanted, which after licking each others vagina clean, appeared to be what both of them immediately started doing to each other next. Nasty!

    Surprising myself, since I was usually more about licking cunt, and pissing panties than ass, I really found myself wanting to watch and enjoy the sight. I looked at Annie’s face again, I caught her looking at me, a mischievous look on her face, as if she knew what I was thinking, or was even the cause of it. She turned back to watching the girls, the lustful look lighting up her eyes again. At this point the sight of the girls was giving me a major sexy buzz, regardless of how I would normally have reacted, so I just went with it.

    I changed position to get a better vantage point of the two depraved girls eating ass, switching to fucking Annie dogie style. She felt so good as I thrust into her, it was difficult to believe this is all still a dream. In my new position the two girls looked surprisingly aesthetic. Their position was a little different to the usual 69, both their knees up a lot higher, so the front of both their legs between knee and hip touched, causing both their asses to poke out a lot more, it looked beautiful; like erotic origami, or an artistic symmetrical warm hug. They fit together like that so well. I could see the reason for the odd position however, it was the perfect angle for both girls to deeply drive their tongues inside each others anus. That too just seemed natural, artful even. It just looked right for two people in that position to do it.

    Annie was making some very sexy sounds as I thrust into her, the sight was clearly winding her up quite a lot. From the sound of it the girls doing the actual licking seemed to be enjoying themselves a lot too.

    Susan too was getting a bit wet and excited as she watched us all, I was the closest to her, but I couldn’t move my mouth to her as polite society required, so she moved over to back her asshole onto my tongue instead. Good girl!

    Apparently I am doing it now too. It must feel pretty damn good, Susan is so wet from my licking it starts dripping down her leg.

    Just as excited, Goldi leaned across Annie to lick Susan’s wet vagina from the front while I teased inside Susan’s moist asshole from the back.
    It was only polite after all to help Susan out. Goldi enjoyed it so much she took a moment before she noticed Tom slide behind her and start fucking her from the back too. She moaned happily into Susan’s vagina when she finally did.

    Mark too found his way to Bikini girl, evicting Overall girls tongue from her ass to replace it with his penis, breaking the symmetry. Overall girl focusing instead on sucking Bikini girls gushing wet vagina instead while Mark anally fucked bikini girl. Bikini Girl seemed delighted by the development, rolling her hips between the penis and Overall girls tongue lewdly.

    The best part of all, everything the other boys did I felt; like it was happening to me too. Then every time one of the girls got off, I would get a little rush from that too somehow, like it was somehow a reward.

    Being the dreamer in a perverted dream has its perks it seems.

    The girl from the counter joined us now too. Annie was getting quite wet as I thrust into her, so the hotel worker got on her back, then slid under Annie to lick her dripping vagina as I fucked it. Annie too, suddenly felt the need to pull up the workers skirt then licked her back, making it a 69. Flirting perhaps? But given how wet she soon was, showed perfectly good etiquette by licking it all up, even with the dual distractions of myself and the hotel worker pleasuring her down below, she didn’t forget her “manners”

    After some minutes of this, everyone managed to get each other off yet again. So we all eventually separated. The two female hotel workers converged a moment to lick out Goldi and Annie, both girls had good manners, and both had WET semen that dripped out of them. That done, they moved to bikini girl to take turns driving their tongue up her ass to suck Marks cum out of her too!
    Good lord that was nasty. I turned to look at Annie. She watched them eat the creampie out, rubbing herself in time with each lick.. or was each lick in time with her rub? That was odd. Like a puppeteer? I shook that thought off, as it caused the dream to suddenly go hazy a moment.

    After that, everyone (except the staff) decided to go for a swim in the pool, still not bothered to put any clothes on their lower bodies.
    The girl from the counter and overall girl returned to their duties, running the counter and handing out towels, like participating in a full on orgy in the middle of the pool room was just another day at the office.

    I moved to the side, to sit by the pool and watch. I needed a moment to recover after all that.

    It was particularly amusing to watch everyone get out the pool, because under the rules governing the dream world, this resulted in another round of everyone licking each others genitals; because the pool made them wet. At least the dream was smart enough not to do it while they were still swimming, a bunch of drowning people isn’t sexy!

    The licking immediately went downhill to another round of oral sex by all involved, even Overall girl and the other hotel worker from the counter joined in again, giving up any pretence, and just throwing off all their clothes this time to roll around in a big pile of naked fucking bodies, where they all just stuck whatever part of their body was available into the nearest hole. I guess it was their break time?

    God, what a sight!

    Even the other hotel patron put down his book, and joined the orgy, spending most of the time fucking the worker that had pissed on him earlier from behind.

    After getting off in a variety of ways, by different people Annie extracted herself from the press of naked flesh to join me for a shower, leaving the others to fuck without us.

    Annie surprised me again, she somehow still needed to pee, spraying it on me in the cubicle before we even turned the water on! After my surprise golden shower, which without pissing her knickers made it technically really kinky by the rules of the dream, she kneeled on the floor, then pulled my pants off. Next she had me wet my underwear down the front of her! It hadn’t even occurred to me I might need to pee, nor that the rules I had defined meant I too had to wet my underwear, but on doing it, it just felt right.. and hot as fuck, since she smiled at me smugly the whole time.

    Annie and myself of course now being both wet found ourselves soon in yet another 69 to deal with it. Somehow we managed to eventually actually wash, after several more rounds and exit the shower. She got dressed, if you can call kinky stockings and a tube top dressed; she still wore nothing below the waist. One step behind Annie to admire her cute ass with each step, we go downstairs then outside to the street for a walk. Tickling her ass and vagina with my finger each time we stop a moment. This of course leads to several moments where good manners require me to lick her out as she gets rather wet from the attention, then we move on again.

    Being a perverted flirt, this of course leads to her getting off several more times during stops as we walk, which she seems perfectly happy to do.

    The walk proves interesting, because in my dream world it was mostly populated with women. Most of which had nothing covering their vagina now, and if any of them were horny and wet, or pissing meant Annie or myself could immediately lick them on the spot without hesitation. Even if they were clean and dry either of us could still go down on any of them if they were cute, because of course that was simply considered flirting, which usually resulted in them returning the favour.

    A few times girls even stopped us in the street to just go to town on us. Girls were very flirty around here it seemed. My balls were aching from getting off so many times by now.

    If we crossed paths with any girl actually covered up, she would inevitably do something very very kinky indeed, usually in front of us. A particularly memorable incident involved walking in on two girls in the park in jeans. After confirming only myself and Annie was watching they gestured us to silence got out some scissors, cut a small hole in the back of both their jeans, then pulled out a double sided dildo, and started ass fucking each other on the spot in front of us, right there publicly in the middle of the park, smiling at us the whole time and pissing their jeans as they thrust. This was especially kinky in this world, neither of them had underwear on!

    After some minutes of this, they gestured to us both to come over, then taking one of us each, started going down on both of us while they masturbated themselves and ass fucked each other. Annie eventually gave a very satisfied sounding scream, then much to my surprise squirted as she climaxed into the girls face, I emptied my balls down the throat of the second girl sucking on me.. the two girls then promptly got off themselves a few second apart, but kept thrusting against the dildo afterwards without pause.

    They seemed to lose interest in us at that point, the pair closing their eyes and concentrating on ramming their asses at each other, so we left them at it and resumed our walk. From the sound of it the girls got off at least one more time before we were out of hearing range. Glancing back I could see they had both pulled their piss soaked jeans to their knees now, and were taking turns bending each other over a nearby park bench to lick one another between the legs from behind. Ah, they must have been quite wet at that point. I felt a bit rude for not noticing earlier to lick them myself, but they did not seem offended by my lapse in etiquette. The pair of girls were clearly accustomed to breaking etiquette to be this kinky in public, even by the standards of this world, I could just make out from this distance that both girls were urinating a little as the other licked them, a clear violation of the only pissing in your knickers rule too - neither wore any.

    I whistled appreciatively. Really at this point I didn’t even want to ever wake up again.

    I turned away and was soon out of sight of the pair of deviants in the park. Our walk took us past a university toilet block, where a bunch of very straight, very cute girls were all standing out front dancing around. It seems straight girls preferred not to pee in front of other girls here, they only did it if there was a boy watching. Too bad they were all girls then. Lucky me. I was the only male nearby. Annie giggled.

    When they saw me they all exclaimed, “oh thank fuck, we’ve not seen a man all day, and we are all busting to pee..” they crowded around me, then pulled me into the girls toilets. The girls all slipped on various types of knickers, some plain cotton, others more decorative. Then all 12 of the girls taking turns; promptly pissed their knickers, some right in front of me, a few waiting a moment to do it ON me!, some even mashed my face into their pissy knickers while they were still pissing into them! It was only polite that I licked them when they did so too.

    Annie came in too, watching happily. When she saw how wet I was with pee, and a little precum dripped out my penis, she promptly skipped over and started giving me a headjob.

    With that all the girls thanked me, noted someone was already taking care of my own wet parts with a little annoyance (they seemed to have wanted to do that themselves), then pulled off their soiled knickers, exposing all the vaginas as they stuffed them in a bag. So I worked my way through all 12 appreciative wet girls, some squatting on my face, others sitting me up, licking them all clean after they all wet themselves. Several of them orgasmed from it, a few even squirting which I licked off too. Finally they all complimented me on my excellent manners and left to leave Annie to finish sucking me off.

    Of course she was getting rather excited by this and was herself quite wet again, so laying in the puddle of 12 girls pee, and showing my best manners, I pulled Annie down on top of me for yet another 69 to lick her wet vagina.

    Delightfully, since we had been walking for some time by this point, Annie surprising me by interrupting my licking to sit up a little as she sucked on me to fill my mouth with her pee without even pausing her sucking. Chicken soup again thanks dream world, with a sweet after taste. Nice. She had not put on her knickers to do this, which meant by all standards of this world, that she was actually doing something quite kinky and perverted to me at the moment.

    I licked her until she ran dry, any overflow joining the puddle made by the 12 girls earlier, then licked her clean until she got off again, which was followed closely by my balls emptying down her throat again, which she happily gobbled up. Having cleaned each other up now, we stepped out the bathroom to resume our walk.

    The day was still warm and we became quite sweaty.. a moment later a pair of girls walked over and started licking the sweat off our exposed crotches. At some point in the dream, it had decided I was not wearing any pants now. Nice.
    We stood in place and allowed them their polite show of courtesy. The girls had such good manners around here.

    They were pretty cute so I said as much. They liked the compliment, and really wanted to flirt after that.. we ended up taking turns licking them out in a 69 rigth there on the footpath then after that lined up on our hands and knees in an oral sex train so we could all take turns “flirting” with everyone at the same time, this went on until Annie got so horny she demanded I fuck her again right there on the spot, insisting I bend her over a nearby park bench and fuck her while she took turns pulling the two polite girls over to lick them as I thrust into her.

    This of all things was apparently considered a crime! - We were interrupted by a police officer, another rare male in this world. He informed us about a complaint for the public sex.. meaning when Annie made me bend her over the bench, not the oral sex! We apologised. All three of the girls felt like flirting with the police officer. They all gave him a three way blowjob at once, because they all thought he was cute. This was of course perfectly legal, it was after all just flirting. The man, rather too occupied to fill out the paperwork let me off with a verbal warning only, then closed his eyes to enjoy all the flirting..

    I shrugged and moved to the pack bench I had used earlier to sit and watch.

    The girls got a bit over excited and wet after taking turns licking his penis, so needing to set an example for polite society, the police officer promptly did his duty by licking out all three girls right back until they each got off on his clean cut face and chiselled cheeks twice.

    It soon degraded into 3 way oral sex, as no amount of licking was going to make any of those three girls clean any time soon, and the officer was getting quite flustered too, his penis wet with precum, saliva or sweat at each point in the polite exchange, so Annie, the two girls and the police officer would probably be occupied for a long time in a cycle of licking, getting wet, licking more and getting off, then flirting some more repeating the cycle.

    Plus the girls liked a man in uniform, he was doomed. I suspect before the day was done, he would have to write himself a ticket for public indecency, the three girls were getting so wound up, they were not going to let him leave without fucking all of them at least once now. (Actually he solved the problem by inviting them into the back of his patrol wagon later, with the door closed it wasn’t technically public.. but only Annie was there to see that.)

    I loved this world.

    Annie seemed to be rather enjoying herself at the moment, so I resumed my walk alone.

    As I walked past the playground I saw a teenage girl, perhaps 15, 16 or even 17, difficult to tell, her nappy filthy with poop and pee, adding to a growing puddle under the park bench in which she was sitting as it overflowed. She was babysitting two younger children in somewhat cleaner nappies playing on the swings. It was nice to see responsible youth looking after youngsters. She was so dedicated to her task she had preferred not to change her nappy all day from the look of it. Clearly she had taken her job seriously. Her two charges were both neat and tidy with fresh nappies. I politely waved and continued on my way.

    If this world was real, it seems it would probably even be a functional society, with people of all ages and occupations albeit full of public sex and wettings. For the first time I felt a little sadness that it was only a dream.

    On the grassy area of the park further along the path I saw a girl dancing around in a mini skirt by herself, her face red with shame, as she had no knickers to piss into, foolishly forgetting them when she went out, and there was nobody nearby to watch her piss! A double indignity indeed! As I approached closer I could see she had lost control of her bladder on the grass, staining her skirt a little, fighting to hold it back.

    Feeling helpful, I walked over and offered her some assistance before she fully lost control of the pee coming out. She nodded thankfully. I grabbed both sides of her skirt as she leaked, to fold over between her legs as improvised knickers, with my hands taking the role of the elastic, and gusset. This helpfully allowed her to completely ruin her skirt with urine by pretending they were knickers, at this point she could no longer hold it in anyway, she pissed all over her skirt, and on my hands. The overflow running down the inside of her legs. Lovely.

    The girl was very grateful for the help. It had not occurred to her to use her skirt thus, and conveniently she need not remove it afterwards, just let it flop wetly down again. No need to carry it. I noticed the piss making the inside of her legs, vagina and ass wet, so of course I politely squatted down to lick it all off her. I felt sorry for her, so I flirted a bit with her until I made her feel better all over my face three times, it took maybe 30 minutes all up, or 30 seconds, time really has no way to measure it in a dream, so probably both!

    Feeling much more flirty herself by this point she flirted with me right back – kneeling in front of me long and persistent enough for me to shoot down the back of her throat twice! I thanked her for her kind reaction to my flirting, complimented her flirting skill, then squatted down myself to lick up the mess she had made of herself between her legs getting excited sucking on me.
    Finally we bid each other a friendly farewell as I resumed my walk.

    It occurred to me that before I had defined my rules, that girl had already left home without any knickers under her skirt. Possibly on purpose. She was an exhibitionist, or just really adorable and liked easy access perhaps to play with herself, or seduce others to do it for her. Cute. It struck me that this probably meant after this she would likely still deliberately forget her knickers, so she could have an accident without them, which would scandalise anyone who caught her. Exhibitionism now meant covering up, except when pissing, in which case it meant pissing uncovered!
    Modesty here meant leaving the good stuff on display, and only covering up TO piss. I had effectively inverted the definition of modesty. That was awesome. This dream rocked.

    Next I passed an athletics field. I could see from the rising steam, and hissing sound several girls were busy showering in the ladies change room, so I wandered over, entered, because of course etiquette requiring me to lick their wet vaginas, otherwise overruling basic modesty and any gender segregation signage on bathrooms. I was /required/ to enter the ladies showers. I chuckled as after a moment of reluctance I stepped into the doorway marked “ladies only”

    I found several very pretty naked girls showering. They were of course wet so I joined each one of them in turn in the shower to politely lick their wetness at the front and back as social convention required, then once they shut the water off, flirted with each one, all of them cumming on my face in turn at least once by the end.

    One girl even peed a little on my face in the shower as I was flirting with (licking) her, which given the lack of knickers was actually quite naughty! The other girls were scandalised! Nevertheless the grateful girls were in such a state by the end all of them ended up in a mass licking orgy on the floor with each other as I left. I gave them a polite wave, one last friendly lick between each of their legs, competing with more than one of the girls already licking a few girls vagina at the same time as another girl, tickling and tasting a few of their tongues in the process. Ohh like a nasty french kiss. Tasty.

    They seemed to have things well in hand, or mouth as the case may be, so I left them to enthusiastically flirt with each other without me. They will all probably need another shower after that I chuckled to myself.

    The sun was setting by now, and I encountered a young women clearly too old to still be wearing a nappy but busy pissing herself in one anyway. Feeling particularly cheerful by that point I helped her remove the nappy afterwards and licked her until she was both clean and came on my face too. Then feeling particularly charitable I assisted her in putting on a fresh nappy, the process being interrupted several times because she was getting so turned on by the process I had to stop again to lick her clean again before finally getting it on.

    Apparently it was her kink, but given the rules of the world, it meant others would be compelled to pleasure her, overlooking any particular strangeness about the habit to be ‘polite’ around (and on) her. She thanked me for my kind manners and I left her to it, to return home. By all appearances she was working on pushing something else entirely into the nappy as I walked away, which the world reacted to fairly conventionally. Although I was a little curious about it, how would the dream treat it? Would it smell? Be made of chocolate? I shrugged, really that particular hobby didn’t hold my interest enough to stick around to find out.

    All good things cum to an end..?

    I was nearly back home, although to be honest I had no idea what “home” in the dream world actually was, I just “knew” it was a few streets over.
    I found myself passing a laundry-mat. Several women inside pacing impatiently in front of a dryer. I turned back and entered. I asked if everything was okay..

    The three girls had a tale of woe, mostly involving all their washing machines breaking down, and the trio were busting to piss and they had no clean knickers in which they could wet themselves. They had washed them now, but the knickers had not dried yet. I offered the suggestion that perhaps they could use their shorts, or a swimsuit perhaps.

    Two of the three girls feeling like fools pulled those very articles of clothing out their hamper and put them on. The third girl however just gave me a sad look, “i’ve got nothing.. I cant bare the shame of pissing without doing it in my knickers.” she confessed.

    I nodded with sympathy watching the other two girls standing on the footpath outside happily pissing their swimsuit and shorts now onto the cement. For a moment I thought they might need help, but the pair pulled their pissy clothes off, still leaking a little pee no less, and dropped to the floor immediately licking each other out in a pissy 69 before either one of them had even fully stopped pissing yet.

    “Nice!”, I commented as I watched them. The other girl followed my gaze, “Yes those two girls have always had excellent manners even in school.”

    “Oh?”, I asked, turning back to face her. “We all went to boarding school together and shared a room in college”, she elaborated. “Ah.”, I nodded.

    I was secretly amused, their “college” years technically would have been before I created the rules, it occurred to me any such behaviour at that time would have been entirely them being deliberately perverted for the fun of it. Then again time seemed more abstract in a dream, perhaps the rules worked retrospectively? If my dream included time travel, my rules could effect the past too? I liked the first idea better, since it made those girls a lot more interesting.

    My thoughts were interrupted as she squirmed with discomfort. Then leaked a little pee. I started going hard. I looked at the girl then suggested, “Oh looks like I need to give you some help there, how about I flirt with you until your bladder is empty, I don’t mind at all, hopefully the drier will nearly be done by then?”

    It still had 30 minutes on it, she wasn’t going to make it and we both knew it.

    She went red, seemingly unsure. That was actually still considered pretty kinky in this world. She would have much preferred I flirted with her as she pissed her knickers;, not when she had none, but the idea intrigued her. Or more to the point the idea actually made her a little horny, as it was such a kinky thing for a handsome stranger to offer. Another trickle ran down her leg. “look, I will just deal with this now and keep going, and see how things finish”, I suggested as I squatted down and ran my tongue up both sides of the inside of her legs to catch the drips, before settling my mouth over her vagina to gently suck and occasionally tickle her with my tongue tip.

    She looked nervously at the other two girls, who were too distracted licking each other now to notice the lewd things she was about to do, so she nodded and closed her eyes, pretending my mouth was her panties.

    By the time she managed to fill my mouth for the first swallow, half of which overflowed down my chin, of what would be several, she was on top of me “flirting” shamelessly with her mouth on my penis too. By the time the drier chimed, she had gotten off 4 times, no longer needed to pee, and she was just working me up to emptying my balls down her throat a second time.

    Her friends outside were up to their 5th.. but I guess nobody is perfect.. but they had actually witnessed the whole perverted thing from my 3rd mouthful onwards, just the girl had been too busy enjoying our two way wet “flirting” to notice they were watching.

    After they got off the 5th time on the pavement, the two girls tiptoed in and whispered in my ear, “That was so hot.. but you shouldn’t do it out here.. when you are done flirting, how about you come back with us to our frat house, and do that with us and all the other girls in private the rest of the night.”

    Apparently the rules could be broken in private, so long as it was kinky and sexual. Smart.

    Then they both whispered in the ear of the girl, who still had her eyes closed and her mouth sucking on my penis. She went bright red, gasped, Looked at both girls then nodded.. which felt rather odd as I still had my penis in her at the time, the movement actually felt sorta nice. It wasn’t long until she was swallowing and licking her lips after what shot in her mouth and then she got up standing there looking very red faced indeed to have been caught doing something so perverted in public as pissing without her knickers on. The two girls leant in and teased my penis with their tongues until it went soft again then they lapped up any leakage, and helped me up.

    They grabbed their clothes, unloaded the drier, then guided me down the street to their women’s dormitory.

    They unlocked the door and we all walked in together. There was a large common room, and it was full of drop dead gorgeous girls. All of them completely naked, except one girl in a red one piece swimsuit who was over near a large fireplace poking the wood with the poker in the flames, and shamelessly pissing herself all over the fireplace tiles as she did.

    An ivory skinned girl, Asian features, with not a single hair on her body below her eyebrows, and a girl of African descent with perfect smooth dark milk chocolate crème skin and curves that make a man want to bend her over on the spot and live the rest of his life inside her ass walked over, both of them were squirming as if they were busting to pee.

    “This is Melissa and Letisha”, said the girl who had moments ago, and several orgasms back emptied her bladder down my throat in the laundry.

    Melissa and Letisha did a sexy little curtsy, all the more sexy, as the effort apparently strained their bladder so much the pair of them dripped a little pee down their legs in the process. Oh. All of these girls are kinky then.. no knickers in sight. Their eyes twinkled mischievously when they saw the look of realization on my face.

    They smirked at the girl who introduced them, “She didn’t tell you her name did she?” I shook my head. The girl in question turned red. “It is Isabel”, they laughed.

    The girls smiled warmly, pulling me further into the room as they locked the door.
    They opened their mouth to say something, “di di di” they said. I gave them a confused look, “I am sorry, what?” “di di di” they said again. Then all the girls turned to me and said it too, “di di di, di di di, di di di” the world was going all fuzzy like someone was dimming the lights. “di di di” they said again, then everything went dark.

    I opened my eyes, the sun shining in my bedroom window. I cursed, “damnit why did I have to wake up now?” I looked at the clock. 7am. I hit the alarm kill switch. My recollection of the dream was already fading, I could only recall only some details. What was I dreaming about again? Must have been good, I have a monster boner, and it looks like I need a change of pants and a shower..

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    Epilogue, Real world

    “Time in dreams is meaningless”

    Part 1:
    Summer 1978, Appartements sur Av De Versailles, Paris France

    18 year old Annie awoke with a smile still on her face. “Mon Dieu”, she exclaimed, fanning her face, as the memory of the erotic dream faded from her mind. Her body was drenched with sweat, she had only her tiny white lace trimmed cotton knickers on, at some point in the hot summer night she had somehow managed to wriggle out of her negligee, and discard it on the floor. So other than the knickers she was naked.

    She shook her head with confusion. “Attendez, quoi? Annie? Pourquoi penserais-je que c'est mon nom, je suis Aimee!”, she muttered to herself rubbing her forhead. Her name was Aimee not Annie, why had she thought it was Annie?

    She frowned, even early in the morning, her apartment was uncomfortably hot. In winter certainly is was very warm and cosy, holding its heat well, unfortunately it held its heat just as well during summer as well, which was the exact opposite of cosy. She had been living here, sharing with another girl, of only 17 called Natalie for over a year now. The pair of them worked hospitality at a nearby hotel.

    She squirmed a little, “Pas bien!”, she cursed, suddenly jumping up when she realized she was absolutely busting for a pee. Her attention now on her underwear for that same reason she looked down, “pleurage!” she exclaimed in surprise. Her knickers were in quite a messy state. They were completely soaked. Had she wet herself? She looked back at the bed, there was certainly a damp spot, but only slightly more so where her ass had rested than the rest of the sheets which had a sweaty silhouette of her body shape on the sheets.

    She lifted the elastic at the front. “pourquoi?”, she wondered as she found the front almost completely fully of a clear, slightly milky mess of her excited excretions, as if she had spent the entire night masturbating. She had a vague recollection of an erotic dream but the memory had faded. That must have been some dream, it almost looked like someone had sneaked into her room that morning and emptied an entire tub on yoghurt into the front of her knickers. Which to be fair from a biological perspective wasn’t far from the truth, both the current contents of her knickers and some brands of yoghurt both contained the same Lactobacillus bacteria in its natural state. She was certainly quite healthy so hers was full of it. She would probably taste amazing to go down on.. but that was the last thing on her mind at that second.

    “Seigneur non”, she muttered sprinting for the small bathroom she shared with Natalie.

    Natalie herself had just woken up with much the same problem. She had just been having the most delightfully perverse dream about her, Aimee and some other girl all having their way with a rather handsome police officer in the back seat of his rather strange looking patrol car. It was much larger than any French police vehicle she ever recalled, all 4 of them in the dream had fit quite comfortably in the back of the wagon. Her memory of the details was quicky fading, the only other detail she recalled was the letter ‘Q’ on the number plate. She shrugged.

    Wearing only a cut off cotton t-shirt, and simple off white cotton panties, she must have made quite the spectacle when she sat up suddenly, her bladder screaming in protest, to pull off her sheets and run down the hall to the same bathroom.

    Aimee, her bare breasts jiggling wildly reached the door a fraction earlier almost running face first into Natalie. They both squealed, as they both tried to get into the bathroom at the same time. Aimee had the advantage and threw herself down on the seat first, closing her eyes in relief. “Beaucoup mieux, Oui, Oui!”, she purred as the pee drained slowly out of her bladder into the bowl. Natalie standing at the door with her arms crossed scowling at her started giggling. Aimee opened her eyes and looked at Natalie oddly. “Vous avez oublié”, she said pointing at Aimee’s crotch, stopping mid sentence and suddenly going red herself, when a little of her own pee leaked a little. Aimee raised an eyebrow and looked down. She went bright red. She had completely forgotten to remove her underwear, she also had the strangest feeling.. as if it would have been wrong not to piss in her knickers right now.

    Also both girls were usually painfully shy about exposing their body in front of each other, certainly never urinating in front of one another, yet, for some reason neither of them right now could bring themselves not to look.

    Aimee looked up at Natalie, who was still standing just inside the bathroom door on the edge of the tiles. She now had an arm bracing herself on each side of the door frame, squirming about, her crotch sort of thrust forward at Aimee. Natalie's eyes were looking between Aimee's knees, glued to the pee dripping through the knickers.

    Aimee's own eyes slid down Natalie's body, she had woken just as sweaty, her shirt, cut off just above her belly botton was so soaked in sweat she could make out Natalie’s nipples. They had gone hard. She had never seen Natalie even the slightest bit undressed before. She raised an eyebrow and allowed her eyes to slide further down to between Natalie's legs.
    The front of her panties were soaked. So much in fact she could make out Natalie’s labia as they too turned transparent when wet like her shirt. It was starting to leak out – there was a bright white drip of discharge slowly growing just below the curve of her vulva in her panty. As she watched, the front became even more transparent, as something less viscus leaked out a little, added to the drip, turning it a slightly gold colour, then it fell onto the tile between Natalie’s feet.

    Natalie noticed Aimee’s gaze between her legs, and triggered by the sound of dripping liquid suddenly found she had lost all motivation to even try to hold her pee in anymore. Surprising herself – it was as if she had simply been waiting for Aimee’s eyes all along, as soon as her gaze settled on Natalie’s crotch, she stopped even trying to hold it in. Her urine suddenly jetting out to fill her panty.

    “Mon Dieu!“ both girls exclaimed, as the fabric put up a momentary fight, the viscosity of her excretions momentarily holding back the tide, and feeling pretty nice actually as it warmly tickled her clitoris a tiny bit. Then it ballooned out a little as it filled, almost all of the cotton immediately going dark and slightly yellow with wetness, before the surface tension finally broke, and several erratic trails of pee first started dripping then pouring out of her crotch, some falling neatly between her legs to the floor, some dribbles dripping out the back at the apex of her ass cheeks, the rest running down the inside of her legs. All of it pooling on the tile around her feet.

    As if in sympathy, Aimee stopped just relaxing her own bladder, and actively pushed her own pee out instead now, filling her own knickers just as violently, the single demure stream of urine that had been trickling out, becoming a torrent like the head of a shower, made worse by the lace and spraying everywhere. Much of it arcing over the seat to join Natalie’s puddle on the tiles too.

    It was over in seconds, both girls eyes still glued between one another’s legs. They found each of them was panting, their hearts racing.

    Their sanity momentarily returned, or so they thought, both of them scrunching up their face at the condition of their knickers, Aimme stood up from the toilet, and Natalie took a step into the bathroom to close the gap, both of them in turn kneeling down to help the other out of their pissy underwear and toss it into the bath.

    “Maladroit..”, they both said at once, stepping back to avoid each others gaze to look for a towel.. but instead neither could resist letting their eyes once again settle between the legs of the other girl. They stood there a moment just staring at each others wet piss covered vagina. The moment their eyes beheld the wetness of the other, for some reason they both had an irresistible urge to lick it. The urge was so strong, it almost felt to them it would wrong not to after all that had happened, and to do anything else would be horribly poor etiquette.

    Nor, at that moment did they have any desire at all to put any underwear back on.

    Confused about the whole thing, even though neither had ever shown any interest in such things before, or even in each other, they both ended up on the floor licking the wet places between their legs clean in a semi-69 session of awkward lust, splashing the puddle of pee literally everywhere, and both licking until they got each other off..

    Aimee, who had never even had a lover before, once Natalie got past the saltiness of her pee tasted surprisingly good, almost like lightly sweetened yoghurt. Natalie too, Aimee discovered had a pleasant, almost sweet spicey taste to her, after she had licked out all her pee that is.

    They returned to their senses momentarily, and both jumped in the shower, but then again they found they could not resist one another’s wet vaginas again and took turns licking each other out under the flowing water.. until the heat ran out. Then, forced out by the cold water, they could not resist licking each other out a third time, before they even thought about grabbing a towel to dry their skin.

    Feeling both entirely confused, and also very very satisfied too, they finally dressed in their waitress skirts, and after a brief breakfast left for work at the hotel.

    They both forgot to wear their underwear.. in fact the idea had not even occurred to them they should even put them on..

    It was not until they both stopped for a toilet break together that they even noticed.. and even then it was only because they both suddenly had the strangest urge to pee their knickers in front of each other. As it was, as they took turns on the same toilet to pee without any, it gave them both such a naughty thrill they both could not resist immediately going down on the other each time before either of their pee flow even fully stopped.
    Having both freshened up, looking very twinkle eyes and sexed up, the now VERY relaxed pair returned to work. By the time they were due for their lunch break, and returned to their nearby apartment to eat, the idea they should grab some underwear while home before returning to work once again entirely slipped their mind.

    Even a police constable who noticed while grabbing some coffee, as one of them bent down to pick up a dropped serviette, was too busy smiling at the sparky energetic pair to bring himself to object to their dress code violation when he noticed the fact. He gave them a large tip instead, and returned every day after that. They became quite fond of him. The feeling was mutual. He never crossed any lines, just smiled, looked if there was something to see, then tipped them and left.

    Which meant they got quite a lot of tips that day too, and every day after that, their skirts were QUITE short, and nobody ever complained.. so they kept ‘forgetting’ their knickers for work, even years later..

    One time after a washing machine mishap, their skirts actually shrank. So much that now patrons could not avoid noticing their lack of underwear, because the lowest point of their vagina now was permanently on display. Nobody complained about that either, and with the police officer coming in regularly and turning a blind eye, it gained a degree of legitimacy. That only resulted in more generous tips.. and a lot more customers. So they made sure all their waitress skirts were just as short. They did very well indeed.

    So well in fact, they saved up enough a few years later in tips to even take a long overseas vacation, which is unheard of for a pair of waitresses on minimum wage and a large rent bill. By that point however all the waitresses were dressing like that, so their manager wished them ‘bon voyage’, and returned to counting all his money.
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      Part 2:
      Winter, 1985, Near Milan, Italy.

      Holly awoke naked in a cold sweat. She fought with her tangled sheets a moment, they had somehow managed to twist all around her. She smoothed them out finally and calmed down.

      “Mio Dio”, she muttered. That dream had been quite vivid, she was in the back of a strange police wagon, with two other girls literally fucking the shit out of some super handsome guy, who may have actually been a policeman, although she didn’t recognise the uniform. Had she had been arrested?, no that wasn’t right, although that sounded like a pretty fun fantasy too. Handcuffs. “Sì grazie”, she giggled. Yes indeed.
      No, she had joined him willingly with the other two, specifically to have their way with him, and each other actually. Oh my, ‘divertimento’ she smiled to herself.

      Now that her heart had settled down, she shivered, the room was too cool to be this wet with sweat. Also.. what the hell was she sitting on. She tore the sheets back to look. The sheets below her ass were soaking wet. At first she thought she had pissed the bed, but on closer inspection she realised it was more viscus like mucus. She pulled open her legs. Yikes. Her vagina was literally gushing the stuff. That must have been some dream. Actually it looked like at least a little of it WAS pee. Some of the wetness didn’t feel slippery, just wet.

      She froze then did a double take of herself. Where was her pyjamas? Why was she naked? She looked around and eventually found them mashed into the end of her bed, as if she had kicked them there in her sleep.

      Her other pillow too was down there, with a wet stain on it. She laughed, mostly from embarrassment. She had apparently spent at least some time humping it in her sleep from the condition it was in!

      She dug out her sleepwear and untangled it. Pulling her top on. She went to pull the bottoms on and stopped. ‘Cosa diavolo’, she muttered. What the hell happened to those? She held them up. There was a rip between the legs all the way from the crotch to the seat. Ok that was new. They were her favourites too. She dropped them on the bed and grabbed a pair of panties instead, slipping them on as she walked down the hall to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror. Damn, she really did look like she just had 4 way sex. She turned the basin on and rinsed her face and smoothed down her hair, then used a face washer to give her sweaty body a cursory wipe down.

      The running water reminded her she needed to pee, so she pulled the toilet seat up and sat down. She felt like she had forgotten something. Oh yeah, she needed to go into town this morning. “Ho Carlo, sei là fuori?”
      (you out there?), she called, hoping the guy they hired to manage their pool was in the laundry checking the water or changing the filter.

      He called back, “Sì, cos'è (Ye what is it) Holly?”.
      “Vieni qui per favore (Can you come over here a second)?”, she called. Carlo walked down the hallway, and nearly went past the bathroom door. “Qui (In here)”, she called to him, he back pedalled and turned to face the open doorway. “Ehi Carlo, hai tempo? (Hey Carlo, have you got the time)?”, she asked. Carlo blinked, then checked his watch, “Sì, sono le 8:21, è tutto quello che volevi?
      (Ye sure, it is 8:21am, is that all you wanted?)”

      “No, scusa, mi chiedevo se potessi lasciarmi in città dopo che avrai finito con la piscina, ho un colloquio di lavoro. (No sorry, I was wondering if you could drop me off down town after you are done with the pool, I have a job interview)”, she asked.

      Carlo was rather confused right now, Holly was sitting on the toilet with the bathroom door wide open, her top mostly unbuttoned, he could see at least one nipple, a cute perky one at that, most of her skin was damp as if in fever, and she was still wearing her knickers as she sat. Which would have been fine, perks of the job, but she had started pissing into her knickers as he read out the time to her, and she was still doing it full force as he watched while she asked for a lift, the sound of pee hitting the bowel and water almost drowning her out when she spoke.

      He wasn’t sure if he should think it was the most kinky thing he had ever seen or most disgusting. He decided on kinky, the fabric was going translucent. ‘stravagante’, he thought, rather enjoying the view. Also the fact Holly was doing it in front of him without a trace of shame, as if it didn’t bother her at all he was watching her do it, was hot as fuck.

      Holly coughed impatiently, expecting an answer. Unable to pull his eyes from between her legs he had a momentary brain blank. “Scusami, cosa... eh, ti lascio sì, certo... andrà bene, a patto che indossi dei vestiti asciutti (Sorry, What.. oh drop you off yes sure.. that will be fine, so long as you put on some dry clothes).”, he answered.

      Holly paused a moment confused. Eh? Dry clothes? Her mother wondering what all the noise was walked in the hall and looked over Carlo’s shoulder at Holly.

      “Holly, mamma mia, che diavolo stai facendo! (Holly, what the hell are you doing?)”, her mother asked in shock. Holly just gave her a confused look. “Cosa intendi (What do you mean)?”, she asked.

      “Perché te ne stai seduto mezzo nudo a pisciare davanti a Carlo, e perché in mutande (Why are you sitting half naked pissing in front of Carlo, and why are you doing it in your underwear)?”, her mother asked, sounding almost hysterical.

      Holly couldn’t understand what the fuss was, then as if snapping out of a trance, she suddenly did. “eh merda (Oh Shit)!”, she said suddenly, discovering she was pissing her panties. She stood up in a panic, which only made it go down her legs and everywhere else. “Fanculo!”, she exclaimed, sitting down again, and quickly pulling her knickers off. Then she looked up, Carlo and her mother were still looking at her in shock, and now she had no knickers on. Well Carlo was more surprised than shocked. His eyes were still glued between Holly’s legs at her vagina. He had a smirk on his face. Holly shaved, and had a fine looking vagina indeed.

      “Fanculo! Fanculo! Fanculo! Fanculo! (Fuck!)”, chanted Holly swinging her knees open and closed as he watched; looking around frantically, waiting for her pee to run out, and presumably looking for something to cover herself with. Although to be honest it bothered her more that her mother was watching than Carlo. He was sorta cute in a 30 something sort of way.

      Her mother covered her eyes, then screeched and covered Carlo’s instead, then started yelling, “Fuori Fuori Fuori, mamma mia, Fuori (Out out out OUT)!” at him, pushing him down the hall, and slapping his chest.

      Carlo was grinning now, and leaning back a bit so he could get one last look. Holly’s mother kept pushing, then slapping Carlo’s chest again when he hardly budged. She wanted to push him far enough that she could pull the bathroom door shut. Before he lost sight of the bathroom, Holly winked at him. Carlo burst out laughing and winked back, then took the last step to allow the door to close. Holly’s mother slammed it and stood wild eyed with her arms out and back to the door glaring at Carlo ranting hysterically, “eh mio signore dio lassù nei cieli, perdonaci i nostri peccati e le nostre colpe..Mai Mai Mai Mai Mai..”

      Carlo just shook his head with amusement and returned to finish checking the pool water with the kit in the laundry. Holly was 18; if she wanted to flash her piricocu (fanny/cunni) at him and wink about it afterwards he wasn’t going to complain.

      Holly’s mother tried to blame Carlo, but Holly explained it was her fault, she had woken up a bit dazed. She wouldn’t let her mother fire Carlo, and when she finally calmed down enough, her mother realised the whole situation had actually been quite funny, and they both burst out laughing.

      Her mother left Holly to clean herself up and returned to the kitchen.

      Holly discarded the wet underwear in the bath, and walked down the hall without her bottom on, bare assed to her room. Her mother had returned to the kitchen, so she didn’t notice. Carlo however was still in the laundry and did notice as the door to Holly’s room was just visible from the laundry. Dio che è un bel culo, he thought to himself (Damn she has a nice ass). For some reason Holly half expected Carlo would follow her in and lick her, and even would have let him if he did., but the odd thought passed when the doorbell rang.

      “Puoi averlo caro, al momento sono immerso fino al gomito nel grasso del forno (Can you get that dear, I am up to my elbow in oven grease at the moment)”, called her mother. Holly quickly pulled her pyjama bottom on without a second thought, then ran to answer it. Just the post man, dropping off a parcel. Young guy, about her age. He went wide eyed when Holly opened the door and signed for it. Then walked back to his van in a daze.

      Holly still hadn’t done up that shirt button, and the rip in her pants left her vagina exposed when she opened the door. The postman now had some very nice memories of Holly’s exposed breast and vagina to get him through the rest of the day. Her mail was always on time after that too. He probably had a crush on her now.

      Holly also had the strangest sense of disappointment too. As if annoyed the post man had not licked her either.

      What had come over her? Well she was horny that much was obvious, had been since she woke up, her vagina was still even gushing a little. She threw off her pyjamas, grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom from her room naked to quickly rinse HERSELF in the shower, since nobody seemed to have the courtesy to lick her.. Feeling oddly annoyed about that. Then she stopped and shook her head. Since when was she so boy mad? Getting angry because two guys didn’t randomly go down on her? She had not even had sex outside of her dreams yet!

      She was so preoccupied with her thoughts she forgot to close the bathroom door again, and didn’t even notice Carlo standing in the hallway patiently as she walked past naked.

      Carl got a hell of an eyeful of her naked body as she walked past with no clothes, as he waited in the hall to give her a ride to town. ‘Molta bella’ he whispered to himself in awe.

      Now he found himself wishing he could give her another kind of ride. He fanned his face, was it hot in here? He looked at a decorative thermometer on the wall, it didn’t work well, but well enough to tell him it was freakishly cold. Oh. Must be just her then he chuckled to himself, noticing he could see Holly in the bathroom from here, she was in the shower now.

      Holly noticed Carlo watching and went red faced, realising she forgot to close the door. But her gushing vagina made her much more willing to let him look, so she put a finger to her lips at Carlo, winked and kept washing, Carlo went wide eyed, looked covertly down the hall toward the kitchen, then back at Holly with a questioning look on his face. He made a circle with his finger and thumb on one hand and poked his index finger in and out of it, to ask using sign language if she wanted him to have sex with her.

      Holly grinned at the crude hand gesture, she even had the good sense to stop and think about it long enough Carlo felt flattered, but shook her head, pointing at her eyes, then her body and giving him a thumbs up to signal no sex, but watch all he liked. Carlo nodded, made himself more comfortable and crossed his arms to watch. Now Holly was making more of a show of it, slowly rubbing herself, and taking her time soaping her breasts and splashing water on her vagina with her fingers. Going so far as to thrust her hips forward to pull her lips open and present the inside of her vagina like a gift of a flower to the gaze of Carlo for a moment with a cheeky smirk.

      “fiore bella”, whispered Carlo. Holly’s cheeks went a little red at the flattery, she smiled, used her other hand to circle a finger on her clitoris for a few seconds, wiggling her hips as he watched, and looking up at him seductively. Then stopped to blew him a kiss with the same finger she had been touching herself with, and smirking at him.

      Luckily her mother was too preoccupied scrubbing the oven in the kitchen to notice the mischief Holly was up to this time, and she wasn’t going to make the mistake of making enough sound it got her attention this time.

      She climbed out the shower, and bent over, ass towards Carlo of course, to grab her towel, taking her time for him to enjoy the view to the fullest. He appreciated the sentiment but he could hear her mother seemed to be finishing up cleaning the oven, so this time HE put a finger to his lips, and quietly closed the bathroom door, returning to the hall to take a closer look at the thermometer on the wall.
      Holly had started putting clothes on by then so he wasn’t missing much anyway. Holly’s mother walked down the hall to throw some dish cloths into the laundry. She gave him a suspicious look, noticed the bathroom door was closed as she walked past, and thought nothing more of it.

      Holly eventually got dressed, warm jacket, warm stockings, heels, knee length business skirt and some pink panties. Leaning forward to do her hair and makeup, she suddenly had an irresistible urge to pee. She frowned, walked over to the toilet and pulled her panties off. The feeling went away as she sat. No amount of effort produced any pee. Shrugging she pulled her panty back on and the feeling returned almost as soon as the cotton touched her ass. She pulled them down and it went away again. ‘Che cazzo vero (What the actual fuck)’, she thought. Pulling them up again, ignoring the feelings and walking into the hallway past Carlo to grab some toast.

      He turned to her, “Pronto a partire (Ready to go yet)?”, he asked innocently. She was “ready to go” in one respect, trying not to giggle at the implied innuendo of the question, but no, not ready to leave yet. She shook her head. As he looked at her she felt a wet feeling in her underwear suddenly, as if Carl looking at her made her lose control of her bladder. Stranger still she felt like the WANTED to lose control when he was looking. She ignored it thinking it was her imagination until she felt it dripping down her leg.

      Carlo didn’t notice, he was checking his watch again with a frown. He would be cutting it close for his next pool maintenance appointment. Worth it tho he thought, as he gave Holly a sideways look then turned back to his watch.

      She went red and retreated back to her bedroom a moment to pull up her dress and look. Big wet patch, definitely pee. She was still dripping more of it too. She quickly pulled the wet panty off and tossed it on the wet spot already on her bed. Using a corner of her sheet to dry herself. She would have to wash them both later anyway.

      She no longer felt the need to pee now, confused she grabbed a fresh pair, blue this time. Once again the moment the cotton even got near her ass she suddenly felt the urgent need to pee again. “Perché” (Damn it why?)”, she muttered, pulling them off again, to look at them and sniff. No weird chemicals or anything. She had no idea why she always seemed to want to pee when she put them on. She shrugged, the solution was simple, don’t wear any. She felt more at ease without them anyway she realized with a little surprise. That decided she returned to the hallway to resume her trip to the Kitchen for toast.

      Her breakfast done she signalled Carlo and they both jumped in his car. Her skirt rode up a bit during the drive, and Carlo realized she had no knickers on, and she seemed entirely unconcerned that he could see it too. “monto bella”, he said in a playful voice, grinning. Holly followed his eyes to herself and grinned too, giving him a wink but making no attempt to cover herself up.

      He would really like her to sit on his face right now. Too bad he didn’t ask, she would have done it for him too, but then he would definitely have been late for his next client. (As it would turn out the next client actually propositioned him, which after such teasing by Holly, he was only too happy to accommodate. So Carlo didn’t go hungry that day anyway, but that is outside this story, needless to say he had a happy ending too.)

      He dropped her off, and whistled to himself in awe as he drove to his next client. Holly’s mother had quite a large pool, and he had to test the water and clean it more frequently compared to his other clients. He was going to see a lot more of Holly.. well more often, he had already seen more. He chuckled to himself at the absurdity of the joke he just made to himself.

      Holly went in for the interview, the interviewer noticed her missing underwear too, almost immediately. Holly was sitting on a stool. Lucky for Holly the store manager was also a raging lesbian, and had recently broken up with her lover. She got the job. The breakup had been a bad one, the ex was a girl she met that worked the front desk at a local pool. It was a fluke they even met, she only went there after having a particularly erotic dream about someone working at a pool, and she suddenly felt like visiting one to see if she could find a girl to hook up with. Her ex never wore underwear either, unless she was planning to be kinky anyway.. she liked to wet herself.

      Holly even got a promotion a week later, assistant manager. Her desk faced the store managers desk. Not really a surprise then, you could see under Holly’s desk from there. Another week later she got a raise. That wasn’t a surprise either, Holly usually sat with her legs open at her desk, and rarely wore underwear. The one time she had, Holly had lost control of her bladder when the manager looked at them, so she stopped wearing them at all, since she ALWAYS ended up pissing herself if she did now. But that had only made the manager more fond of her.

      Much to Holly’s delight, A week later someone finally licked her when she was wet between her legs. The manager! Holly couldn’t have been more happy about it too. They were actually quite good at it, and Holly it seems, was bisexual. The manager was not much older than her either, and quite sexy. That helped.

      Holly eventually was promoted again, three years later she was even running her own Italian boutique in Noosa, and owned her own house there. Which was frustrating, she didn’t speak a word of English yet, she had to communicate via her personal assistant. She missed her old manager tho, for whatever reason she never took things past flirting, and licking her occasionally that is. Or was that the same thing? She was legitimately confused about the difference oddly enough. If someone cute had just walked up to her on the street and buried their face between her legs, she probably would have treated it as flirting too.

      That was her secret weakness, she would literally let almost anyone lick her if they made the attempt. Too bad for her (or for those that found her sexy and missed out) other than her former manager, nobody ever did.

      Her former manager had been very close friends with her by the end, Holly being so willing to let the manager lick her any time she liked had really helped soften the shock of being dumped by her old girlfriend. It prevented her feeling unattractive and unloved when a beauty such as Holly let her have her way with her whenever she liked. It really helped her confidence. They never really officially hooked up, just fooled around and remained friends, although now it was in a long distance sort of way.

      Her former manager now had a new lover. Two in fact. The confidence boost had helped that much. Some girl she met in a park, and a girl she met at a pool. It was a three way relationship. Apparently both girls are cute, and both had severe incontinence, which is why she hooked up with them, she caught them both individually having an accident and got so excited she had to ask them out.

      Lucky for her both of them liked girls too, and each other. It worked as a three way relationship. Their accidents sent her friend completely wild in the bedroom. After realising their “condition” turned her on so much, they soon found it turned each other on too. The bedroom games soon reaching quite perverted levels of pee play. She had bragged about it proudly with Holly. Good for them. Sounds fun, Messy, but fun. Lucky their Italian boutique also sells waterproof sheets then.

      Her old manager (and by that point good friend) had even once told her about a strange dream she once had when she was Holly’s age, it was her biggest secret. In the dream she worked in a hotel, as a towel attendant, and in the dream everyone ended up having an orgy by the hotel pool. The dream had stood out in her memory, as it was the only time she ever dreamed about a boy licking her, and enjoying it. She was not into boys usually.
      Of course her manager had an ulterior motive, the story was so erotic it was making Holly’s vagina gush with excitement.. and her manager liked her wet gushing vagina, she tended to lick it. She demonstrated what it was she had enjoyed so much in the dream when the boy licked her. Holly agreed with her, it really did feel great, for a boy.

      Motive or otherwise, her friend had insisted the dream had actually happened, she wasn’t making it up, even if Holly wouldn’t have minded if she did, she liked being licked. She even showed Holly her diary where she wrote about it in detail right after she woke up, and the longer version was even filthier. That had been the next day, and was the one time her friend had really really begged Holly to let her lick her in a certain OTHER place, and also the one time Holly had actually gotten so excited and carried away, she had licked her friend BACK when she ALLOWED her to lick THAT place.

      Apparently that dream had been why her former manager friend had hooked up with her ex to begin with, she reminded her of someone in the erotic dream, which the place she was currently sticking her tongue into Holly only reminded her friend of even more. It actually felt really sexy where she was sticking it too, sort of wet, slippery, sexy and WRONG in all the RIGHT ways. No wonder she couldn’t resist returning the favour that one time. But that was the last time they had done such things, she had emigrated for her new management position shortly after that.

      Holly liked the new management job actually. Language barrier and lack of regular oral sex aside; she had good staff so each day during summer she had time to go sunbathing. She did it almost every day. Her chest in particular had a very nice tan now. Noosa had a very nice set of beaches, one was even a nude beach, so Holly was able to gradually get rid of all her tan lines. If her body was a 9/10 in Italy it was an 11/10 now! Well in her opinion anyway. She liked what she saw in the mirror.

      It was also the only place she could sit on the beach in her skirt, flashing her vagina, and nobody would think it strange, since most of the other young women did the same thing! She could even go topless if she wanted. She could just sit and relax, dressed in, (or out) of anything she felt comfortable in, which usually was not much at all, and it bothered nobody. It had also allowed her to satisfy her annoyingly persistent strange urge to pee her knickers in front of people all the time, the only time she actually ever wore them now. She would go to the nude beach, take her time removing her clothes and piss her knickers, making sure someone was watching as she did. Oddly enough it seemed quite a lot of people there found that exciting, more than half the time the observer would give her a wink and a thumbs up. The rest would just shrug with indifference, or not even notice. None of them offered to lick her however. Her only irritation.

      Better still she discovered she could walk around in a swimsuit, even topless, and piss herself in that, any time she liked, even away from the beach, nearly every other girl was doing the same thing, at least the younger ones, so it just felt really natural to do it now. Nobody objected to that either, if they even noticed to begin with. The ones that noticed were watching for it, they actually liked to see it and rewarded her with cheesy grins. One even pulled out a little magazine called ‘wetset’ with a picture of a girl on the cover doing the same thing, saluted her, winked, then stuffed it back in their bag, before hurrying off to where ever they were going.

      They even had a magazine for that here? She should find out who the publisher was, sounded like a fun magazine.

      Even on some remote non-nude un-patrolled beaches, people seemed perfectly happy to let her dress in or not dress at all as the liked as she splashed in the water. In fact any reasonably remote beach she found usually had at least one nude bather, or romantic couple if she looked hard enough, and they were not going to be critical about her lack of clothes. Not to mention there was literally hundreds of thousands of kilometres of beaches here too.

      People were so easy going here. Certainly a lot less sex happened on nude beaches here compared to the ones in Italy, but outside of the nude beaches she had a lot more liberty to get up to mischief here than Italy, where the overbearing weight of the Vatican tended to make people frown upon such things.

      Overall she found life here was not stressful at all. Everything she had strange urges to do, she was allowed to do here, and a lot of people did the same thing too, without looking down on it.

      Today however she did something foolish, she had been up late the night before filling out order forms, doing paperwork and such, so she would be free to visit the beach the next day. However that meant when she finally did make it to the beach, she had fallen asleep on her towel in the sun as she was tanning her breasts on the beach. Not really the smartest idea on a day predicted to be 38 Celsius.

      On the up side, she found herself in her favorite sex dream again. The one where she is in the back of a police wagon having sex with a cute policeman with two other girls, all of them with really hot bodies. She was up to the best part, almost naked, where the man first holds her and she kisses him, as the other girls start removing their clothes, then his.


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        Part 3: (placeholder)
        Summer, 1988, Noosa Heads, Queensland Australia



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          Part 4:
          Spring, 2023, Tenement Building, Cambridge, MA, Unites States
          Taxi! I yell, running out onto the street. Surprising everyone on the sidewalk, especially me, an actual clean Cab pulls up and I jump in. “Corner of 3rd street thanks”, I ask. The driver nods and pulls into traffic. Bits here and there of the dream flash in my mind as I sit thoughtfully. Remembering the laundry mat in the dream, it suddenly occurs to me; the vague childhood memory just popping into my head, there is one that looks exactly like that on the other side of town, near Harvard University. At least there used to be. I decide to swing by that area when I am on my way back home at the end of the day,

          I try to convince myself it is just for laughs.. or curiosity, but in reality I just cant resist. While most of the dream had faded, that annoying ending stuck in my mind when I really tried hard to remember, and I have an irresistible urge now to go to that laundry mat.

          Strangely, when I eventually got up the courage to go there, inside was a girl that reminded me of Isabel from my dream standing in there pacing as I peek in the window. She was shorter than I recall in the dream. She looked uncomfortable. Interesting I thought, as with a leap of faith I walk into the laundry mat. The colors seem different, less vibrant and the machines size slightly off, as if the perspective in the dream had been lower, but it was a pretty close match to what I could recall in my dream. Which is odd, since although I had passed by here as a kid at least once, enough to know what the front looked like, I had never actually entered the place.

          Stranger still, as I walked in, she gave me the strangest look, as if I was somehow familiar, but she could just not remember where from – like a friend she had forgotten the name of. We both smiled. The similarities to my dream were remarkable, motivated by her smile, I risk asking, “Sorry I have a terrible memory, your name is Isabel isn’t it?”
          I pretend to casually examine the poster with the washing machine prices on it as if the question was unimportant.

          This was unusually bold for me, usually I cannot talk to girls at all, at least ones I didn’t already know. Probably why I have such interesting dreams, but I felt almost as if I did know this girl.

          The look on her face softened. “Well everyone calls me Izzi, but yes”, she replied, more at ease, assuming she did know me now. She flicked a casual look at her drier then back at me.
          She avoided the topic of my name since she had no idea what it was and thinking me cute was rather embarrassed about forgetting it.
          She seemed reluctant to leave the drier, so I walked in further then asked her, “I couldn’t help but notice you seem like something is bothering you, Everything ok? You need help with anything?” I rolled the “any” a little too much as I spoke it, emphasising it perhaps a little too much.

          No longer on edge, she started dancing about in place as she stood there, instead of being stoic. I smiled even more, Her dress had flicked up a little as she squirmed; she wasn’t wearing any underwear and drips of something wet ran down the inside of her legs.

          She gave me a cute coy look; like she liked what she saw, then locked her eyes on mine to do a deliberate flirty swish of her hips sending her skirt into the air on purpose this time to make certain I saw it. I blinked, momentarily at a loss what to say.

          Apparently I passed whatever test that was supposed to be, whatever she saw in my eyes, she liked, finally answering my question.
          “Probably not, I have some expensive clothes in here I don’t want to leave unattended, someone stole them last time. I am just busting to pee that’s all.”, she said bluntly.

          She shot me another cute smile and shrugged, then added, “I am about desperate enough if you pulled out something to catch it in, I would probably do it right here.”, she said, her eyes twinkled strangely as she spoke that part. Her words had surprised herself as much as me, her face going slightly pale a moment, pausing as she held her breath wide eyed to see how i might react. She was watching my eyes again.

          She released the held breath when; her cheeks changing from white to slightly pink and her eyes twinkling again, she noticed with amusement my eyes follow another drip of pee down the inside of her leg to the floor. Apparently my eyes did something interesting, the lack of any sort of disgust on my face made her curious. The drips were followed up a moment later as she watched my eyes again with an intruged slightly smug look on her face by a brief spurt of pee down her legs that could only have been deliberate in its momentary ferocity, and cut off immediately after.

          I swallowed, ignoring the sudden stirring in my pants to look quickly around; there was nothing, not even a waste paper bin, she couldn’t even sit on a washing machine, they were all front loaders high on the wall. Laundry mat owners had seen THAT video online and long since learned their lesson, by moving all the machines up on the wall to avoid anyone being tempted to use them as a bathroom.

          I glanced at the wall. The only camera here pointed at the door, and it looked like a decoy, probably why they never caught who stole her clothes last time.

          I shrugged, “I cant see anything here to catch it in.. except me that is, unless you can suggest something I am out of ideas?”, I said it with a chuckle, trying to sound flirty - but apparently failing. She didn’t seem to react to my comment, other than adding a smirk to her already twinkling eyes, so I continued, “Although if there was, at least it wouldn’t be on camera.”, I said with a chuckle, gesturing at the laughably fake camera.

          She half nodded, then got a curious thoughtful look on her face, squirming her hips suddenly in a way that suggested something other than needing to pee had momentarily crossed her mind. “Or someone”, she muttered to herself as if asking herself a question, her eyes looked into space a moment, before snapping into focus on my face. She got another curious look on her face, as if she just remembered where she knew me from.

          I swallowed nervously, and laughed equally nervously. “Did you say Someone?”, I said, trying to sound dismissive. Her eyes narrowed. “Never someone with a pee fetish around when you need one eh?”, I said trying to sound funny, and immediately regretting saying something so weird. I avoided her eyes. It didn’t work, the first thing I looked at instead was another pee drip running down her leg, and I had inadvertently licked my lips at that.

          Watching my face, her eyes went a little wide, suddenly shy, her face went very red as she looked at her feet all of a sudden. “unless there is”, she whispered, so quiet I almost didn’t hear.

          She looked up at me again. Her eyes oddly pleading. “Ever had Deja vu? I had the strangest dream last night, and I think you were in it..”

          Now it was my turn to go wide eyed, again trying to sound funny, but failing completely I just blabbered the first stupid thing to pop in my head, “You dreamed you needed to pee; someone helped you with it I suppose, and you want to try the same solution?”

          “Yes”, she said enigmatically. That caught me off guard, so again I answered without thinking first, “Yes you dreamed of peeing, yes someone helped, or yes you want to try it?” I asked with confusion. “Yes. Yes I did, Yes YOU did, and YES I do”, she replied with a very predatory look at me.

          I blinked trying to make sense of what was happening. This isn’t how real life worked, you didn’t dream of someone you never saw before, then actually bump into the same person in real life! The other way around maybe.
          Was I still dreaming then?
          I tried to look for any signs it was a dream. There was none. Surely I was interpreting what she said wrong. Just my dirty mind, she couldn’t be talking about the same dream? That sort of kinky stuff only happens in dreams, girls in the real world are not that kinky.. are they?

          I looked at her legs and licked my lips again. There was another drip running down her skin.

          What if they are?

          I decided to take a leap of faith. Real girls with my particular.. uuh kink were hard to find. Even if they somehow are common; you rarely found one because they never admitted to it. I had everything to gain, the worse that could happen is she never spoke to me again. We only just met. Not exactly the end of the world, we had no social media or friends in common, outside of this laundry mat neither of us existed as far as the other was concerned.

          “Uuhh.. actually I had a similar dream”, I said with confusion, going very red and looking at my feet at the admission, any remaining confidence evaporating afterwards.

          “Did you?”, she said. She turned to face me, using her hands on my head to make me look into her face again. “I dreamed I needed to pee, and you offered to help, then you made me feel better afterwards, four times. FOUR!”
          Her eyes sparkled when she said Four. Scratch that, they sparked like a damned firework going off.

          She paused to glance in my eyes, her own eyes a mixture of confused emotions, none of them bad. Her eyes softened, apparently she saw I was terrified. She resumed, whispering now, “So then I made you feel better too.”

          She looked at my face, as if examining every detail, “how about your dream?”, She asked, trying to sound cheerful as she waited for me to say something. But she looked vulnerable, as if admitting what happened in her dream had representing confessing a secret too, and she was not sure how I might react.

          Her eyes were pretty. Shades of emerald and cobalt. That detail had not been in the dream. I swallowed, “My dream was similar, except we were not alone”, I said nervously. Her eyes went a bit wide, as if up to this point it had been a game to her, not really believing we had the same dream; but hoping I might re-enact it for her anyway. She had not mentioned others. I had. There was. Others in the dream that is. She had kept that to herself. That had caught her by surprise.

          Thinking much the same thing as I had a moment earlier she decided to take her own leap of faith, for much the same reason.

          She locked her eyes to my own with sudden intensity, “Then I woke up and discovered I had wet my bed in my sleep..." she paused, noting my pupils dialate like an explosion as she admitted to something so shameful, there was still no disgust on my face.

          If anything she saw the exact opposite in there.

          This apparently motivated to speak more, the words all coming out now in a rush as she continued speaking, "...Then I realised I was glad I did; because it was not all pee, I must have orgasmed four times in my sleep, I made quite a mess. Just from IMAGINING you doing something to me in a dream!”, She took a step toward me, “I was so horny when I woke up, I just sat there in my mess in shock. I had to masturbate twice, TWICE! before I could even calm down enough to get out of bed and change the sheets. I was that turned on, I’ve never done anything like that before, or even considered pee sexy before. But now I cant stop thinking about it.”

          She was standing close enough to almost kiss me now. I was not sure now if she was angry or horny. Her eyes flashed fire at me. As if daring me to reject her or look disgusted. I could almost feel the heat from the flames on my face. I did neither. If anything from her perspective my pupils dilated still more and I looked even more interested in her now. She went slightly pale again, as if suddenly embarrassed at what she had said.. then she looked down to the side, and whispered, “But I suppose it could not have been the same dream”

          I looked at the side of her face. Cute freckles too. “Just how did I uuuh, help you.. and make you feel better in the dream exactly?”, I asked, too shellshocked at this point to have the good sense to shut my mouth.

          She sighed, and turned her back to me, to hide her red face. “It's embarassing. You used your mouth on me.. I... in your mouth i mean.. and you kept licking afterward”, she said nervously.

          She avoided looking at my face. She sighed again, ending with a little humming sound. She mumbled “Four times..” quietly under her breath as if daydreaming, playing with her skirt, giving me brief flashes off her ass cheeks as she did. Then looking back at me she added quickly, “Then I used my mouth on you back..”. She gave me a cute coy look, but still avoided my eyes. She licked her lips, the impression leaving no doubts that in the dream she had swallowed it too.

          I stood there mutely, my face going pale. A million thoughts running through my head. This is impossible. Two different people cant be in the same dream surely. For one, considering some of my dreams, I would have a lot of explaining to do, for a lot of people!

          I laughed nervously, like a man who had suddenly gone insane. Sounding a little unnerved, I said, “..and I swallowed it, I suppose you will tell me now Melissa and Letisha are real too”

          She spun around, her face suddenly very pale, “Yes they are, but how do you know about them?” I blinked in shock, “uuhn at the end of my dream your friends at the laundry invited me to some sort of pee party with you, and everyone was naked, they seemed to be the hosts, then I woke up, it's embarassing, i dream that sort of thing all the time.. i didn't want to say. Sorry”

          "At our sorority house?", she asked. I nodded.

          She blinked, “Laura and Alisha invited you? Hmm yes they were in the dream too, but I cant remember any party.. although actually you would never know it, they are the most uptight girls in our dorm, but when Melissa and Letisha get drunk they do tend to get very loud and naked, and usually forget to use the toilet for the night."
          She paused for a breath, "They tend to make quite a mess.. actually so does Melissa and Letisha, at least they did at the party we had last night, they were so drunk they were wrestling on the floor and they both lost control of their bladder on each other. Everyone at the party was so drunk they thought it was hilarious."

          She paused again, looking thoughtful, adding, "Actually more than just hilarious; a bunch of them, including those four girls went off together into a bedroom after that, from the sounds they didn’t get much sleep. Most of the girls in our dorm are really into girls as well as boys, and get a bit carried away some times.”, she was looking into space again as if daydreaming about getting up to wicked things
          with girls herself.

          She looked at me, took a breath, and dropped one last bombshell, "That's why I am here, since last night I cant resist pissing my knickers, and all the other girls in my dorm too. We have been doing it all day. We ran out. I drew the short straw to wash them."

          “Ahh..”, I said. Feeling uncomfortable. The entire story was so hot I had a raging boner now, not helped by the memory of what happened in my dream.

          She looked at me pleadingly again, “Look I hate to ruin this admittedly weird moment, but I really do need to pee, can you do anything about it?”

          “Oh god yes” I said, dropping to the floor and planting my mouth on her leaking vagina. “Holy shit!”, she squealed, the surprise making her immediately lose any remaining control of her bladder as she nearly fell over. Lucky my mouth was there to catch it, and my hands to catch her bare ass. I sucked and lapped away at her, some of it running down my chin. When she eventually ran dry, which took a while, as the licking kept making the flow slow down. She didn't let me lick her until she climaxed however, like in the dream, instead Isabel pushed me to the floor, pulled down my pants and mounted me. This time she made ME cum four times by the time she was done.

          She was quite insistent about making it happen too. Each time she got me off, she would lean in and suck to keep me hard, and then some. Then mount me again until she made me shoot another load. All things considered it was pretty exciting, i would have tasted of her pee, juices and my own cum, and she just kept going back to suck on it for more each time.

          By that point I was the one yelling holy shit. I was pretty sure she got off a few more times than I did too, she was quite out of control with her lusts. My last three took me twice as long., and hers took the same time each. 7 of her wet orgasms to my 4 loads into her.

          During her lust, The drier beeped. Isabel, who was at that point devouring my tongue while she drove herself at my penis, stopped to look up.

          “Oh ye.. the clothes.”, she said with a giggle, as she kept working me long enough to finish me off the 4 times. It was pure luck no other customers walked in on us. She had been treating my tongue the same way as my penis, if it had been possible, I think my tongue would have orgasmed in her mouth too. Oddly all I could taste in her mouth was her, her pee and her vagina. She must have immediately swallowed anything I shot in her mouth each time, and kept sucking until no trace remained on me or in her mouth. Wow.

          Redfaced from the exertion and somewhat more calm and happy now, She helped me up and fixed my pants. “Sorry, I think I got a bit carried away there..”, she said with a cute smile at me, looking at the pee stains down the front of my shirt, and some suspicious wet spots on my pants. I just shrugged and smiled, standing there panting as my heart tried to recover.

          I looked like I had just been hit by a train, and somehow survived without any injuries.

          “So...”, she said. I looked at her. She went red again. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I don’t suppose you want to help me carry these back to my frat house, those other four girls you dreamt of, woke up this morning in such a bad mood.. if you did wake up when you said you did, and they somehow had the same dream, I think I know why now… maybe you can make it up to them too..”

          I nodded, blinking with confusion over it all as I collected the clothes for her. Mostly kinky underwear, and from the sizes belonging to several girls. “Next you will be telling me they also all run around naked in the common room”, I said to her as we walked towards the dormitory. “Only on Fridays, after 6pm, we do shots like that, saves on laundry if we make a mess”, she said.

          I nodded then nearly fell over. It WAS Friday, and it was a quarter past 6. We arrived at her dorm house. She opened the front door, and pulled me, carrying all the girls dry underwear, and matching silk underclothes into the common room, then deadlocked the door behind me.

          I turned to look around, she had just locked me inside with about a dozen other girls. Without a key the door couldn't be unlocked. The same two girls I remembered from the end of my dream walked up to me, in much the same state as they had been in my dream.

          Plus they were all naked.

          Izzi wasn’t kidding.
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