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  • Bella Slayde

    Isabella Slayde or as she likes to be called, Bella, grew up in a very middle class suburban family in Austin Texas. Her mother Kris Slayde, is an interior designer and is well known in the local area. Bella’s Father Derek Slayde is a business man, working for an up and coming technology company that codes for gaming applications for the IPhone. She lives in a beautiful 2 story green house in Shady Hollow and goes to Bowie High School on W Slaughter Lane. Bella is a very happy and “go lucky” teenager and enjoys hanging out with her friends.

    Despite her natural abilities, Bella tends to be very quiet. Her quietness is not due to self esteem issues, but rather her high level of intelligence. Bella is a chronic over-thinker, constantly questioning the world around her which causes her to become distracted and sometimes unaware of her environment. She has just turned 18 years old also happens to be quite beautiful but very unaware of it. She is also quite talented and artistic, always gravitating towards creative activities rather than debauchery like many of her classmates. You see, Bella is dedicated to her school theatre club and has been an avid performer even from an early age. Her mother Kris, placed her in Tap and other dance classes as a little girl where she fell in love with performance art. Bella stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs roughly 131 pounds. She has long beautiful red hair that goes down to the center of her back which is often braided on one side. When she is not performing, it is usually placed elegantly up into a bun. While she would call her hair wavy, it is actually quite straight and rarely to her delight does it become frizzy in high humidity. She has small but very perky breasts and a tight round bottom which has become toned from all the dancing that she does.

    Bella sometimes gets told she looks older than she is because of how she dresses. Her style consists of wearing sweaters and dresses and once in awhile, she even wears overalls. She also tends to only wear full cut bikini style panties or boy shorts to the dismay of her male peers. Her friends often joke with her regarding her bottom due to her being so blissfully unaware of how attractive she is. Bella always relates to them that she has no idea where her curvy bottom came from as her mother is quite thin and has no breasts nor a bottom worth noting. They often joke together that her mother must have, “run off her assets.” Kris stands 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs roughly 120 pounds on a good day. She has long blonde hair that rests right below her shoulders and she is quite the active runner. When she was much younger, she would run in half marathons every fall and trained much more regularly. She often still gets up early in the morning to run before coming home and making a pot of coffee prior meeting her clients. Her father Derek is very tall standing roughly 6 feet 4 inches and he is heavy set, averaging around 260 pounds. He has bright red hair and a long gray beard that falls to the top of his neckline. While he may be unassuming now, he was once a truly amazing athlete playing Tight End for UTSA back in the late nineteen nineties. The family is quite close since it is only the three of them, and they often spend a lot of time together watching movies and having family dinners. The only nights they aren't together are on the nights that Derek is traveling for work and Bella is running lines late at school. Bella currently has been cast as Elsa for the Bowie High School production of Frozen and couldn’t be more excited about it. While Bella has a long history of performing in school plays, she had never perviously been cast as the lead for anything so she is quite proud of herself. Her mother took her and her friends out to celebrate her being cast in the starring role at a restaurant called Texas de Brazil, one of her favorites. Bella had worked hard all summer long just getting ready for her senior year play. She had high hopes that she might land a starring role and sure enough she was able to get the lead. Bella was also recently just accepted to attend the University of California this upcoming fall and is currently riding high on all of her accomplishments this year.

    For Bella, life has been wonderful and she hasn’t had many struggles that have kept her from getting the things that she needs nor has she struggled to make friends when she wants to. While she isn’t popular by any stretch of the imagination, she does have a couple of very close people in her life being her best friends Rose Dunne and Lia Wu. She is also thought of very fondly by her classmates for being so kind and generous. Rose is a red head which is how they bonded when they first met. Rose stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs roughly 145 pounds. While she is not fat, she does have some more baby weight to lose but it all rests in her thighs. Lia on the other hand is very short, standing only 5 feet 1 inches tall and weighs only 115 pounds. She has a very flat chest but does have a very curvy bottom just like Bella’s. Lia moved to Texas from Hawaii a few years ago and is also a committed theatre enthusiast. She was cast as Anna in the school play and the girls are more excited than ever to be sharing the stage together in their senior year. Tonight Bella is staying late at school running lines with Lia and a few of the other girls just trying to get ready for the Fall premiere in 10 days. The school Theatre was large and old and smells a bit like mildew but it happens to be Bella’s favorite place at school. Sometimes she even comes inside and studies with her friends just because of how comforting it can be to just be in there. Especially since she is now a senior it has become a place of self reflection for Bella always reminiscing about her previous roles and auditions. There are about 20 rows of grey padded seats and around 15 seats per row. All the girls were on stage practicing lines and creating the set while their teacher was sitting in the first row taking notes.

    “Isabella, can you sing Monster one more time for us tonight? I just want to hear you do it in a higher key this time.” asked the Theatre teacher Ms. Wiggs. Ms. Wiggs was an older women but she is also a very talented teacher and unanimously loved among the students. During her tenure at Bowie, she has helped scout out some amazing performers over the years including one of her prized pupils who currently has a supporting role on Broadway in the show Newsies.

    “Okay, I can give it a try!” responded Bella in a timid tone. While Bella loves acting and is actually quite the ham when she gets into her character, singing has always been something she has been self conscious about. She sometimes misses the higher notes as a result of her over thinking what she is doing. Ms. Wiggs has done an amazing job getting her out of her comfort zone recently and Bella has truly appreciated her guidance. Bella honestly doesn’t think she would be ready to take on opening day without her tutelage. Bella then takes a deep breath and once again sings the song.

    “Great job Bella!!” shouted Lia once Bella had finished. “If you sing like that when we are live there won’t be a dry eye in the audience!” Lia walked over and gave Bella a hug and Bella smiled and embraced her friend. Ms. Wiggs also walked over and praised Bella for her solo.

    “Okay girls! Great job tonight I am so proud of all of you. Please over the weekend work on your lines and remember, we only have 10 more days until we open so make sure you practice, practice, practice!!!” directed Ms. Wiggs. Ms. Wiggs was already packing her bag and was getting ready to head home for the night.

    “Thank you!” replied the girls. Everyone then grabbed their stuff and began heading out to the parking lot. Bella grabbed her book bag and her purse from one of the seats in front and started to walk out with her friend Lia. Bella felt her stomach churn a bit to let her know that she needed to move her bowels but she chose to ignore it preferring to always use the bathroom in the comfort of her own home. Lia also looked ready to get out of there as well so the girls headed towards the exit.

    “What are you’re plans for the weekend Bella”” asked Lia walking stride for stride with her in the parking lot. Lia was wearing a white blouse and black leggings, clutching onto her Michael Kors backpack.

    “My mom and I are going to be doing a harry potter marathon on Saturday night if you want to come over?” replied Bella almost arriving at her baby blue Toyota Corolla. “Were only going to be watching films 5-7 though.”

    “That sounds like so much fun! I’ll be there!” replied Lia who was also parked next to Bella. She had a black Lexus RX 350 that was once her mothers. Lia tossed her bag in the back seat.

    “Awesome! See you tomorrow then!” said Bella as the girls embraced one more time before they started their separate journeys home.

    The drive home was not a long one as Bella lived only 15 minutes away from the school. She often puts on music or as of late she has been singing her parts, taking every moment to practice her lines while heading anywhere. Tonight however she was a bit distracted as her stomach kept gurgling. Bella had been having some tummy issues lately which she attributed to nerves regarding her upcoming performance. Today Bella had hardly eaten anything and she also had not used the bathroom in almost 4 days. Constipation is a familiar foe for Bella as is her anxiety. Usually they happen in unison but it had been a while since her last episode. Hannah just kept her head down and focused on getting home and hopefully relieving some of this pressure in her bowels. Tonight Bella was wearing a long sleeve purple shirt that was more lavender than purple that she had found at Free People, a pair of white jeans from Target that were a bit too big for her around the waist which were held up by a white belt, a black bra from Victoria Secret and a very old pair of turquoise panties with Jasmine from Aladdin on the rear that she has had since before she could remember. The pair of panties was quite old and has faded over time and may be a little too tight on her now as well. Bella had her hands gripped on 10 and 2 as she approached her neighborhood only to see a bunch of cars lined up in front of her by the crossroads of Elizabeth Street and Colonial Lane about 1 mile away from her house.

    Bella could see the lights of 3 cop cars and 2 fire trucks about 11 car lengths ahead of her blocking off the road that takes her home. She slowed her car down to a stop and cussed under her breath unsure of how long this delay might take. Bella took out her phone and texted her mother to let her know that there was an issue preventing her from coming home. As Bella put down her phone she looked into the rearview mirror and observed 3 more cars now come to a stop behind her. “Ugggg I need to get home.” whispered Bella under her breath as she tried to look around outside to see the cause of the traffic. Bella heard her stomach gurgle and she grabbed her stomach and hunched over a little. “This is not good. Oh my gosh I need to go potty.” Cried Bella once again in a whispered form of self talk. Bella regretted not going when she felt the urge at school earlier. She kept looking out the windshield to see what was going on.

    About 20 minutes passed with no movement and Bella was becoming very desperate to use the restroom. She had been texting her mom and giving her updates on the situation and had also let her know that she needed to use the bathroom quite desperately. Her mother told her to hold on and she was confident that the traffic would move very soon. She had also related that she had dinner waiting for her when she came home. Bella was about ready to pop out of her chair and walk home if things didn’t start moving. She then saw a glimmer of hope when she saw a cop walk over to the car in front of her and it seemed like she was about to get an update. Sure enough, the police officer talked for about a minute or so with the person in front of her and then he made his way over to her car and Bella lowered the window.

    “Good evening Miss, I’m sorry about the delay. I wanted to inform you that there was an accident involving a downed tree and the fire department is almost done moving the debris. It should only be around another 15 minutes until its cleared and then you will be safe to move on your way.” related the Police Officer. Bella shrugged her head in frustration and said, “Thank you for the update officer.” The Police officer then moved onto the car behind her and Bella closed her window.

    Great, thought Bella as she was dubbed over once again in pain due to the pressure in her bowels. She texted her mother that it should be only another 15 minutes until the traffic would start moving. Her mother then told her that she was excited to see her and was looking forward to hearing all about her day over dinner. Bella then put her phone down after another huge cramps and bent over once again in pain. Bella has a history of tummy issues related to her chronic constipation. Her Pediatrician also related to her and her family when she was younger that he believed that Bella had a condition called, encopresis. Basically, Bella would avoid using the bathroom for days until she would become so constipated that only diarrhea would come out and she would be forced to take stool softeners regularly to avoid it. Her mom even set up a daily poop chart of her in the bathroom where she could record her bowel movements to ensure a Bella had a healthy metabolism. Due to this issue Bella also had a quite extensive accident history during her elementary years. Despite this, Bella has been accident free since the 8th grade and the last thing she wanted to do now was to break that streak. She was determined to hold on as long as she could but the problem was that she was almost at her breaking point.

    Bella looked out the window and kept watching the firemen and the police officers hoping to see any sign that the debris was fully cleared and she could move on home. It had been about 10 minutes since the update for the Police Officer and Bella was beginning to sweat. She decided due to her heavy bowel and the pressure she was feeling that she needed to relieve some by passing gas. Bella leaned to her left side and lifted her bottom of the seat and let out a few farts. As she was doing this she felt a sharp pain in her left abdomen and she shivered. Bella felt goosebumps cascade down her arms and down her back. Soon after, she felt the tip of her large movement poke its head out of her bottom and start making contact with her butt cheeks and touch the seat of her panties.”Oh no!!!” cried Bella no longer in a whispered tone. She clutched her stomach and tried to brace herself as she tried to stop her movement in its tracks. She was successful but only after she has released a turd the size of a hot wheels car into her panties. The poo was hard and it was painful for Bella to stop. She felt it mostly nestled safely between her cheeks and the top portion of it she was sure was making contact with the seat of her panties. Bella reached around to make sure that she could assess the damage but because of how thick her white jeans were, she couldn’t feel the turd nor measure the damage.

    “Oh my gosh, I cant believe this is happening.” cried Bella as she could feel tears start to form in her eyes. She was so upset as this whole situation could have been avoided had she just gone to the bathroom at school. Instead she was now struggling to avoid having an accident and was in a race against time. She could see things still stopped in the road in front of her and was begging to be able to make it home.

    A few more minutes passed and Bella was able to calm herself down. She had come to terms with the situation for what it was and was able to reconcile what just happened in her mind. The situation was just the culmination of and unforntuate problem caused by terrible timing and some bad luck. She had wiped the tears from her eyes with the sleeve of her purple shirt and looked at the clock on her car’s dashboard. It had been 20 minutes now since her last update from the cop and it looked like things were still not moving. Bella’s mom was texting her for updates and she continued to relate back that there was still no movement with the traffic. Bella was not ready to share with her mother the entirely of her situation due to a sense of shame about having partially soiling herself. Unfortunately for Bella, the only movement so far since getting stopped had been in her bowels. She could currently feel the hard turd nestled safely between her cheeks and was at least grateful that her movement was hard and not runny where it could ruin the white pants that she loved so much. She still couldn’t feel the movement when she touched the outside of her pants but she new it was there and was still kind of hoping that she might get out with her panties unscathed. She was very sentimental about her Jasmine panties as they were often the pair she wore when she wanted to be the most comfortable. Bella then thought about how comfortable she was in the car having now been sitting around for a half hour. She began to analyze what it felt like to have poo sitting between her cheeks. She was surprised that while the situation was quite hard to compartmentalize mentally, it physically didn’t feel all that bad. In fact, it kind go felt nice to her having a warm poo sitting between her cheeks. The whole situation was strange for Bella and she was truly at odds with herself.

    All of a sudden Bella then had a major cramp, this time in her whole abdomen. She hunched over in pain and was almost bewildered by how much pressure she was feeling in her bowels. Bella then decided that all of this was not worth the amount of pain that she was currently in and she then lifted her bottom off of the seat and started to push. She felt her anus open up and her large movement began to slowly push its way out. First it met the resistance of the previous turd that had been safely tucked between her cheeks. She kept pushing and pushing and felt it make it’s way past her cheeks and meet the full resistance of her panties and jeans. There was not a lot of room in her pants due to how tight they were and unfortunately to the dismay of Bella, she felt the end of her movement become much softer as it made its way to wherever it could just to escape her anus. She could feel the movement spread around her butt and it kept going and going to where she could feel her making in places she wasn’t even expecting. After what felt like and eternity, Bella could finally tell that she was done. She reached around to feel her bottom with her right hand and gasped audibly. Her entire bottom felt like it was completely covered in her poop. She caressed her bottom lightly with her hand to see where here movement started and where it had ended and she felt it go as high up as the top of her jeans and as far down as the top of her thighs. She even could feel some of her moment up in the front of her jeans by her pussy. She was so overwhelmed by the state of her pants that her reaction was just to sit down which she instantly regretted.

    “Sploooshhhhhhh,” The minute her bottom made contact with the seat she felt it before she heard it. The warmth of her movement made it obvious as to where it had went and she couldn’t do anything about it. She felt some of her poop shoot out of the top of her pants and onto the bottom of her back as well as it shoot up the front of her pants and she could tell that her vagina was now covered in her making. She sat there is shock not knowing what to do unto she heard the backup noise from one of the fire trucks ahead of her. From the looks of things, it seemed like she was about to be able to finally make it home. “Fuck.” she thought. she had been so close.

    Another 3 minutes or so went by until things had finally cleared up enough for traffic to start making its was through the intersection. Bella had just sat there the whole time processing the events of the previous now 45 minutes. When it was her turn to move, she put her car back in drive and began heading home. The Police officer that had spoken to her earlier waved her on and she started feeling intense shame. Here she was an 18 year old girl who has now just fully shit herself, and he doesn’t even know. What would he think of her, What would her parents think of her? She became more and more anxious the closer she was to her home.

    It was a very quick drive for Bella from where she was parked due to it being only 1 mile away from her house. “So fucking close,” she kept thinking. How could she have just given in like that? She felt guilty, she should of held on longer! She could have held on, she thought. She kept telling herself that she was just in so much pain that she couldn’t take it anymore. Her big beautiful green house then appeared on the right of the road as she was driving home and she then pulled into the driveway and parked her car. She was still continuing to process how she was feeling both physically and mentally trying to understand where she was at before going inside and dealing with everything. She was confused as to the real reason why she had just given in like that. She told herself, it was just because of how much pain she was in but deep down, she knew there was more to it than that. When she had initially let out a little bit of poop before regaining control she was upset but then things changed. At first, it was more about the mental aspect but the more and more she felt the poop in her pants and the longer she was forced to sit there, the more comfortable she became with the situation. In the end, it was almost reassuring to her that it was okay to have an accident because it physically felt good to her. That hard feeling of the movement between her cheeks. It had almost put her into a trance and when the last cramp came she just gave into it because, how bad was it really? Its not likes had hurt anyone nor had she did something illegal. In fact her giving in had prevented her from feeling anymore pain, and she had been in a lot of pain.The experience of letting go had been very cathartic to her like she was regaining her power back and taking control back of the situation rather then really losing her control.

    As Bella sat there deep in thought she saw her mother come out of the house and start walking over to where Bella was sitting in the front seat of her car. Bella then opened the door and started crying again. She wasn’t sure of why she was crying but she did. Maybe it was because she felt a bit shameful or maybe because that was the reaction she thought was needed to justify her actions. Tears just kept rolling down her face and once again she used the sleeve of her purple sweater to wipe them away.

    “Mommmy, I…..I…. couldn’t hold it. I pooped all over myself.” Cried Bella now standing next to the front seat of her car. Her mom stopped about 3 feet from her and smiled at Bella.

    “Shhhh, no need to cry honey its alright.” Kris then grabbed Bella’s bag from the backseat and walked closer to Bella. “There was nothing you could do baby girl. Lets get you inside and get you cleaned up.” Her mom guided Bella inside after giving her a big hug and she didn’t even respond to or give any indication about the awful smell that was definitely emanating from Bella. Kris continued to hug her daughter and guided Bella inside the house and shut the front door behind her.

    Bella’s house had a big foyer inside with a large staircase that led up the staircase and over to where all the bedrooms were. At the top of the stairs was the intersection of all the rooms. Bella’s room and the guest rooms were to the left along with the jack and jill bathroom that sat between the larger guest room and Bella’s room. To the right was the master bedroom and bathroom that belonged to her mother and father. Bella’s mom guided her to where her bedroom and bathroom were and shut the bedroom door behind them once they had made their way inside. Kris Slayde dropped Bella’s bag on the top of her wooden desk in the corner by the window that faced the backyard. Bella’s bed sat adjacent to the window facing the entrance to the bedroom. On the opposite side of the room next to the entrance to the bathroom was a large full length mirror. Bella had stopped crying enough to look into the mirror at herself and she observed that her white jeans were obviously soiled and the poop had leaked through the fabric. There was now a large brown stain that basically covered her entire bottom. Bella was quite shocked at just how much poop there was and was even more surprised at just how messy she was. While most of her poop was hard, the soft portion that had come at the end had made sure to fill up the remaining empty space in her pants.

    As Bella continued to look at herself in the mirror, her mother decided to take charge and help Bella out of her soiled clothes. Her mom then lifted her purple shirt off of Bella without saying anything and Bella responded by raising her arms in the air and let her mother remove her clothing. Once her shirt was off, her black Victoria Secret bra was revealed. Bella’s mom then stood behind her daughter and unclasped her bra and slowly guided it off her daughter revealing her small but very perky breasts. Kris put the clothes on the floor of the bedroom and after doing so it revealed a poo stain on the back side of her purple shirt. Bella just continued to look at herself in the mirror without saying anything just standing there very deep in thought. “Alright Bella honey, it’s time to remove your pants now.” Kris walked in front of Bella and undid her belt and unclasped the button on her jeans. She then pulled down her daughters pants and by doing so, a bunch of soft poop came down with it and hit the floor with a “thud.” Neither Kris nor Bella said anything and Kris continued to help guide Bella’s feet out of the soiled jeans one foot at a time. “I don’t think were going to be able to save these pants honey. I am just going to throw them away baby but I promise that we can get you another pair and it will be like nothing ever even happened.” stated Kris reassuringly. Bella hardly listened to her mother still just staring at her self in the mirror processing everything. Bella had never felt so vulnerable yet so loved in her life. Now Bella was only standing there in just her greatly soiled Jasmine panties that were filled with so much stool that they were hanging very low on her hips despite just how tight they had been on her. There was even poo on the outside of them which prevented poor Jasmines face from being seen much or even at all. It had been a very long time since Bella had felt like as big a baby as she did in that moment.

    “Honey, lets walk over and get you into the shower and so we can take your panties off. I just want to make sure that no more poop gets on the floor.” directed Kris. Both mother and daughter then made their way into the bathroom and Bella walked into the large bathtub and began to take off her panties. She was shocked at just how heavy they were and dropped them onto the floor of the tub with a loud “thud”. Bella’s mom then grabbed the garbage can from under the sink and threw Bella’s panties and the jeans into the bag and then tied it up. Kris then grabbed the purple shirt and started scrubbing the poo out of it in the sink. Bella turned on the water and waited for it to get warm and then closed the shower curtain, hiding her from her mother’s view. Bella then showered for quite some time and her mother brought the bag of soiled clothes out to the garbage can outside. It was hard for Bella to get clean but she managed to do so effectively. She thought a lot about the whole experience while she was getting clean and she was still very much at odds with herself regarding how it felt physically verses how it felt emotionally. Once Bella was done showering she turned off the water and saw that her mother had made her way out of her bedroom already leaving Bella’s purple shirt in the bathroom sink. There was a tide stain stick on the right side of the counter.

    Bella dried herself off and then made her way over to the bedroom. Bella looked at herself in the mirror again now that the whole ordeal was over and gazed at her naked body. Bella’s long red hair glistened in her reflection as did the leftover drops of water that rested on her pale skin. Bella couldn’t help but think about how babyish and little she felt. That beautiful adult woman looking back at her was a far cry away from how she was feeling. There was also something else, something in the back of her mind that she had a hard time letting go of. That something she was thinking about was only the thought of just how good it had felt to mess herself. How warm and comforting it was and how lovely it had felt to be supported so much by her loving mother. Despite how embarrassed she had been about the situation tonight she had also felt more loved than she had ever been before. There has been a lot of stress in her life lately with opening night looming and awaiting college acceptance letters and even more so not knowing what the next years of her life might look like nor truly knowing what she wanted to be when she grows up. There was definitely something to be said about feeling little again, like the world isn’t so scary or as alone as it might feel sometime. That just, maybe your mommy is still able to come in and save the day and make you feel supported and loved.

    Bella started getting dressed as she continued to process these feelings and put on some pajamas. She chose to wear her bright pink barbie pajamas rather than her silk nightie that she had bought herself from Victoria Secret. Afterwards, Bella went downstairs to thank her mother and have dinner with her family.

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    Chapter 2

    The next morning, Bella woke up earlier than usual. Usually, she sleeps until 10:00 on the weekends, but this morning she actually woke up at 7:30 am. The first thing she noticed was that It was awfully quiet in the house. Normally, Bella wakes up to the sound of the washer going, the aroma’s of bacon and eggs emanating from the kitchen, and the daily news blaring on the television in the living room. Today however, all she could hear were the sound of her father downstairs getting ready for his foursome. Her father Derek always plays golf on the weekend with his buddies at the local country club. Her mother she imagined was off running on her usual route in the neighborhood which was probably why it was so quiet. Her mother just hasn’t come home and started her weekend chores yet. Due to the quietness and the fact that she was still very tired, Bella decided to take advantage of the situation and chose to lay in bed and relax. As she laid there, she began to think about the events from the previous evening. She thought about having had an accident and the horrible feeling of being stuck in her car with nowhere to go. She then thought about her wonderful mother and the great lengths that she had taken to help Bella get cleaned. Then after that, Bella thought about the events that transpired afterward, when Bella ended up going downstairs after her shower and had a wonderful dinner with her family. Despite there was an enormous element in the room, there was also a large aura of love and understanding that offered a calming presence which allowed Bella to relax and eat her dinner. Bella was so very grateful for that and she truly felt loved and supported by both of her parents. Afterwards, she watched her favorite show with her father in the living room and laughed and joked around. During the show, Bella fell into a deep sleep on the couch but didn’t dream about anything. All she could remember before waking up this morning was that her father tried to wake her up so she could head upstairs to bed. After a few minutes of trying, her dad then decided to pick her up in his arms and carried her upstairs to her bedroom. It had been a very, very long time since her father had carried her like that. Even in her half sleep state she felt so cared for and loved. He then carefully laid her onto her bed and her mother tucked her in and kissed her on the forehead. Bella then slept through the night like a baby with her heart so very full.

    As Bella laid there thinking about the previous night, she drifted back off to sleep. Bella then began to dream. In this dream, Bella found herself playing in her old playroom gazing upon her large pink doll house, the one that had been stored in the garage now for many years. She was so excited to see it that she skipped over to it and sat down in front of it. Bella then grabbed her toys from the toy chest adjacent to it and started to play with her dolls. Bella was very happy and was quite literally having the best time she’s had in years. While Bella was playing, she found herself needing to use the potty but she didn’t want to get up and stop playing. Bella looked down in dismay, frustrated about having to leave her toys to go and use the bathroom. As she was looking down, she saw that she was wearing a pretty pink pull up with one of her favorite Disney princesses on it. She then became so very happy because she didn’t have to leave her toys anymore. As Bella continued to play with her dolls and her dollhouse, she let her bladder go and she started to use her pull up. Bella could feel the warmth of her urine forcefully cascading out of her and into her beautiful little diaper. It just filled and filled and grew and grew as it absorbed her urine. Bella continued to play and continued to pee until she started feeling very wet. All of a sudden, Bella awoke from her dream and could feel it before she saw it. Bella was laying in her bed and saw that she was wetting the bed. She could feel that her bed was getting wetter and wetter underneath her. What was weird for Bella was that she didn’t feel the urge to stop herself from peeing. She then reached down and pulled the blanket off of her while still continuing to pee and saw the large puddle forming beneath her. Bella was surprised had how uncaring she truly felt about wetting her bed. The only feeling that Bella could recognize within her was of disappointment that her dream wasn’t a reality. She was sad that she wasn’t wearing one of those beautiful little pull ups which would have protected her and her bed. Bella continued to watch herself pee and the puddle grow until her stream naturally ended. Once she was done peeing, Bella wasn’t sure what she should do next. She looked over at her alarm clock on the white bedside table next to her and it read 9:41 am. She could hear the sounds of the Television downstairs and a sense of relief came over her when she realized that her mom was now home.

    “Mommmy!!!!…….Mommmmy!!!!” cried Bella from her bed. Bella listened to hear if her mother was coming to her rescue. Bella waited for a moment but heard no response.

    “Mommmmmmmy!!!!!…….Mommmmyy!!!” cried Bella. This time Bella heard her mother climb up the old wooden stairs and Bella pulled up the covers feeling a sense of relief but instinctually wanted to hide her mess. She heard her mothers footsteps get closer and closer and then her bedroom door opened. Bella’s mother Kris was standing there in her workout gear which consisted of a pair of grey leggings from LuLu Lemon and a tight sports bra that was mostly there for show due to her mothers lack of breast size.

    “Is everything okay honey?” Kris asked her daughter. “I was making you some breakfast. I hope you are ready for avocado toast!” Kris smiled down at her daughter who was still sitting in her bed with the covers on.

    “Mommmy….I…..I….had a problem.” said Bella shyly. As she still clung to the comforter. Bella looked up at her mother’s gaze and saw a quizzical look form on her face.

    “What’s the matter honey? are you alright?” asked Kris. Kris walked over to where Bella was laying down and started to rub Bella’s beautiful red hair.

    Bella nodded to her mother and but chose not to respond with words. Instead, Bella slowly removed her comforter and revealed her very wet Barbie Pajamas and bedding. Bella then looked up at her mother and felt very little in that moment.

    Bella studied her mother’s reaction and was reassured when her mother responded in a loving and motherly manner. At first, Kris’ eyes showed a little bit of surprise but that look quickly turned into a look of understanding. Kris then squatted down to Bella’s level and continued to rub Bella’s head taking her time to slowly pet her daughters beautiful red hair. As she was rubbing Bella’s head, Kris responded, “It’s okay my darling girl. Accident’s happen and there is no need to feel ashamed. I bet you are just not feeling very well and maybe could have come down with a cold or even a tummy flu. Why don’t we get you up and out of bed and over to the shower. I will make sure to wash your sheets so that by the time you are ready for bed tonight, they will be as good as new. How does that sound honey?”

    “Thank’s Mommy. I’m sorry about the bed. It was an accident.” said Bella still talking in a shy and quiet tone of voice. “Are we still going to have a Harry Potter marathon tonight? I invited Lia over to spend the night and watch with us?” asked Bella. Her mother continued to rub her head and responded, “Of course we will honey. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Your friend Lia is always welcome to come over. Why don’t we get you all cleaned up and we will plan it all out over breakfast.” Bella smiled up at her mother and nodded.

    Bella was then helped out of bed by her mother. Once she was on her feet, she looked down at the state of her pink Barbie Pajamas and observed just how wet they were. They were soaked from the thighs all the way up to the middle of her back and clung to her skin like a post it note. She looked down at her bed and saw that the puddle was large. It was so big that her mother had to take off all the blankets in order to see the full stain. Bella’s mother also seemed surprised herself with just how large the stain was. Bella then removed her wet pajamas and put them on the floor with all of her soiled bedding and then walked over to the shower. Bella’s mom scooped up her daughters linens and clothes and headed to the laundry room. Bella took her time in the shower and cleaned herself very well. Once she felt that she was done, she turned off the water and dried herself off with a green towel that had hung on the wall next to her. Once Bella was dry, she walked over to the bedroom where she once again took some time to look at her naked body in the mirror. She loved the way she looked but the older she got, the more her reflection differed from the way she felt about herself. Her body glistened with the remaining droplets of water and her beautiful red her was still damp and clung to her skin like her pajamas had done just before. She reached down with her left hand and started to rub her pubic hair between her fingers in a playful manner, her hairs were just as red and just as beautiful as the hair on her head. Yes, this adult women in the mirror does not reflect the inner little girl inside of her. The events of the past 24 hours had made her feel so much more in touch with that little girl and she was not ready to let those feelings go. Bella then decided that she was going to fight to keep that little girl around because she is not ready to be a grown up yet. The world is still too scary and she need to feel little to make it all make sense. Even a duckling must learn to fly before she goes off on her own and in a few months Bella would be going off to college and that terrified her.

    Bella walked away from the mirror and over to her closet and grabbed some clothes to wear for the day. She decided on a yellow Hogwarts themed sweatshirt with a matching yellow undershirt, a pair of black leggings and yellow socks. The only thing was that Bella was undecided on was what underwear she was going to wear. She sorted through her panty drawer a couple of times but nothing seemed to grab her eye. Ultimately, she decided on a pair of white cotton panties and walked out of her closet with all of her clothes. She then dressed herself in front of the mirror and then went downstairs to the kitchen to have breakfast with her mother.

    Bella walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table where a plate with her avocado toast and cup of coffee were waiting for her. She was excited to eat something but didn’t really want the coffee. “Mommy, can you get me a glass of orange juice? I am not really feeling like coffee today.” asked Bella looking up at her mother with a smile.

    Kris turned toward her daughter and replied, “Of course you can honey. I will get you that orange juice right away.” Kris then walked over to the fridge and got her daughter the juice and brought it over to her. Kris then sat down at the table and they then had breakfast together. Bella really enjoyed her toast and was very grateful. Breakfast went by rather quickly and they chatted for a long time-out the events tonight and Bella confirmed via text with Lia that she was going to come over at 7:00 pm sharp. Just when they finished planning the takeout order, Bella wanted to bring up a more sensitive topic.

    “Mommy, I am a little worried about tonight.” said Bella. Bella looked down at her empty breakfast plate.

    “What’s the matter honey, I thought you were excited about tonight? Your friend Lia is coming over and were going to get some take out, and watch you’re favorite movies.” replied Kris. Kris looked over at her daughter with a loving but concerned manner.

    “I’m worried about having another accident Mommy. What if I have another problem and Lia finds out? I would be so embarrassed….” said Bella looking up at her mother now with watery eyes.

    Kris looked down at her daughter in an empathetic gaze and got out of her chair and hugged her daughter and said, “I know the last 24 hours have been a little crazy. I’m sure it was just some sort of passing tummy bug that caused all of that. I wouldn’t worry too much honey as I am sure it has all passed by now. If you are still not feeling like yourself then we can always tell Lia that we need to cancel and we can do everything just the two of us”

    Bella took a second and thought about what what her mom said. Her mother was being really supportive but Bella wanted more than that. Bella wanted to get pull ups, the ones that she had in her dream. She knew if she could just get them than she would feel so much better. Bella then decided to just put it out on the table and see what her mother might say.

    “I don’t want to cancel my plans with Lia but I am worried about having another accident. I would feel so much better if I was protected. Maybe we can get something for tonight for me to wear so that I don’t have to be worried about having an accident. If I wet the bed again mommy, especially in front of Lia I don’t think I could get over it.” Bella proposed. Bella looked at her mother’s eyes to gauge what she might be thinking. Here Bella was, a beautiful 18 year old girl sitting in front of her mother asking for diapers because she just had 2 accidents and was worried about possibly having more. Kris also seemed a bit perplexed about her daughters proposal.

    “Well honey, I understand where your coming from. I know having had 2 instances over the past 24 hours has been tough on you. Are you sure that getting some protection is the right decision for you? Wouldn’t you feel embarrassed if Lia found out you were wearing protection?” Kris looked Bella in the eye now more curious about what is going on with her daughter than she had been before.

    “I mean, I would feel way more embarrassed if I had an accident in front of her and she found out. One that I couldn’t hide and some protection would help keep it contained.” responded Bella. Bella met her mothers gaze and nodded her head reassuringly to let Kris know that this is what she wanted.

    “Alright honey, If that is what you want to do. I mean it doesn’t hurt anybody to be safe, I guess. Plus, you are 18 now and can make these decisions for yourself. Why don’t you run upstairs and get what you need and I will do the dishes and then we can go out to the store.” responded Kris.

    Bella thanked her mother and gave her a hug and then went upstairs to her bedroom. She didn’t want to act too excited but she definitely was. Bella’s dream made her desperately want to get diapers, to wear and feel to little again. It was all she could really think about since she woke up. Having her mother be on her side like that and support her made everything feel okay. When Bella arrived at her room she grabbed her purse from her desk. She also grabbed her keys and wallet as well and then made her way downstairs and both mother and daughter left to go to the store.


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      Chapter 3

      Bella and her mother Kris drove to the local Target because her mother also wanted to get some cleaning supplies to help fix Bella’s mattress and remove the urine stain. During the ride, Bella and her mom continued to plan the evening. Bella suggested maybe they could make some homemade cookies and they could frost them with the Hogwarts houses logos. Kris seemed to really enjoy that idea as her husband had eaten all the deserts in the house last night While they were talking, the large red roof of the target emerged and the girls parked the car and went inside.

      Bella grabbed a cart and pushed it for her mother and they took their time shopping and looking around. Like most girls, Bella and her mother loved Target as they always find things to decorate with. They found some cute arts and crafts tools to help with the cookie design and some home decor items that they put in the cart. Then her mother found her cleaning supplies that she wanted and even got some more powerful tide pods to help get the stains out of Bella’s white pants. Bella blushed when her mother grabbed the heavy duty stain remover feeling a little embarrassed. Once they got everything on their list, the girls made their way to the diaper aisle and started to peruse them. Bella’s mom seemed a bit off while looking for Bella’s protection as it was probably a bit weird for her. Considering the age of her daughter, Kris probably never thought she would be in this situation. While they were looking, Bella’s mom grabbed a box of depends fit-flex diapers off the counter.

      “How about these ones honey? they look like they are discreet and comfortable.” suggested Kris. Kris turned to her daughter and handed her the box. Bella took them from her mother and read the description. She was sad that they didn’t have any colorful patterns on them.

      “I don’t know about these ones mom. I’m not sure they are what I am looking for.” Bella responded while handing back the box to her mother. Bella then walked further down the aisle until she got to the youth diapers. Kris put the box back on the shelf and watcher daughter pick out what she wanted. Bella made her way down to the pull ups section and began searching for the ones she saw in her dream. Unfortunately for Bella, there were not any diapers with disney princesses on them. She continued to search until she found a pack of Goodnites that had stars and rainbows on them. Bella grabbed them off the shelf and walked back over to her mother was feeling very confident with herself.

      “I like these ones mommy.” Bella handed the pack over to her mother for her to review. Bella’s mom was very surprised with her daughters choice of diapers to buy however in her defense the adult diapers all seemed very boring. “Are you sure you want these ones honey? They might be a little small for you considering they are for kids. I know the adult ones don’t have fun patterns on them but they might fit you a bit better.” responded Kris.

      Bella grabbed the pack back from her mother and showed her the size chart on the back. “These ones will fit as they go up to 125 pounds. I also want to wear these because they are made for nighttime troubles and are going to support me better than the adult ones which are probably made for leaks and not bed wetting.” responded Bella.

      Kris seemed to like that answer because she smiled back at her daughter and placed the pack of Goodnites into the cart. “You are probably right Bella, I didn’t think of that honey. Let’s go get checked out and head home.” The girls then made their way to the checkout counter. Bella then for whatever reason became a bit nervous because the aisle her mother chose to go down had another peer from school on it working the register. What would she say if she found out about Bella’s diapers? “Mommy…Can we go down a different aisle?” asked Bella.

      “Why honey, This one is much shorter than the others.” responded Kris. Kris looked over at her daughter trying to find out what was wrong. Bella said, “I know that girl from school who is working the register and I don’t want her to know those diapers are for me. I don’t want to get embarrassed mommy.” Bella grabbed her mothers hand and gave her the baby eyes that always works on her mother. This time however was different because Kris was not willing to switch aisles.

      “Sorry honey, I do not want to switch aisles. I don’t feel like waiting much longer to check out. I also don’t think you need to be worried. I am pretty sure she won’t think these diapers are for you honey.” responded Kris in a more stern tone. Kris had been pretty supportive of her daughter but she was starting to get a little bit more concerned. Bella has not been acting much like herself since the first accident, choosing to act more babyish which itself was starting to rub her mother the wrong way. Her daughter was 18 after all and soon to be off to college, she needs to be more of an adult.

      Bella was taken back by her mothers response feeling very embarrassed. Those diapers were for her and everyone at school knows that she is an only child. It was like her mother didn’t really care about that. Plus her mother’s response bothered her a lot. How could she say that those diapers are for kids? That really hurt her feelings but deep down Bella knew that her mother was right. They are for kids but Bella is an adult right? She just doesn’t feel like an adult, she feels like a kid. Bella got quiet and didn’t respond back to her mother. The girls waited a few more minutes until it was their turn on the register. Bella’s mom started to put the items up to be scanned and Bella picked up a magazine to read to also hide her face hoping to not be recognized.

      “Hi Bella, How is your weekend going?” asked Megan the cashier. Megan was in her global studies class during 7th period. She was a very nice girl and they didn’t chat much at school but they were always very kind to each other.

      “Oh,…..hey Megan. My weekends going well. How is your’s?” responded Bella. The girls then chatted the entire time during checkout talking about class and the upcoming test. When Megan got to scanning the Goodnites, she didn’t even seem bothered by it and just scanned them and put them in the bag. Bella’s mom then grabbed that bag and put it back in the cart. It was like it wasn’t even a issue. Bella relaxed a lot after that as her mother was right about it not being a big deal. Bella said her goodbyes to Megan and left with her mom and headed out to the car.

      Once they were out at the car and started to put the bags in the trunk, that was when her mother brought up the Goodnites again. “See, I told you not to worry Bella. She had no idea those diapers were for you.” stated Kris. Kris finished putting the last bag into the trunk and started to head over to the drivers seat. Bella nodded at her mother and continued to not say anything and got into the passenger side. The girls then made their way home.

      The drive was quiet as Bella was texting on her phone and her mother listened to the radio. Kris got the feeling that she had rubbed her daughter the wrong way. She did feel a little guilty about it but she also didn’t want to enable the alarming baby behavior that her daughter was exhibiting. There was a fine line between being loving and supportive and enabling problematic behavior, thought Kris. Once they got home and parked, Bella helped to bring in the bags and put away their haul. Kris grabbed the Goodnites from the bag and handed them over to Bella after the last item was put away.

      “Here you go honey. Where are you going to put them until bedtime?” asked Kris. Kris started walking over to the laundry room with the tide pods in her hand. Bella walked with her holding onto her pack of goodnites as well. “I will probably put them away in my closet.” responded Bella. Bella watched her mother grab the white pants from the floor with the very obvious poop stain on the back and put them in the washing machine by themselves. “I hope we can save these pants honey. These tide pods will probably do the trick but I did promise to get you a new pair if they aren’t salvageable….No problem honey, I do think it would be a good idea to put those in your closet. What are you going to do between now and 7 pm when Lia comes over?” asked Kris.

      “I’m probably going to study for my Global test. The one that I was talking to Megan about.” responded Bella.

      “Sounds good honey. If you need me I’ll be doing some chores.” related Kris. Bella than smiled and went upstairs to her room holding onto her Goodnites. Once Bella was safely in her room with the door shut, she sat at her desk. She was so very happy that she got a hold of these diapers that it didn’t matter what her mother had said earlier anymore. She finally had them and she was very excited to wear one. Bella walked over to her closet and found the perfect spot to put them. There was a mostly empty drawer next to her panty drawer and that is where she placed them. Bella carefully removed the packaging and placed them in the drawer in an orderly fashion. Afterwards, Bella threw the plastic out into the garbage can under her desk. Bella then grabbed one of the Goodnites and walked over to her mirror with it. She then removed her pants and white cotton panties and opened up the Goodnite and slid it up her legs. It was a little snug but nothing too bad. The minute it was all the way up, Bella sighed audibly. The feeling was everything she could imagine it would be. She felt secure and safe and very cute. Bella then put her white cotton panties back into her panty drawer and pulled up her black leggings. Bella then relaxed at her desk for awhile just enjoying the feeling of the Goodnite before turning to her studies.

      A few hours later, Bella emerged from her room ready to help her mother get things ready for the movie marathon. It was 6pm and it was almost time for Lia to come over. Bella’s stomach was hurting but she chose to ignore it because she had so much to do to get ready for the movies. Bella hurried down the stairs and met her mother in the kitchen.

      “Hey honey, how are you feeling? Ready for movie night?” asked Kris. Kris was wiping down the kitchen counter. She was wearing a purple Ravenclaw sweater and a black skirt and black pantyhose. Bella loved her mother’s outfit very much.

      “You look amazing Mommy! I am totally ready for movie night.” responded Bella. Bella was still wearing her Hufflepuff outfit from earlier. Bella sat down at the counter where her mother was setting everything up.

      “Great honey. Why don't you set the mood in the living room. There is a lighter in the junk drawer and you can light all those candles and bring out the blankets from the linen closet.” said Kris.

      “Sounds good Mommy!” responded Bella. Bella then spent the next hour getting ready and setting the mood. The girls were going to start with the 5th movie tonight. Bella was hoping that they could get through at least 3 movies but that probably wouldn’t happen before everyone fell asleep. Once the girls were done setting everything up, they sat on the couch and waited for Lia to come over.

      DING DONG!!!!!!

      The doorbell rang and Bella jumped up from the couch for joy. She was so excited to hang out with Lia. When Bella jumped off the couch, her phone had fallen off of her lap and onto the floor. When Bella bent down to pick it up, Kris saw through Bella’s black leggings and observed that her daughter was already wearing a Goodnite. It was unmistakable, that rainbow and star pattern was clearly visible though her sheer black leggings. When Bella stood back up, she headed over to the front door to meet Lia while Kris stayed put thinking about her daughter. Why was her daughter wearing her diaper now? I thought that they were only precautionary and to be worn tonight? The fact that Bella was already wearing Goodnite bothered Kris a lot. She was really worried about her. She didn’t want to address it now while Bella had a friend over, but she was now left with more questions than answers. She had partially been hoping that Bella might have not even worn one and wondered maybe if Bella’s desire to wear them was mostly due to her anxiety about having had two accidents and not due to something more. Kris had also hoped that those accidents were caused from her daughter not feeling well and right now, she was not quite sure that was the case.

      Bella opened the door for Lia with great excitement and saw that she was standing there with a green Slytherin blouse and a black skirt just like the one Bella’s mom was wearing. Bella thought Lia looked very adorable and gave her a big hug. “OMG, you look amazing Lia. I am so glad you came over!” said Bella excitedly. Lia returned the hug with great vigor and said, “Thank you for inviting me, I am so excited to be here.” said Bella. The girls then shut the door and made their way over to the living room. Bella and Kris gave Lia the low down on the nights events and what was to come. Once the girls were settled, they started making cookies before planning on turning on the movie. While they were baking, the take out came and the girls had their dinner and chatted all about the coming of opening night in a few days time. Once the cookies were made and it was time for the movie to start, the girls made their way up to Bella’s room to make Lia a bed to sleep on the floor. The girls were trying to be proactive and knew from experience that once they were tired, they wouldn’t want to make the bed. The girls have had so many sleep overs that it has almost become routine. Bella’s mom had bought a special mat and sleeping bag for Lia to use for their sleepovers and Lia was always very comfortable. When the girls got upstairs, Bella saw that her mother had slipped away and made her bed just like she had promised her she would do. After the incident this morning, Bella was very grateful that her mother did that for her. Her mother had also brought in the black mat for the floor and placed next to Bella’s bed.

      “Hey Lia, I am going to go grab the sleeping bag from the linen closet down the hall, I will be right back!” said Bella. Bella left the room and grabbed the sleeping bag and an extra pillow. When Bella returned, she saw that Lia was sitting at her desk. “You ready to help me make the bed Lia?” asked Bella. Bella smiled up at Lia and Lia smiled back at her. “Of course I will.” responded Lia. The girls then started to unroll the sleeping bag and set the bed together.

      “I have a question Bella and I don’t want to hurt your feelings or anything by asking it. You know I love you so much and that I am your friend, but I saw something that made me really curious.” stated Lia. Bella thought about what it could be and said, “Yeah, ask away Lia, No problem at all. I know you don’t mean to hurt my feelings.” Bella smiled at Lia and continued to make the bed with her.

      “Well, when you left to go get the sleeping bag I sat at your desk and I went to throw away my gum in the trash bin and I saw the plastic for a pack of Goodnites in your garbage can. No judgement at all but I thought I would ask you about it because I saw it and thought you might want to talk about it.” said Lia in a concerned but loving manner. Lia was a true friend of Bella and was more curious about what she found and wanted to be supportive of her friend.

      Bella felt a pit in her stomach. She was not ready to talk about it with anyone aside from her mother but this was her good friend and she wasn’t going to lie to her. Bella felt very vulnerable in that moment and didn’t really know how she wanted to respond. “Yeah…… It’s okay Lia. I understand why you are asking me.” Bella sighed and then too a deep breath and said, “Okay……so I have been having some issues lately as I have been under a lot of stress and have had some accidents. I got the Goodnites recently because I was worried about having an accident with you here. I was worried before but now I am embarrassed that you found them.” Bella sighed and sat down on the black mat and her eyes began to water. Lia in concern for her friend sat down right next to her and gave her a hug.

      “It’s okay Bella. No need to feel ashamed at all. This is me were talking about after all and I am not judging you one bit. We all go through tough times and issues and I am here for you. Literally, it is not a big deal at all.” said Lia. Lia was still hugging Bella close and Bella felt loved and supported by her friend.

      “Thanks Lia. You made me feel so much better. Than you for not judging me.” said Bella. Bella hugged Lia back again. The girls then finished making the bed and Bella felt like their friendship just became deeper. Once everything was all done, Bella was about ready to leave and head downstair for the movie when Lia stopped her.

      “Hey Bella, If you don’t mind me asking, are you wearing one of those Goodnites right now?” asked Lia in a shy manner kind of like the tone Bella took with her mother earlier in the day. Bella was a bit surprised by her friends question. “Yeah.” said Bella, “I am wearing one now.” Bella walked a bit closer to Lia and smiled.

      Lia smiled back and asked, “What does it feel like to wear one? I am just curious as I can’t even remember the last time I had worn a diaper. I feel like they would be very comfortable.” Lia turned her gaze away from Bella in a nervous manner. Bella grabbed her friends hand and said, “No problem, I was curious what it might feel like too. Today was actually the first day I wore one. I understand completely. It does feel very comfortable and very safe.” Lia looked back at Bella again and asked, “Can I see what it looks like on you?”

      Bella nodded and took a step back from Lia and pulled down her leggings. Once she did it revealed her purple Goodnite with the rainbows and stars on them.

      “OMG…It’s so cute!” responded Lia. Bella then pulled up her leggings back over her Goodnite. Bella thought for a second and asked, “I have plenty of them, do you want to wear one?” Bella was starting to be very hopeful that Lia might want to participate and maybe she might have a friend that truly understands her and can relate to how she has been feeling.

      “Sure.” said Lia. Lia’s face lit up with a little excitement and Bella responded, “Oh, Yay! I’ll go grab one now.” Bella made her way into the closet and grabbed one of the Goodnites from the drawer and handed it over to Lia. Lia grabbed the diaper from her and then reached under her skirt and pulled down a pair of black panties and went over to her bag and put them in the top of it. Lia then grabbed the Goodnite and put it on by sliding it up under her dress. Bella couldn’t see any of Lia’s private parts because of the skirt which gave Lia the modesty she needed to get her Goodnite on. The minute Lia pulled up the goodnite she sighed with relief.

      “OMG.. This feels so comfortable and so safe. I get what you mean!” said Lia. Lia then lifted her skirt up revealing her goodnite. Lia wanted to see what it looked like in Bella’s mirror. The diaper looked like it fit her perfectly and it wasn’t as snug as it was on Bella. “I feel so cute!” said Lia. Lia then pulled down her skirt and turned to look at Bella. “Thanks Bella. I can see why you like it so much!” related Lia. Lia then thought for a second and then asked Bella, “Have you ever used one?” Lia’s face seemed curious again. Bella then said, “This is actually the first Goodnite I have ever worn. I put it on earlier before you arrived so I haven't actually used one yet. If I end up having an accident tonight, it would be the first time while wearing one.” Lia then asked Bella, “What led to you getting the diapers?” Bella then went into detail about her accident in the car last night and then her bed wetting issue that happened this morning. Lia was very good at listening and completely validated Bella’s emotions. Both girls felt so much closer together after allowing themselves to be so vulnerable with one another. After a while, the girls then made their way downstairs to start the movie marathon.


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        Chapter 4

        Once the girls were downstairs, they went directly into the living room. Bella’s mother Kris was already sitting on the couch covered up with one of the couch blankets. Bella made her way to sit on the big armchair where her father usually sits, and Lia laid on the floor and covered herself with a blanket as well. The girls then watched the first move together ate their cookies and had a great time.

        Kris was a bit distracted during the film because of everything that has gone on with Bella. It had really caused her worry when she discovered that Bella had put on the Goodnite before bed and was currently still wearing it. Kris was watching Bella very closely during the film to see if she would get up to use the bathroom and so far neither of the girls had gotten up. Once the first movie was over, Kris made it very aware that she was going to use the bathroom.

        “Alright girls, Movie #1 is done and it is 10:45 pm. What do you think about taking bathroom break right now and stretching out our legs before we start the next film?” proposed Kris to the girls. The girls laughed and Lia said, “I am totally ready to stretch my legs.” Bella then nodded in agreement. The girls then got up and walked over to the kitchen. Lia helped herself to some more cookies and Bella grabbed some water. Kris went to the bathroom by herself and then went back to to couch to wait for the girls. Bella’s father Derek had come home a bit tipsy after golfing and went to bed early so she didn’t want to talk with him today about what happened with Bella just yet. Kris’s concern was mounting the longer her daughter chose not to use the bathroom. While Kris was worrying on the couch, the girls chatted in the kitchen.

        “Bella…” whispered Lia, who was still fumbling around with the cookies. “I have to pee.” said Lia. Bella whispered back, “Me too! maybe we should use the bathroom before the next movie?” asked Bella. Lia semi-nodded back before saying, “Yeah, I guess we should.” Lia got off her barstool and was about to start walking over to the bathroom when Bella grabbed her arm and whispered, “You know, it might be fun to wait. We are wearing our Goodnites after all. It would be a shame not to use them?” proposed Bella, looking at Lia to see if she was on the same page. Lia took a quick second before whispering back, “I don’t know Bella. I’m not sure I can. I don’t think my body would let me.” Bella sighed and thought that maybe she was asking too much of Lia. “I understand. I wouldn’t want to pressure you to do something that you are not comfortable with. I’m going to head back to the living room while you go to the bathroom. When your done in there, we will start up the next film.” stated Bella. Bella then got off the stool and headed back to the living room and sat onto her chair. Lia remained in the kitchen for a bit deciding what she should do. After a minute or so of debating, she did not walk over to the bathroom and chose to rather go back to her spot on the floor in the living room. Lia pulled her blanket up over herself and got comfortable.

        Kris had been watching both girls and was dismayed by the fact that neither went to use the bathroom, especially her daughter. While Kris had been suspicious before, now she was actually annoyed. It felt like her daughter was being lazy and maybe that was why she might be having accidents. Now she was choosing to wear a diaper before bed time and when given the opportunity to use the bathroom, she chooses not too. Despite being frustrated with Bella, Kris was ready to start the next movie. “You ready for the next film girls?” asked Kris. both girls responded in unison, “YES!!” Kris then turned the movie on and got comfortable herself.

        Midway through the movie, Bella was starting to get pretty desperate. She had been tossing and turning trying to maintain control over her bladder. She wasn’t sure she was comfortable wetting it in front of her mother and Lia. She did desperately want to go and she did want to fill her diaper because that was why she got them of course, to use them. As Bella was debating with herself she received a text from Lia.

        Bella, I need to pee so fucking bad

        Bella smiled at her phone. She wasn’t sure what she should text back and she glanced over to her friend who turned her head towards her and gave an anxious look.

        Okay Lia, Just go to the bathroom then?

        Bella watched as Lia grabbed her phone and read the text. Lia turned back to Bella after reading it and gave her a eye roll before responding.

        You know what I mean Bella. I want to go to the bathroom but I also might want to just stay here. I am looking to see if you need to go and what your going to do?

        Bella read the text and giggled a bit. She felt much better about using her diaper now that Lia was also trying to stay and use hers too. It seemed to Bella that Lia wanted to pee in her Goodnite but was not ready to do it by herself. Bella then texted:

        I plan on staying her and using mine so the choice is yours. You can either stay here or get up and go.

        Bella watched again as her friend read the message. Lia turned and gave another anxious look to Bella before turning back around. She did not respond back to Bella but she also didn’t get up from where she was sitting on the floor seemingly keeping her attention on the film. Bella put her phone away as well and readjusted herself in the chair.

        The girls continued to watch the film for another 20 minutes or so. That was when Bella felt very desperate for the bathroom and instead of getting up to use the bathroom she stayed in her seat. The only problem was that her tummy was still hurting her and while she was very desperate to pee, she was also getting very desperate to go poop as well. Bella wasn’t sure she could do one without the other. While she was comfortable peeing in he diaper where she was, she was definitely not ready to poop in it. Bella turned over to look at her mother and found that her mother was still awake and was watching the film. Bella would have bet that her mother would have fallen asleep before midnight. Bella grabbed her phone and checked the time. It was already 12:45 pm. The movie was also just about over and Lia was still laying on the floor. Bella thought it was either now or never. Bella readjusted herself again in her seat and once she felt comfortable she let go. Bella then began to pee a very furious stream. She felt it meet the resistance of her Goodnite and sighed as she felt it begin to grow. It was such a cathartic experience for her and she was so happy because it was exactly like it had been in her dream. Very few things in life feel exactly as you imagined them to be, and this was one of the few moments that felt like that. Bella sat there very still and let herself finish peeing in her diaper and she was so surprised and very impressed that it did not leak at all. It had grown so much and held so much urine that it felt 3x bigger than before. Discreetly with her left hand, she put it on the top of her leggings and felt the bulge of her diaper. It felt warm and full and very, very comfortable. Bella’s tummy was still grumbling but she was able to keep her bowels contained. Bella then finished the movie with her very full diaper on.

        As soon as the end credits hit the screen, Bella’ mother Kris hit the pause button. “Okay girls, the second movie is over. What do you think? is it time for bed yet? It is 1:27am.” The girls then stretched and yawned before answering back.

        “Yeah I am kind of tired Bella. Maybe we should go upstairs and get some sleep.” Lia suggested. Still rubbing her eyes. Bella also felt very tired and was ready to go to bed herself. “Yeah, I think it’s bed time.” responded Bella. Kris then turned off the TV and stood up from the couch. Once she stood up she also started to yawn before saying, “Lia, why don’t you head upstairs and get some sleep. Bella, before you head up can you help me in the kitchen for a second.” Bella nodded and Lia stood up from the floor still wrapped up in her blanket. “I’ll see you upstairs Bella.” she said. Lia then marched up the stair to where Bella’s room was. Bella then got up from her chair and followed her mother into the kitchen.

        Once Kris kew for sure that Lia had gone upstairs and was out of ear shot, she walked over to Bella who was standing by the counter and whispered to her, “We need to talk Bella.” Bella seemed alarmed and wiped her eyes one more time in an effort to be more awake. She then responded, “Is everything alright mommy?” Bella met her mother’s gaze and saw that she seemed frustrated.

        “Bella honey, I know you are wearing one of your Goodnites right now. I saw it through your pants when you bent over to pick up your phone when Lia arrived tonight. What is going on with you? why did you put it on so early. I thought they were meant for bedtime?” Asked Kris in a stern but concerned tone of voice. Bella’s face became red and she moved away from her mother’s gaze. She didn’t respond right away either. “I wanted to put it on before Lia got here because I didn’t want to go put one on while she was here. I thought it might be safer that way.” responded Bella.

        The way that Bella put it, she felt alright with Bella’s answer. She might not agree with it but it made sense to her to think that Bella would rather already have one on than risk being caught putting one on. That however didn’t change the fact that she watched her daughter the whole night and did not see her get up to use the bathroom once. “Bella, I understand that but I also noticed that you didn’t get up or use the bathroom once tonight. Those diapers were bought only for protection purposes. I want to know if you are still dry right now.”

        Bella then became defensive. “Mom, I put one on because of the reason I told you. Why does it matter if I used it or not. They are meant to be used and they are also meant for my protection.” responded Bella in a tone of voice she never usually uses to speak to her mother. She was starting to feel unsupported and frustrated with her mother.

        “Honey, I am not a doctor and I don’t claim to be but we need to have a serious talk about what’s going on with you. It’s not normal for a girl of your age to have accidents like this. It also doesn’t help to figure out whats going on with you when we aren’t on the same page. Bella, It is a major health concern if you seriously can’t control when and where you use the bathroom. I am very worried about you.” said Kris. Kris walked closer to Bella and said, “I am your mother and I love you very much. Because of that love I will always worry about you. We need to figure this out together and we can’t be enemies.”

        Bella seemed to understand that her mother was coming from a place of concern. She had never thought about how her decisions might have been affecting her mother. “I understand mom. I promise I am just having a hard time now and want you to know that I will figure all this out. You don’t need to worry about me.” Bella then met her mother’s gaze again and tried to give her a reassured look. Kris met her daughters gaze and asked, “How can I help you then honey. How can I help you figure all of this out?”

        Bella responded to her mother by saying, “I just need you to be how you were last night. The way you supported me was so loving and judgement free and I really need that right now. I promise that I will figure this out but I need your unconditional love and support. I need you to be my mommy.”

        Kris smiled at her daughter and said, “I can do that for you but I do need to know if you are still dry or not. Bella did you use your Goodnite?” Kris said in a more loving tone of voice than she started with.

        Bella didn’t say anything. Kris then walked behind Bella and pulled the back of her pants back to revel the very soaked diaper that she was wearing. “Looks like you are going to need to change honey. I love you very much and I do not judge you. You are my daughter and I am here for you. The ball is in your court to let me know how you want me to help. Goodnite honey.” Kris then kissed her daughter on the forehead and walked upstairs to her bedroom. Bella stayed downstairs for a little while just processing what happened with her mother. Bella was not sure what she should be feeling. She did feel supported on one hand but on the other she felt more vulnerable than she did before and not in a good way. Bella then turned off the lights and headed upstairs to her bedroom where Lia was. Bella opened the door and shut it behind her quietly. Lia was standing in front of Bella’s mirror smiling at her.

        “Hey Bella, did you do it?” asked Lia in a joyful and curious manner. Bella smiled at her friend and nodded. “I did, my diaper is so full right now.” said Bella. Bella then sat on her bed. “Did you do it Lia?” asked Bella. Lia walked over to Bella and nodded. Lia then lifted up her black skirt and showed her diaper which was also very full. The purple color was now tinged with a lot of yellow. “It was hard at first but when I stood up and walked upstairs to your bedroom, it just sort of happened. It felt really good to let go.” said Lia. Lia also went over and sat on Bella’s bed. Bella then removed her leggings revealing her soaked diaper as well. “Oh my Bella, your diaper is soaked.” she said. Bella smiled back at her. “Why don’t we get changed and lets put our wet Goodnites in the garbage. I wouldn’t want us to get a rash.” said Bella. Bella then got off of the bed and removed her goodnite and placed it in the garbage can under her desk. Bella then walked into the bathroom and started the shower. Bella got in once the water was hot and cleaned herself very well. When she returned to the bedroom she saw that Lia had already fallen asleep and was laying in her sleeping bag. Bella noticed that the garbage still only contained her diaper in it and it made her smile. She felt like she wasn’t crazy in that moment and that even her closest friend felt similar to her and shared the same sort of desire to wear and feel little. Bella then walked over to her closet and put on a fresh Goodnite and pajamas. Bella then crawled into bed and turned off the light and went to sleep.