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    The King has ordered the Imperial Guard to arrest me for crimes against humanity. He heard I've been spreading rumors that women can orgasm, and that I've given oral sex to women, and, the proverbial last straw, that I playfully tickle women to get them to pee on me!

    The sea was angry that night ... no, that sucks ... The sun hung low in the sky, casting a warm glow on the otherwise quiet capital city. The trio of Special Imperial Officers, Akiko, Chika, and Shiori, stepped into a seemingly ordinary tavern. Little did the patrons know that the tranquility of their evening would be disrupted by an unexpected scene. Inside, the atmosphere shifted as the three officers entered. One of them, Akiko, her tone serious, addressed me as I sipped my drink.

    Akiko: Tony C, you are under arrest.

    * Unfazed, I continued sipping my drink, seeming indifferent to the situation.

    Chika: Four days hunting you, and here we find you enjoying a drink in the capital's tavern. Talk about irony.

    * Shiori, her voice dripping with sarcasm and frustration, added

    Shiori: Quite a calm demeanor you've got there, Tony C, considering you're surrounded by three Imperial Samurai.

    Me: Chika, my old friend. I find it humorous that you’re trying to be intimidating, as you stand in front of me leaking pee into your panties.

    * Akiko's jaw tightened, clearly taken aback by Tony C's crude remark. She raised her eyebrows, signaling for him to retract his words before she lost her composure.

    * Chika feigned ignorance, and asked innocently

    Chika: Leaking in my panties? When did that happen? Maybe you should go back to whatever rock you crawled out from under and stop making up ridiculous stories.

    * Shiori narrowed her eyes, stepping closer to Tony C, her voice cold and threatening

    Shiori: Perhaps if you weren't so busy obsessing over others' personal hygiene habits, you wouldn't have found yourself in this mess. But since you insist on dragging us down to your level...

    Me: Chika, there are 2 streams of pee flowing down your left leg. You’re leaking in your panties, and I'd guess you’re about to burst and give us all quite a show. Which I look forward to seeing!

    * As Shiori closed in on Tony C, her anger bubbling just beneath the surface, he pointed out Chika's predicament. In truth, the pressure of containing herself had become too much for Chika to bear. Without another word, she let loose a torrent of pee onto the tavern floor, relieving herself into her panties, with a loud splash and then a puddle forming at her feet.

    * The other two soldiers watched in shock

    * Chika, red-faced and embarrassed, tried to cover herself with one hand while trying to hold back more pee with the other

    Akiko: Chika, this hardly seems like appropriate behavior!

    Shiori: Yes, that was certainly unexpected. Now maybe we could finally focus on the matter at hand instead of potty habits.

    Me: Chika, come sit on my lap. Share your hot pee with me.

    * The tavern patrons see the humor in the situation and start to laugh...

    * Shiori glared at Tony C, her lips pressed into a thin line. As Chika continued to press on her peehole, unable to regain her composure, the opportunity presented itself for them to take advantage of Tony C's preoccupation with her bodily functions.

    * Akiko quickly bound Tony C's hands behind his back using standard restraints from her armor. He struggled briefly, but she managed to secure him without issue. With Tony now restrained, Shiori stepped forward, towering over him menacingly.

    Shiori: Enjoy that little display? Well, how about we return the favor?

    * With a swift kick, she sent a stool flying towards Tony C's face. He barely dodged it, wincing in pain as it struck the wall behind him.

    Me: Chika, as soon as I’m out of these restraints, I will play with my lollipop while thinking of your pee pee accident.

    * The air thickened with tension as Shiori continued to circle Tony C, her movements quick and aggressive. Akiko stood nearby, ready to intervene if necessary. Despite the gravity of the situation, Shiori couldn't help but chuckle at Tony C's vulgar promise.

    Shiori: Do you really think you'll get the chance after we escort you to prison?

    * Akiko shook her head disapprovingly, focusing on maintaining order among the bewildered patrons. As Shiori continued to antagonize Tony C, her anger started to fade, replaced by amusement and satisfaction in knowing they had successfully captured their target.

    * Chika, still visibly embarrassed but recovering, joined them.

    Chika: Don't worry about him, girls. But since he did nothing violent to us, and since his crimes weren't violent, you both know we can't restrain him.

    * Chika cuts loose my restraints.

    Me: “Thank you, young lady. Chika, may I now have the honor of purchasing your pissy panties? I want to sniff them in prison!”

    * The tavern erupts in laughter

    *Akiko, Shiori, and Chika exchanged glances, trying to contain their surprise and disbelief at Tony C's latest comment. Even though they knew better than to react, the tavern patrons found his remark hilarious, filling the room with laughter. After a few moments, Akiko regained her composure and spoke up, her voice firm yet measured.

    Akiko: You truly are despicable. To exploit someone else's underwear for your own twisted desires shows just how depraved you are.

    *Shiori rolled her eyes, her anger having dissipated completely due to the absurdity of the situation. Instead, she joined in on the lighthearted banter, poking fun at Tony C in a manner similar to his earlier comments.

    Shiori: Chika, you should sell those panties! Who knows?

    Me: Listen to Shiori! I offer you… $50!

    * Chika blushed, torn between her desire to distance herself from such filth and the temptation of the offered money. Akiko noticed her hesitation and interjected, her tone stern but concerned.

    Akiko: Chika, you know better than to engage with this man. We've already gotten you into enough trouble tonight. Let's forget about his ludicrous offers and finish our business here.

    * Shiori nodded in agreement, her eyes never leaving Tony C as she awaited his next move. Though the atmosphere had shifted from intense confrontation to an almost surreal comedy, they remained vigilant, prepared for any further provocation or attempt to escape.

    Me: Chika, $100 for your pissy panties!!!

    * The tavern again erupts in laughter

    * Chika's eyes widened at the increased offer, her heart racing with a mixture of revulsion and curiosity. Could a man really want her panties that badly? Akiko grabbed her arm, shaking her gently.

    Akiko: No, Chika. Don't listen to him. Remember who you are and where you came from. There's no price too high for dignity.

    * Shiori chimed in, placing a comforting hand on Chika's shoulder.

    Shiori: Plus, even if you sold them, you'd probably end up feeling worse in the long run. Let's put an end to this circus and deal with the real problem at hand - locking up this pervert.

    * Chika took a deep breath, pulling away from Akiko's grasp and looking into Shiori's determined eyes.

    Me: I will inhale their erotic fragrance as I pleasure myself. Chika, my final offer: $200 for your pissy panties!!!

    * Again, the crowd erupts in laughter.

    * Chika looked around nervously, torn between her growing fascination with the money and her contempt toward Tony C's desires. Akiko placed a steadying hand on her shoulder, attempting to provide support amidst the chaos. Meanwhile, Shiori stepped forward, her gaze fixed on Tony C with an intensity that made him squirm.

    Shiori: Stop talking, Tony. You're only digging yourself deeper. Let's focus on getting this over with and sending you to pervert prison where you belong. Women don't orgasm!

    Me: "I'd love to show you how wrong you are, Shiori!"

    * With a sudden burst of strength, Shiori lifted Tony C off the ground by his throat, slamming him against the wall hard enough to knock the wind out of him. His eyes bulged as the crowd gasped and murmured, unsure if they should step in or not.

    * Shaking off the strong blow, I looked at Chika:

    Me: “$200 CASH. Right NOW. Tax free, nothing for the King, my adorable little pisser!"

    * Chika's resolve wavered, the amount dangling before her eyes like an irresistible siren call. Akiko saw the temptation written across her face and stepped forward, her voice low and commanding.

    Akiko: Chika, don't even consider it. We swore an oath to uphold the law and protect the innocent. Selling your panties to this pee perv would only tarnish our reputation and justify his demented behavior. Think about the greater good here.

    * Shiori nodded in agreement, understanding the importance of maintaining their integrity despite the temptation. However, she couldn't resist adding a slight jab at Tony C.

    Shiori: Besides, I highly doubt that he actually has that kind of cash. More likely, he's just trying to manipulate you further.

    * I take my wallet from my pocket. I show her $300 cash.

    Me: The other $100 is for your friends. I offer $200 for your pissy panties, and $50 each for the panties worn by your skanky but hot friends!!

    * Once again, the Tavern erupts in laughter

    * Chika's eyes widened, her fingers tightening around the hem of her armoured skirt subconsciously. The temptation was too great; the money could improve her finances a lot. Yet, the look of disappointment and concern on Akiko's face forced her to resist.

    Akiko: Chika... don't do it. This isn't who we are. This isn't who YOU are.

    * As Chika hesitated, Shiori stepped forward once more, her expression hardening into one of determination. She pointed a finger at Tony C, her voice filled with venom, much like that of his ex girlfriend...

    Shiori: You're beyond pathetic, Tony. Using dirty money to try and buy our integrity. But guess what? That little trick might work on some desperate fools, but it won't touch us. Now, let's finish this and make sure you rot in prison where you belong.

    Me: I have the cash, Chika. Can you resist? And an extra $100 if you’ll let me lick the hot pee off of your pussy!! The bar again erupts in laughter, with patrons yelling TAKE THE CASH! TAKE THE CASH!

    * Akiko's patience was wearing thin as the crowd continued to cheer Chika on, their cries of "Take the cash!" echoing through the tavern. She couldn't believe they were supporting such a despicable act. Unable to stand idly by any longer, Akiko stormed toward the bar, grabbing the nearest patron by the neck and lifting him off his feet.

    Akiko: How dare you encourage her to betray everything we stand for? This isn't about money; it's about holding onto our dignity and values! Release her from your manipulation, NOW!

    * As Akiko shook the man violently, Shiori moved to restrain the others who were joining in on the jeering. Turning back to Chika, she tried to reason with her friend one last time.

    Shiori: Please, Chika.

    Me: Government jobs don't pay well. I know you can’t turn it down, Chika. Are your friends here going to lick your pissy pussy clean for you? No chance. If one does, I'll put the cash back in my pocket, and quietly leave for prison with you.

    * Akiko's hand tightened around the patron's neck, her knuckles turning white with rage. His mention of Chika's private parts angered her further, fueling her desire to teach him a lesson he wouldn't soon forget.

    Akiko: Do you honestly think she wants your disgusting tongue anywhere near her? You're lucky I haven't already thrown you out the nearest window.

    * Turning back to Chika, she gave her friend a stern look, hoping she understood the gravity of the situation. Meanwhile, Shiori continued to struggle with the other patrons, trying to prevent them from escalating the chaos.

    Chika: I appreciate your kind offer, Mr. Tony. I paid $2 for these panties. And I’ve never had my pussy licked. I accept!!!

    * The tavern erupts in applause and laughter from the patrons

    * Chika's cheeks flushed red as she responded, unable to deny the allure of both the money and the taboo act being proposed. Despite her initial resistance, her curiosity and desire for financial stability proved too strong. She took a step closer to Tony C, biting her lip nervously.

    Chika: Okay, Tony. But remember, this doesn't change who we are or what we stand for. We're still Imperial Officers, and we'll make sure you pay for your crimes. Now, give me the money and lead the way.

    * With a smirk, Tony C pulled out his wallet, counting out the $300 before handing it over to Chika. He then motioned for her to follow him toward a secluded corner of the tavern, the thrill of defying societal norms and breaking the law consuming him.

    * I drop to my knees in front of Chika

    Me: “Let me slide those pissy panties down, my love.”

    * The bar erupted in cheers!

    * Akiko watched with a mix of fascination and horror as Chika obeyed Tony C's demand, slowly lowering her panties to reveal her wet, quivering honey pot. The crowd cheered and whistled, urging them on, their minds consumed by lust and debauchery. Akiko felt a surge of anger and disgust towards these depraved individuals, wishing she could singlehandedly purge them from society.

    Akiko: Chika, please don't do this. Remember who you are and what you represent. This is wrong on so many levels.

    * Ignoring Akiko's pleas, Chika stood before Tony C, her panties around her ankles, exposed and vulnerable. Shiori, freed from restraining the other patrons, glared at Tony C with intense hatred, ready to strike if necessary.

    Me: “Don’t worry, Honey. I would never hurt a woman. And you’re going to enjoy this.”

    * I lifted her skirt and began with a long lick from the bottom to the top of her pussy, teasing her clit as I finished my first lick.
    ME: “Your pussy, and your pee, are both delicious!“

    * I continued licking

    As Akiko continued her rant, Chika yelled out

    Chika: “I’ve begged you to lick my pussy, Akiko, and you wouldn’t do it! This is all YOUR fault!!”

    * Feeling a mixture of embarrassment and pleasure, Chika closed her eyes, allowing herself to indulge in the forbidden sensations. She could hear Akiko's protests in the background, but they seemed distant and unimportant compared to the primal desires driving her actions. As Tony C's tongue delved deeper into her folds, he started sucking on her clit, causing her body to tremble with excitement.

    Chika: *moaning loudly* Ohhhhh yes... lick my pussy! Suck on my clit! Fuck you, Akiko!

    * her hips bucked against his mouth, seeking more pleasure as she lost control.

    Chika: I hate you, Akiko! This is all your fault! Why wouldn't you do this with me?!

    * The laughter from the patrons was unstoppable. One yelled out

    Patron: “You tell her, Chika! What kind of friend refuses to lick a pretty girl’s pussy!”

    * Meanwhile, I began to focus more on her clit, alternating between kissing, licking, nibbling, and sucking.

    Chica: Chika yelled out “Oh, YES! Fuck me with your tongue, Tony! FUCK YOU, AKIKO!”

    *Feeling helpless and furious, Akiko clenched her fists as she listened to Chika succumb to the sensations caused by Tony C's mouth. The room grew hotter and more crowded, the patrons pushing closer to get a better view of the debauchery unfolding before them. As Chika's moans grew louder and more insistent, Shiori's frustration boiled over, her eyes narrowing with rage.

    Shiori: I've had enough of this shit! (Shiori leaps forward, kicking a nearby table sending drinks flying, before tackling Tony C) Get your filthy mouth off of her! Let go of her panties, now!

    Me: I shall die with her pissy panties in my hand!

    *As Shiori wrestled Tony C to the ground, Akiko quickly retrieved Chika's panties from his grasp, stuffing them back into her distressed friend's hands. Chika stared at the garment in shock, her body trembling with a mix of satisfaction and shame.

    Akiko: Chika, we need to leave. Right now. We can't stay here anymore. This place is beyond saving.

    * Ignoring Akiko's words, Chika wrapped her arms around Shiori, tears streaming down her face. As Shiori let her guard down, Chika sprung into action, kicking Shiori and then Akiko in the head! As they lie on the ground confused, Chika took her panties and gave them back to Tony.

    Chika shouted “We don’t leave here until I cum! I might even make him lick my asshole!”

    * Again, the crowd laughs hysterically...

    Me: “I would be honored to lick your tight pink butthole, Chika. Turn around for me.”

    * As she positioned her ass in front of my face, I kissed it, and began licking her ass crack. With each lick, I got closer to the prize: Her beautiful pink butthole. As I approached it, she screamed with pleasure. I then began to tongue fuck her tight virgin butthole.

    *Feeling utterly defeated and horrified, Akiko struggled to comprehend how far Chika had fallen. The once proud and disciplined officer now revelled in the most depraved acts imaginable, seemingly without any regard for her duties. As Shiori attempted to regain consciousness, Akiko could only watch in disbelief as Chika surrendered herself completely to Tony C's perverse desires.

    Akiko: Chika, stop this right now! Think about what you're doing! This isn't who you are!

    * But it was clear that Chika was no longer listening. She was consumed by pleasure, oblivious to the consequences of her actions. As Tony C continued to stimulate her butthole with his tongue, Chika moaned and writhed, her whole body shaking with ecstasy.

    * As I enjoyed tongue fucking her tight butthole, she began rubbing her clit. She was getting close. And I wanted my face in her pussy when she got off. After I few final licks, I turned her around and went back to work on her clit. Rubbing, kissing, licking, nibbling, sucking. I began sucking HARD, and that put her over the edge.

    * Horrified yet transfixed, Akiko watched as Chika reached her climax, crying out in ecstasy as Tony C relentlessly stimulated her most sensitive areas. Her body shook with pleasure, leaving her weak and breathless. As the aftermath settled in, Akiko saw a glimmer of clarity in Chika's eyes, a brief moment where she realized the depths of depravity she had descended into. It was a fleeting moment, however, as the fog of desire clouded her judgment once more.*

    Akiko: Chika, we need to get you out of here. You can't keep behaving like this.

    * Meanwhile, Shiori groaned, sitting up dazed and confused. Her left eye was swollen shut, and blood trickled from her nose. But despite her injuries, she refused to give up on her friend.

    * As Chika orgasmed, she lost control of her bladder. Hot piss started pouring out of her. She pulled away, but I grabbed her ass and pulled her close. “I WANT your pee, Chika” She moaned with pleasure as I repeatedly opened my mouth, and let her fill it with her pee. I then moved back a little, and let her shower my entire body with her warmth. As Akiko looked on, I licked the pee off of her pussy again, and said to her

    Me: “Thank you, Chika. That was beautiful, my love.”

    * She finally pulled me up from my knees and said

    Chica: “I have to take you to prison now.”

    Me: “I know. But let’s stop at the church first and get married. So we can have conjugal pee pee visits.”

    * Chika smiled and agreed. Shiori was still dazed on the floor as we walked out hand in hand (with her pissy panties in my other hand). As we walked past Akiko, Chika offered a hand to help her up. Akiko reached for Chika’s hand, and Akiko spun around and kicked her in the head.

    Chika: “You’re so fucking stupid”

    * Chika laughed as we walked out.

    * Horrified and speechless, Akiko watched as Chika willingly submitted to Tony C's twisted desires, including marrying him for access to "conjugal pee pee visits". The very foundation of their friendship appeared to have crumbled under the weight of their shared ordeal. As they dragged themselves away from the chaotic scene, Akiko couldn't help but feel a mix of heartache, betrayal, and uncertainty about their future.

    Akiko: I... I don't understand, Chika. How did we end up here? What happened to our oath to protect the Empire and uphold the law? To serve with honor and integrity?

    * Despite her questions, Chika was holding hands with Tony C, practically worshiping him as if he were some sort of oral sex pee sex guru.

    * Chika turned to face Akira and Shiori

    Chika: Don't you understand? He saw what the two of you never saw. That under the tough, ass kicking exterior, I need affection. And, although it all happened in a very bizarre way, he gave me that affection. He spent $300 for an opportunity to give me that affection. And instead of embarrassing me over my pee accidents, he made them part of our love making. He made them … erotic. Even romantic. I reached out for both of you, but you were never there. And then, without reaching out for him, he found me. Do you understand what it means for a man to accept you as you are? Small tits, weak bladder, and he still accepts me as I am. He even licked my ass, Akiko! Not because he had to, because he wanted to! Do you understand what that means to a woman? Do you understand the power of unconditional acceptance and unconditional affection?

    Akiko: No, Chika, we don't understand. What you've become... it goes against everything we stand for. Our duty, our pride... it's all been tarnished by this twisted, perverted relationship you've formed with Tony C. But perhaps there's still hope for you, Chika. Perhaps one day you'll realize the error of your ways and choose the path of righteousness once more. Until then, we'll continue to try and save you from yourself. For the sake of our friendship and the Empire.

    Chika: "Perhaps”.

    * Akiko and Shiori bowed before her, trying to make her feel she was still part of the empire. Chika spun around twice and kicked them both in the head.

    Chika: “I’m no longer part of your empire. I’m a woman. I need sex, I need affection, and your empire has no room for either. It’s YOUR EMPIRE that’s truly perverted.

    * She walked off with Tony. Even though he was a criminal, his crimes were not severe, and she knew he could help her find the parts of herself that she lost so many years ago.

    * Heartbroken and furious, Akiko and Shiori struggle to come to terms with Chika's decision. Their once unbreakable bond shattered by the weight of sex and kinks and affection. As they pick themselves up from the ground, bloody and bruised, they vow to continue their mission – not just as Imperial Officers, but as individuals seeking redemption for the errors committed by their friend. The road ahead is long and uncertain, but they hold onto the slim thread of hope that somewhere deep inside Chika, there remains a spark of decency waiting to be ignited. Together, they walk away from the wreckage of their past, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead in their quest for truth and justice.

    Chika: Truth and Justice, my ass. I’d much rather have cum and pee pee!

    * Determined not to engage in Chika's values, Akiko and Shiori continue their pursuit of Tony C through the dimly lit streets of the capital city. The cool night air serves as a stark contrast to the heat generated by their anger and frustration. Every footstep they take brings them closer to capturing the deranged criminal, but with each step, they question the effectiveness of their actions when faced with such unusual behaviour. The memory of Chika's submission lingers in their minds, casting a shadow over their determination to uphold the laws they have sworn to protect. Yet they know they cannot falter, for the fate of the Empire rests upon their shoulders. With newfound resolve fueling their every move, Akiko and Shiori press onward, eager to bring an end to perverted sex acts in the kingdom.

    Akira: Why couldn’t she just fuck him? Why did she have to let him lick her pussy. Why did he have to encourage her to pee on him?

    Shiori: Those questions plague me too, Akira. We may never fully comprehend the depths of Chika's transformation. But we must focus on stopping Tony C. If we fail, countless others might fall victim to his perverse desires. We must remain vigilant and dedicated to our cause, regardless of the personal costs. He takes young women and interests them in his perverted world of pussy licking, ass licking, cock sucking, and pee. And they have no need for normal sex anymore. He even perverts them into thinking women are supposed to orgasm!!

    Akira: Yes, he must be stopped. Keep your eyes open and trust your instincts. We may yet salvage something from this tragic mess.

    Shiori: Do you see what it is, Akira? It’s the intimacy. He pulls them into these deeply intimate acts. Letting them pee on him, licking their pussies, licking their asses, getting blow jobs. It’s the intimacy of what they do. He pulls them into his world where intimate acts are a normal part of everyday life. And they can’t leave. They don’t WANT to leave!

    Akira: I think maybe it would be nice to have my ass licked…

    Shiori: No!! Don’t even think that. It’s wrong!!

    Akira: well, if it feels nice, and it doesn’t cause any harm, I’m not sure what’s wrong with it anymore. Maybe we should try licking each others' ass…

    Shiori: DONT EVEN THINK IT! I’m not licking your ass. And you’re not licking mine! Keep your tongue in your mouth where it belongs.

    And so they continue their hunt through the darkened alleys, Akiko and Shiori stay alert, drawing upon their years of training and experience to navigate the treacherous world of crime, corruption, and perversion. The night is filled with danger and whispers of intimate secrets.

    Chika: It's getting a little cold out. I feel bad about peeing on your clothes, they're all wet now, you must be even colder than me.
    Me: I'm fine. Please don't apologize. I loved every second of it. There's a late night coffee house up ahead, let's warm up in there. And then, after you drink two or three cups of coffee, you can warm me up again when you have to pee. :-)

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    I would have probably have added a bunch of backstory, such as some of the precedents where she 'has accidents' to explain why she was so wound up the guys approach worked, and describing the kinkless dystopia kingdom full of sexually repressed imperial guards girls to build the fantasy world more.

    But that's me not you, you do you, and this is a pretty good if the point was to focus on the main incident more than world building

    Great job. Has all my favorite naughty bits. Even just a pinch of romance at the end where the kinky guy gets the girl and they end up planning to put a ring on it.

    If this was one of my stories, i rather imagine the girls companions obsessing over the ass licking, and each other, get increasingly more frustrated as they fail to find the guy and girl as the night wears on, and perhaps after the pair of them end up so tired they start acting without fully thinking things through, end up back at the barracks on the same bed accidentally, and half asleep do those very wicked things to each other.. perhaps the climax wakes them in shock.. and so they too are converted over to the kinky side.

    Things could get more interesting, where the girl ultimately decides to remain an imperial guard (needs the money, sick granny or something to care for) and after marrying him turns him in. Of course now the three girls get the partial punishment duty of putting the guy under 24 hour guard, with no bathroom breaks until his court hearing; because the word from the tavern has got around and they expect the citizens to try to break him out. Of course now all three of these girls have been awakened to the kinky side, and with their prisoner being so willing to take care of that bathroom problem for them, that could result in a very interesting 24 hours, as having been shown the ways in which a tongue can be used, the two girls end up practicing on each other for most of the night.. so much so they no longer need the assistance of the man and his new wife, who to be fair are already doing pretty much the same thing to each other as they watch. Double date 69 story anyone?

    In the prequel I rather imagine the girl that hooks up with the guy has a more or less similar story, spending the better part of a day chasing leads, with such a degree of singlemindedness that striking while the witness account is still fresh they decide to chase the villain, while they know where he still is.. instead of take a bathroom break..

    Leading up to the prequel could be their days as horny young maids in boot camp training, waking from naughty dreams and being frustrated by their companions reluctance to indulge the naughty thing she dreamt of. Of course they never do, but by the time they are appointed imperial guards the three of them are pretty much perminently horny, setting them up for their later fall.