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  • biological wet messy Archology

    Here are some amusing examples of wet and messy Archology based on biology.

    Many food products we consume today use biotics common within the human body.

    The ancient greeks and romans were known to practice many fetishes which even by accident could result in food products.

    The main accident of course would involve female anatomy and warm climates.

    yogurt - if a young healthy girl was to fill her vagina with warm milk, hold it in for a time and shake it about - then expell it into a jar with perhaps honey or fruit, then this jar was left somewhere warm for a day - you would end up with greek yogurt or something very like it

    beer - if another girl, perhaps one a little too fond of sex, with perhaps a yeast infection fills her vagina with a sugary mixture, and expels this into a vat containing starches and grains, the resulting mixture will turn to beer

    liqueur - if another girl fills her vagina with fruit juices, and expels this into a barrel of crushed fruits,this can result in a highly fermented mixture that can be filtered or distilled into a high alcohol content

    wine - if a girl crushes fruits with her feet, or engages in sexual activities in a container of fruit, or even urinates, the resulting mixture will be primed to create a variety of wine and champagne types

    cheese - if a male and female engages in sexual activities while immersed in milk, the resulting mixture has a fair chance of turning to cheese.

    crème cheeses, yogurts, custards, pudding and similar curdled milk products can also be created by consuming milk then vomiting it up again, mixing it with more milk

    another method, is giving someone an enema using various food products, this too can cause assorted fermentation side effects although the chance of it being safe to eat is somewhat less, except perhaps in the case of beer., if the enema in question is of someone with too much of a liking for men ejaculating into their ass... .anal anyone?

    Strained food products like puddings or feta cheeses is often more effective using a thick cloth that has been previously bleached in urine.

    dried meat products and leather was traditionally created by curing it in urine first, then either salting it in the case of meat, or further processing it in the case of leather

    fermentation can also be done by chewing something for a while and spitting it into a jar, this is still done by indigenous peoples in some places, and was one of the traditional ways to make saki in japan.

    not strictly food but -
    the original recipe for gunpowder involves mixing it with poop

    certain metals can be improved or refined by using materials from the human body, including uric acid from urine or iron and carbon from blood hair etc. hair was also used to make string, rope, plaster and insulation

    phosphorous can be created by refining enormous quantities of pee

    poop can be used to make poor quality carbon steel and other low grade alloys

    urine can be used in place of bleach or peroxides depending how you use it, and frequently was used as a substitute for exactly that, such as dried fruit as a preservative, or washing clothes

    burning poop in a camp fire can scare away certain insects like mosquitos according to old wives tales

    Sorry if i just put you off your lunch!
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