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Historical Panty Poop

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  • Historical Panty Poop

    Has anyone here ever wondered what the earliest recorded instance of erotic pants shitting was? I've always imagined some ancient king that was secretly into it

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    Not ancient history, but James Joyce the author had a pretty gnarly fart fetish. He would write steamy letters to his woman and talked about her farts and shitting herself


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      Something I like to sometimes think about is that some gal in history (and also some guy but I'm not really interested in thinkin about them) pooped her pants more than any other woman ever in the history of the world. And she probably didn't even know it - though I'm sure she had reason to suspect it.

      Something I ALSO like to think about is that some gal out there RIGHT NOW holds the unwritten world record for pooping her pants more than any other woman currently alive. And honestly, given the incredible feats I've witnessed in some videos just from right here on WetSet, there's a pretty decent chance that that gal is a member of our own community. Speak up if you think it might be you!