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Movie/TV desp/pooping/accident scenes

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  • Movie/TV desp/pooping/accident scenes

    A thread for TV or movie scenes were an actress is desperate for a poop or poops on a toilet or has an accident..................

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    Korean comedy Lifting King Kong about women weightlifting team........

    first competition is disaster.......... women fall over.....drop weights....

    last girl to lift is a cute curvy bashful type she tries to lift......camera focuses on her butt.....loud fart and brown stain..... she freaks out and her coach and teammates have to carry her off then show backstage with her coaches and teammates wiping her backside off with towels..........

    i like we can see the outline of her panties through singlet.........big panties to contain big accident.......... poor girl..... like to give her a hug



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      Clever slip


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        Labyrinth of Passion

        A film by Spanish director Pedro Almadovar. The short-haired woman has taken a laxative, and it has started to work on her. But all these people are running in and out, and won't let her go to the toilet. The inevitable happens!



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          Bloody Reunion (aka To Sir With Love) (2006)

          Korean horror film, NOT the 1960s British flick with Sidney Poitier.

          A class of students have a reunion with their former teacher, Mrs. Park. She has had some sort of accident, which has left her paralyzed below the waist and incontinent. Just before this clip begins, one of the men smells poop, and thinks someone is farting. A female student wheels Mrs. Park out of the room, and the man is upset that she can't control her bowel movements.

          At 1:25 you see the aftermath of Park's diaper change, including a fleeting glimpse of the messy diaper. Later in the movie, a woman ridicules her for being incontinent; but years before, the woman had her own problems in Park's classroom when she unexpectedly had her period in her panties. The smell made people think the girl had messed herself.

          This clip is in Korean with Spanish subtitles.



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            The the first video. The short haired woman was fabulous.


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              Great adds!

              Tame from Raising Hope: woman says she hates surprise parties because one time she was so startles by one she crapped her pants in front of everyone........soon she walks into another one and has to back away while admitting to being a "party pooper" https://streamable.com/khtl0


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                Love to see Raising Hope really crap her pants. Thanks


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                  from an asian drama.......laxatives given to college girl........she has to leave quickly.......accident implied???



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                    In Bryooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy (Melissa Fumero) mentions that she got nervous and crapped her pants while taking a test in college....only mentioned.....wish there had been a flashback!



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                      Ghanoujet Baya Movie

                      At 1:10:45 a jeolous woman is going to wreck a wedding so the good characters arrange for her to drink wine with a laxative in it........
                      1:12:30 it kicks in........

                      a few times she tries to go back to the wedding but has to rush back to the stall to poop more......

                      funny later she recovers and starts a catfight with the bride but gets her dress pulled off and is left frozen in shock in her white underwear.... they throw cake on her.........would have been funny too if a brown stain appeared on the back of her white boyshorts while she was frozen there in surprise


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                        Sex and the City movie


                        probably most famous and mainstream female pants pooping scene....charlotte has an angry tummy but doesn't poop and the gym......tries to rush hope but there's a locked door and she loudly poops her pants in front of her friends who all laugh at her noisy accident


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                          TV SHOW: Those Who Can't Episode Rod Man Out

                          Running joke in this episode is redhead Abbey played by Maria Thayer has diarrhea but keeps pretending she's fine even though everyone elese has figured it out...........she keeps rushing out of scenes with an excuse but she's really going to poop.........

                          great scene near the end where another character won't stop talking and she has to sit there and squirm and funny clench while trying not to crap her skirt in public


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                            Shhh...Don't Tell
                            Being Erica episode (season 2, episode 6)

                            two girls are fueding......one offers chocolate as a peace offering.......but it's a laxative.....

                            fiona fills her white shorts with poop in front of everyone during soccer practice while everyone laughs at her dirty backside.......rare that we actually see the shit stain on the characters clothes....


                            19:20 the exlax is given
                            21:30 they kick in at the worst time and fiona's shorts and underwear are ruined by the prank


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                              Graphic for TV but fun to watch. Thanks