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  • Jumping for Joyce ;)


    Board game results in her agreeing to pee on me through her pants despite only knowing me for 2 hours.

    I was finishing up a health centre, having stepped out for a smoke before I fully left. I struck up a conversation with a girl and her friend who were also having a smoke. Long story short, I offer to buy them each a coffee, and smoke a joint with them.
    After purchasing the coffee, her male friend saw someone he knew and crossed the street to talk with him, saying he would catch up.
    As it turned out, he never did catch up and knowing that we hadn't walked very fast, we decided that we wouldn't wait for him longer than we had already, so Joyce and I went to a nice spot to smoke a joint and enjoy the coffee.
    I asked if she liked board games, and Finding that she does, I share with her a board game of my own invention: truth or dare adapted into a board game, called Truth or Dice. Frankly, it was something I made no for the love of board games, but for the love of peeing pants and seeing pants peed. My contributions to the possible questions were things like "Most embarrassing moment," which hopefully was a pee story but in the case it's not, the more direct "Last time you peed your pants" will leave little option but a pee story.
    As for dares, I had many more ideas: "hold-it contest," "Edward 40 hands," "Pee your pants," and "trade clothes with player of the opposite sex," with the last one there being included as something that may be perceived to be challenging for me, in the interests that my opponent, having seen me do it, will be more likely to pee their pants if they end up with that dare.
    Joyce had one or two contributions, but they ended up being inconsequential, and uninteresting for the purposes of this account.
    To keep things moving here, I will include the two most relevant game results; where I landed on Trade Clothes and I am unsure if my willingness to do so (we didn't end up actually doing that) caused her to be more open, but lo and behold, she lands on hold-it contest, and I suggested to her that if she couldn't hold it and was going to lose the challenge and pee herself, to do it while standing over me so that both our pants would be wet.
    I had no known her more than 2 hours before she somehow caught on that her peeing on me through her pants wasn't sportsmanlike so much as it was sensual.
    When the time came, she took off the extra pair of tights she had on, leaving just one layer of thin fabric (or two if you count her panties)
    She sorta half squatted down, saying "I'm gonna do it," with a tone that was a subtle "making-sure-its-actually-ok-or-just-a-joke" but leaning more towards a statement of fact or warning about what was about to happen.
    It was no joke, and I was ready…
    As her pee was soaking into my crotch, I remember being surprised, as I have been each of the times I've been peed on, that the pee wasn't as warm a I expected; but I guess it's never going to be as warm as my own pee is when peeing my own pants. I concentrate on trying to pee as she sits in my lap, and manage to let a few spurts go as I reach around with my hand in her tights, so I can rub her through her underwear, against her clit. It was then that we noticed the security truck, and the officer in the driver's seat.
    We made a quick exit, naturally. Shortly afterwards, she mentioned that she enjoyed being rubbed while she pissed quite a lot. Sadly, I have yet to reconnect with her and she doesn't go on Facebook often.

    PS: I almost forgot to mention that I've never asked a girl for a "Souvenir" but I got the impulse to as I watched her slip the panties off later. (she had to wear them for an hour after wetting them, with her extra tights over her wet ones as well. Anyways, she let me keep her panties, and I took great care to preserve the stains!


    I used to think that I wasn't very lucky when it comes to experiences worthy of sharing on this board, but events, both very recent and not so recent, have me convinced that I am, in fact, luckier than most. Its not like I have anyone to corroborate the assumption, so it's based purely on the rarity of similar experiential posts from others. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts, and if it's a symptom of this board's gradual decline from the BBS heyday, or actually indicative of the rarity of postable experiences.