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The (possibly) boring theory of squirting

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  • The (possibly) boring theory of squirting

    So, like most of you I have engaged in much examination of 'squirting' by er various 'research' means (*laughs*)

    So is it real, yes and no. It entirely varies by the woman, and her sexual outlook.

    Most women appear to be capable of two types, one naturally the other with some training, and both are pretty awesome given our 'interest' in all this wet down in that area of a girl.

    Lets start with the first natural type -
    There was some legitimate actual research on this one (*laughs*) so I have dubbed this the Gräfenberg/Braxton Hicks reaction. This reaction appears to be deliberate on the part of nature and most women in theory should actually be doing them. Of course puritans and eugenics by so called (un)natural selection means for the most part women with a biological defect either biologically or intellectually (embarassment) that seems to supress or make it less likely that their body reacts in this way appear to have become the majority. Booooo. Likely not helped by the fact when you do it correctly, it creates a strong artificial "i need to pee!" sensation briefly, even if they have an empty bladder. So women conditioned to think pee is bad will resist or feel unnerved. Double boo!

    Essentially it appears this reaction is a combination of pleasureable irritation to the outer vaginal tissues and nerves combined with the area around the cervex. What seems to happen is pressure on the upper and deeper surfaces of the vagina cause irritation to the 'septum urethrovaginale' and 'paraurethral(skene)' gland combined with stimulation effects on the vaginal canal (AFE zone) this results in the over stimulation of the paraurethral gland and associated "getting her wet" functions.. which well is normal when a girl is really into the sex. This stimulation works along with the inner cliteral parts (cliteral bulb/cavernosa) to cause what in in effect a small vaginal contraction (ie a braxton hicks like reaction) along with the usual cliteral/vaginal pulses cause by reaching climax. This causes a sort of internal squeezing effect not unlike milking a cow by the muscles which causes all the fluid created by the womens analog of the prostate (skene?) to be expelled forcefully a couple of times, which would also expell any undesirable microbes in the process, preventing the possibility of infection after sex.
    Deep inside the vagina, it works the other way around, squeezing the males organ to 'suck' semen into the cervex to fertalize the egg.

    From the perspective of nature, it appears to have evolved as a way to expell bacteria from the urethra and clean the vagina during/after a particularly filthy session of sex. Filth in the literal sense. Dirt, mud, poop, germs etc. Our ancesters likely at times had sex in less than hygenic conditions, and this was the way to make sure the women avoided getting ill from it - and made sure even 'sex on the beach' could safely get a girl knocked up and give rise to the next generation of humans.

    In essense it is a womens bodies natural way to reduce the chances of a urinry tract infection, or to kill off any sort of bacteria or yeast growth that might interfere with conception.

    The fact that this natural function seems to have been bred almost to extinction seems to explain why for women - urinry tract infections, yeast infections, reduced fertility and thrush seems to be so common, as this natural protection function seems to not be working as intended. Even on the part of the man.. for many the same eugenics/cultural/intellectual bias seems to cause them to withdraw in shock, instead of push in harder when they start getting sprayed.

    This brings me to the second type..
    if a woman engages in sex with a full bladder.. (something incidentally the surgen general actual advocates in many nations as an anti-UTI measure!) they can with some mental conditioning (or perhaps de-conditioning) develop the natural impulse to let it go when things get exciting, which only makes things even more exciting if you are into that sort of thing.. although it seems easier to let go just prior, meaning making a mess while playing/rubbing/licking is more practical, those who master this particular skill can also let go in fits and starts while climaxing, giving the iconic "pulsed squirts" many of us likely appreciate from video entertainment.

    Having lost the fear to let things get messy however, ironically enough - making a habit of the second variety, can in the right conditions lead to a higher chance of the first type too.. for many professional erotic female performers, they will eventually have little trouble doing either type - and more often do a little of both. - as the rewards for making as big a mess as possible make it desirable, they have little to no mental/social/biological qualms in doing exactly that.

    There is of course a third type, which can also occur, fairly similar to the second, in that a girl that engages in deliberate wetting on a regular enough basis, or who has no fear of leaking whenever the impuse inspires them, can train her kegal muscles such that they are by design outwardly weak, and easy to overcome. This is fairly common in girls who enjoy "nappy play" where they wet regularly on purpose, or in the case of soiling themselves with poop play, the body develops self protection measures and leaks a lot more by design to avoid infections. Meaning their default 'setting' it to be wetting/leaking, and actually requires a lot of effort to hold it in on purpose, which is the exact opposite of how it normally works. (where the default setting is hold, and letting go is what requires deliberate effort) This "default setting reversal" situation also occurs fairly naturally in a female who is currently pregnant, or has recently given birth. Between the body prioritising anti-bacterial measures, and bladder muscles that have weakened as a consequence or birthing - the body defaults to leaking as the optimal outcome as this would naturally expel microbes.

    In some cases kegal muscles can cause all sorts of interesting scenarios - for example a girl who regularly exercises them can squirt in the Gräfenberg/Braxton Hicks manner quite easily and with some force, and have quite impressive orgasms, very easily with brief stimulation - but may struggle to spray pee during sexual activities.. however if a girl makes a habit of trying to pee while doing sexual activities, the developed kegal muscles could develop asymetrically - in that they become very effective at letting go, or pushing, but weak at holding. This can often be the case in erotic female performers who specialise in this particular type of scene, which is why they have so little trouble spraying, and with particularly impressive amounts of pressure and range!

    So how do you tell them apart?
    Overall volume of output usually, a real squirt will be a modest amount of a clear slippery material that is slightly viscus, and can squirt up to 30cm or so in one large expulsion, sometimes followed by a smaller second or third if aggressive sexual stimulation is kept up during the orgasm. The amount is about the same regardless of the girls need to pee or not.

    But even this can be misleading, as during a full strength Graf/Braxton orgasm, done correctly the orgasm will /keep going/ while stimulation continues at the correct pace on the part of the vagina pressing into the Skene from within the vagina. This can trigger subsequent contractions and pulses of climax, which much like giving birth will after a short time cause the girl to lose any control of any associated muscles.. which in this case means if she had a full bladder, pee will start spraying out too eventually. if the girl has a pee fetish at all, this type of orgasm can be rather mind blowing and addictive, and in future sexual encounters she may have a definite preference to engage in sex, with a full to busting bladder to prolong the perverse sensation when she orgasms - as the misleading sensation of pee urgency will mix with the sensations of pleasure from climax.

    So in many cases, if the girl is genuinely that aroused, on reaching climax she will violently expell any fluid from her skene currently in her urethra, shortly after that lose control of her bladder, and expell the contents of that too (as the sensation of needing to pee will often give the girl the irresistable urge to press down on her bladder during orgasm) which will mix with any further fluid extreted by her Skene into the pee.

    The resulting liquid will be obscenely high in female sex pheremones and hormones too.. to any male or female with a marginally sensitve olphactory system, the flood of dopamene this causes them will also tend to make it quite addictive to the second participant getting showered with it too.

    Sounds like a win win situation here.
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