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Just for fun: Anyone feeling creative?

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  • Just for fun: Anyone feeling creative?

    So i just quickly jotted down a short story ('art deco dream' here ) from a dream I just had, with a little artistic accent for it to make sense, make things a little more erotic and describe what I recall from the dream in a way that fits together better. It is only a short one, maybe a 2 minute read on a bad day.

    SO of course the ending is quite sudden, as waking from such dreams tends to be, but just for fun how about some of you suggest in a reply what might have happened next had it been your own dream?

    Some ideas:
    1. the dreamer rubs her out one over her wet cotton, pee dripping through your fingers the entire time
    2. the dreamer continues where they left off, licking her out one, as the liquid drips down your chin
    3. maybe the dreamer laps it up like fine wine and swallows?
    4. maybe they dont swallow and just let it run down their clothes as it leaks out of the girl
    5. maybe the dreamer sticks their fingers in and gets her off - her pee splashing everywhere
    6. maybe the dreamer joins in, their own underwear filling with wetness too
    7. maybe the girl finally reacts, and hops on your lap for a make out session wetting on you the entire time?
    8. the dreamer kisses every inch of exposed skin under the skirt?
    9. the door opens and... ?
    10. who or what is happeing in the office?
    11. you get caught?
    12. you get away with it, but when the door opens you catch them doing something even more interesting in the office?
    Go on, give your best try!

    I dunno, if you want, I could give the best submission a hard copy of a story of your choice or something like that? I dunno, was more thinking of this being a fun activity than actually handing out prizes, but whatever works to get some community engagement!
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