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    This message board is primarily to share experiences, sightings, stories and points of interest involving pants wetting, accidents, desperation and watersports in general. It is meant to be a fun place for people to share their own thoughts, enjoy reading those of others or maybe to ask advice.

    1) Posts are to be on topic, as per the above description of what the board is about. Some general discussion of current events is ok, but only so long as it is not a controversial subject likely to lead to arguments and flames. Examples of controversial subjects would be religion and politics etc.

    2) There will be no flaming or insults of any kind against Wet Set, moderators or other posters.

    3) There will be no posts about minors or links to underage material.

    4) There will be no links to copyright material or pirate websites. Unfortunately it is not possible to give a definitive list of what those sites are - that is to be decided once the link has been looked at.

    5) There will be no discussion or argument about the rights or wrongs of upload and/or pirate websites. It would be nice to allow an intelligent discussion of the issue, but in view of what has happened over the past few months, it is clear that this only leads to a flame war.

    6) There will be no argument about the rights or wrongs of a decision made by the moderator, although you should send an email privately to us if you believe a decision was made in error - bearing in mind that mistakes do happen.

    Wet Set