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  • Current story project.

    EDIT: the filthy story is up here now.
    EDIT2: If you print it, it is about 18 A4 pages. I now have a book binder if anyone wants me to print a hard copy and mail it, let me know.

    So I scrapped the pissing sleep walker story idea, only one of you bothered to vote, and it was that they hated the idea. But I liked the sleep part..
    I am now working on a story about someone like us fast asleep dreaming. But then they realise they ARE dreaming, and start taking control of the dream world.

    The story entirely revolves around the perverted things we dream about, and when we realise it is a dream and can make anything happen, making it even more perverted still.

    Hopefully some of you will love the story. It is pure pee play, wetting, oral sex, tasting pee FILTH.

    .. and everybody secretly loves a filthy sex story

    Oh there is some incidental nappy references just for variety, but sorry its not a primary plot point; if you are into the AB thing too, you may come out of this story feeling a little unsatisfied in that department. Some of my other projects have a bit more nappy, panty poopy stuff for you guys, just they are a bit long and taking me a long time to finish.

    At some point too I plan on doing a multiverse sort of thing with the Deus ex ella story where the same events, and the same characters occur, BUT i switch out the fetish part, so one will have nappies another probably shitting her pants, one might go all in on the pee play, drinking or just wetting too..

    Anyway if you have any suggestions - just as any snippets you recall from your own nasty fun dreams or a particular fetish spin for the multiverse series (spank me daddy?) you want to to add to the to do list, drop me a comment or a private message.

    As always. stay wet.

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    I have added some follow up epilogues to the lucid dream story, some bite sized chunks of naughtines for your pleasure.
    Refer replies after main story!