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  • Skidmarks

    I don't really contribute at all to forums but I was thinking about this the other day and I just felt I had to share. Skidmards that girls leave in panties do not get much attention in this forum anymore but it is such a turn on to me. Don't get me wrong. Girls fully pooping in their panties (or pants) is still awesome, but girls who just leave skidmarks in their panties just drive me nuts.
    I had a girlfriend who would leave skidmarks in her panties. It was absolutly amazing. She didn't know but I would always look for her panties in her laundary basket. I would smell them and the smell of the poop sent me over the edge.
    Now, on the street when I see girls with lovely butts, I always think of what their butts smell like if I press my sniffer up to it. I then fantisize of seeing these girls take off their pants and seeing skidmarks in their panties. They either get them from not wiping to well or from holding in their poop too long and letting some out into their panties before going to the bathroom.
    Anyway, I just thought I'd put this out there and see if anybody has anything to add.
    Btw, I wonder what percentage of girls in the world get skidmarks in their panties on a weekly basis. Thoughts?

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    I never had a girlfriend that didn't leave skidmarks in their panties. The worst culprit was Janice the girlfriend from Hell, who I wrote about earlier. She was a shy pooper and would try to hold it until she was in a 'safe' bathroom. She was notorious for blocking the toilet since she would go up to four days at a time before pinching a loaf. One time I had to break off a foot long 3" in diameter solid turd just to flush the first foot down the toilet. The only thing that turd didn't have was a hat on it was that big. The next morning I saw a 6" long skidmark in her powder-blue bikini panty.

    The other extreme was a short lived relationship with Kim a cute brunette with a taste for the outdoors. She loved to hike, campout and nature. She would just squat and drop one on demand and I saw her shit in the woods at least ten times in one summer, never had an accident though. her panties were all skidmarked. One night just before lovemaking her red French-cut panty was stuck in her bumcrack from an earlier dropping. I was harder than ever that night under the stars!


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      That is nice reading about your girlfriends. I remember once one of my girlfriends, during love making, didn't want me to touch her down there. I didn't want to spoil the mood at the time so I kept going without touching her there. Later I asked why and she admitted she had poop. She also held it in quite a long time.
      Another story was when I was in the military. At the end of basic we had to go out to the field. At the end, we were all full of mud and dirt because there was a hurricane that came through and soaked all of us. We needed to clean our clothes in a VERY timely manner. Well, not all of us could get our clothes clean so my battle buddy and I were tasked with cleaning out the laundary rooms...the girls laundary room. There were SO many skidmarked panties there we couldn't believe it. The girls in our company were not too bad looking. I'm not into girls in camoflauged outfits but I wanted to imagine them in civies. Wow, that was so awesome.
      There aren't really any sites you can see girls with skidmarked panties. At least, none you can see the owner of the panties.
      Got more stories, Spandexman? Anybody else got stories? Maybe from girls? Thanks


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        My dirtiest experience

        I used to hangout with a couple of guys in my 30s. In between girlfriends and after my marriage. We would go to a local hotel on weekends to listen to music and try to pick-up women. One Saturday night a bunch of women were staying in the hotel for a nursing convention. Women out numbered the men 3 to 1 so we were dancing and having a great time.

        One lady a very pretty blue eyed blonde a little on the heavy side was all over me, and soon we ended up in her room to do the dirty deed. Being an optimist I had three condoms. To my surprise the seat of her pantyhose was very skidmarked, but I was too horny to care. After doing her properly in the pussy she wanted a good hard Ass Fuck as she put it. She by the way was quite drunk on Kahlua Sombreros, I bought her four. Well since I already tore a hole in the front of her controltop pantyhose poked one in the rear and jammed my cock deep in her full asshole! She was packed solid and I struggled to penetrate her tight bumhole. I finally spurted in my second condom and she was so excited shit out my dick! She blasted what must have been two quarts of coffee brown crap all over her bed! the odor was awful as she plopped face first into the pillows and passed out in her own hot smelly shit!

        I took a quick shower, got dressed and snuck out of the room. I saw one of my friends with her roommate heading into The Room. Boy did I hear about that the next day.

        To this day I have to admit it was a great fuck. I have a feeling she enjoyed the night as well. Not sure about the cleaning lady though.


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          Great thread! I too enjoy women's skidmarks. In my experience, skidmarks in women's panties are more likely to be caused by trying to hold on too long when badly needing a poo than by not wiping properly.

          A great combination is squirming around in the car while trying to hold in a big one. Once, on a long car trip, my girlfriend needed to go badly, and there was no good place to stop till we got to the hotel we were staying in. Once there, she rushed into the toilet, and dropped a really big load. she actually told me that she had almost shit her pants the last little while before we got there.

          Naturally, I sneaked a look at her panties later. They were so smeared with brown that there was a real question as to whether she'd actually let a bit slip out!

          Good times!


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            Another GF I lived with for a while had a job where she had to go a long time between toilet breaks, so she'd often hold it in most of the day. For some reason, at the end of the day, she'd leave for home without going. She was very open about her toilet habits, so sometimes didn't close the door. I'd get to see her panties around her ankles while she sat on the pot. If there were skidmarks, I'd sometimes tease her. One time, she said, "You try holding in a big bowel movement for four hours and see how you make out!" She didn't admit to ever shitting her pants, but she did admit to having quite a few close calls. I suspected, though, that there had been times when she hadn't made it. She just wasn't going to tell me. Often these big ones were soft, and I think that if you make a habit of holding in big soft poos, sooner or later you're going to lose one!


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              Great stories so far

              One of my friends dated a girl who was always in trouble. She was arrested for stealing from a customer at a strip club and arrested. She spent the entire night in jail with seven girls who were all arrested for prostitution during a street raid. Angel may have stripped for a living, but wasn't about to use the toilet in the holding cell in front of other women. Since my friend couldn't pick her up and I had the day off he gave me the money to bail her out. She was a very good-looking blonde with a fairly new set of breasts, she wore a 36DD bra and the red spandex pants looked glued to her long legs as she waddled into the police station lobby. She begged me to bring her to the nearest bathroom which turned out to be in my apartment.

              I saw the back of her red spandex pants were stained a rich dark brown with a prominent lump in the seat as bolted into the bathroom. I stood by the door and heard a thunderous fart and loud plops! She flushed the toilet three times while inside. She handed out her clothes, I let her wear a t-shirt and sweatpants, while I tossed her clothes in the washing machine with mine and her red thong and pants were caked in smelly feces.

              She was lousy company that day and mostly watched daytime talk shows and ate me out of house and home. I stayed around because of her light fingers until her boyfriend showed up at lunchtime to pick her up.

              A week later my friend called to tell me his valuable baseball cards were missing and a signed Randy Johnson baseball was gone. Angel did leave him with her dirty underwear though.


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                I have been known to skidmark a few of my panties. It's usually not from poor wiping, but more of the 'juicy' type of fart that let's a little more than just gas out. Depending on the color and print of my undies, they usually wash out no problem. But there is one white pair with a floral print (Hanes Her Way, I think) that has a permastain! No amount of washing has gotten that skiddie out and I'm reminded of that little incident every time I put them on.


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                  I like to think it happens more often than women like to admit. There was a clip out there of a woman pooping in a secluded area of the beach. She squats down and there is already a ring of poop around her butthole. Also, just before squatting, there is a split second glimpse of her stained panties. When she was done, she just pulled up her panties without wiping. Very nice.
                  Anybody see this video or anything like it?


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                    Great thread

                    Interesting comments. Back at my friend. Unlike the rest of us, who tended to fuck them and leave them, Dave, a computer nerd fell in love and like Angel, went for busty strippers. He was an easy mark and George and I tried to warn him, although his girlfriends were short lived, were always hotties and fun to look at. Ginger, a very busty redhead and one of my former scores was his hottest live-in, she had just split from her bouncer boyfriend. Since I had a pickup truck helped her move out of her slum apartment, three boxes of clothes were dirty and that included at least a dozen well-worn and skidmarked panties.

                    Angel was a thief and Ginger was a total slob. Every time I went to see Dave the place was a mess and she left her dirty clothes all over his bedroom and dirty dishes all over the kitchen. She was also a deadbeat as far as sharing rent and bills and ran up quite a phone bill and ran up a couple bar tabs close to the apartment complex. One night Dave locked her out of the apartment and had me change the lock since I was the apartment maintenance manager at the time. Well she returned around 3:00 in the morning wasted after a shift stripping and drinking, mostly drinking. Unfortunately for me the upstairs tenant called, although Dave was trying to teach her a lesson I still had to keep the building quiet.

                    She was doing a hell of a potty jig and part of me wanted to see her lose it, but Dave finally let her inside and as she charge to the bathroom we could see a dark brown stain on the seat of her skintight jeans. She exploded on the toilet and staggered out ten minutes later and passed out on Dave's bed. I went in the bathroom, to take a leak and of course look and sure enough her black spandex panty girdle was smeared in shit and her jeans were a mess.

                    She stayed with poor Dave for two miserable months and disappeared completely one day. Left Honey's the strip bar and town when dave was at work. No one looked for her but she left a pile of skidmarked underwear in his hamper, and every pair were very smeared.


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                      sorry for my bad English

                      hello, I do not speak English
                      This video is pornographic
                      but the girl has a skidmark in thong
                      I love poop stains on panties : P


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                        That's what I'm talking about

                        So this video brings me to another point. In porn you do not see skidmarks or dirty panties of any kind. From experiance we all know that isn't true. All of the panties in those videos are completely clean with absolutly no stains.
                        I like to see panties wet with excitement and skidmarked because you never know when the urge to have sex or masterbate is going to strike. I recall what Spandexman said about his girl and him getting ready for sex after hiking. Her panties were skidmarked from pooping earlier that day and not wiping. I've been with a girl who had skiddies and removed her panties with out a care of how dirty they were. Undergirl said her panties get skiddies after certain farts. Now THAT'S real. That's hot. It is such a turn on to see skidmarked panties in porn and in real life. In porn, though, they are SO few and far between. This last video was proof that it does exist, though. Thank you for that.
                        Really, how many girls do you know had completely clean panties before having sex or pleasuring herself. And I'm not talking about women who know they are going to and completely clean up and put on fresh underware. Like I said before, I like to see panties wet with excitement and skidmarked because you don't know when or where the urge to have sex or masterbate is going to strike. Thoughts?


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                          Sports teams

                          A guy I know cleans a health club and after hours the dressing rooms. He finds skidmarked panties, tights and pantyhose all over the place and all too often called me to unplug toilets. He was amazed and so was I as too how many undergarments were flushed down the toilet.

                          My ex would buy new panties four times a year and when she was through with them they were well marked, and she was a clean freak, but working as an LPN worked long hours without bathroom breaks and all too often her white controltop tights were very brown in the seat and yellow in the crotch.


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                            Did you keep any of the panties? I'd like to see the girls as they walk into the gym and match the girl with the panties and tights
                            You know, I would love to see a girl masterbating in skidmarked underware. That would be so awesome. Turtlehead said that he laughed at a girlfriend who was sitting on the pot with stained undies. Did you guys do it after? Did she pull her panties off after you saw the skidmarks?
                            Great posts! Keep 'em coming


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                              Originally posted by tidbgrr
                              Did you keep any of the panties? I'd like to see the girls as they walk into the gym and match the girl with the panties and tights
                              You know, I would love to see a girl masterbating in skidmarked underware. That would be so awesome. Turtlehead said that he laughed at a girlfriend who was sitting on the pot with stained undies. Did you guys do it after? Did she pull her panties off after you saw the skidmarks?
                              Great posts! Keep 'em coming
                              I jerked in my ex's worn panties a few times and save two pair when we split up, she was a babe to look at and fuck, but we separated for other reasons. I also saved some worn white nursing tights, to me they looked even hotter on her and boy did she stain them, but all nurses are on their feet all day long.